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Hi, I've got a question for Comintern researchers out there. I am trying to gain access to (or at least some information on) dlibrary's digitized Archive of the Comintern. It used to be available on this website: http://komintern.dlibrary.org/ru/

However, on April 1, they inexplicably closed the whole website behind a login screen, without providing any information as to why they did so or how to actually register and log in. Can anyone help me out with this?

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Keywords: Comintern, socialism

I know of the sovdoc site, but I prefered the dlibrary one, because it was much more user friendly, with tags and a more refined search system. Besides, sovdoc has become rather dysfunctional since they made the new website at the end of last year. You can see it even with the link you sent: the pictures are no longer in order, but scattered based on file names. I have tried emailing RGASPI about it a few months ago, but got no response. If you have any idea how to inform them of it in order to fix the mistakes on the new sovdoc website, that would be great.