Who was McDowell who had an Order of Lenin in 1930s Soviet Union?

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Here's a quote from an article by Anna Louise Strong  in the Moscow Daily News, September 5, 1933, p. 2:

"Last autumn MacDowell came back from a trip through North Caucasus . . . Everyone knows Mac--Mac with the Order of Lenin.  And Mac knows farms in all parts of the USSR.  In more than ten years, from Kuzbai to Rostov, he's worked on them, good farms and bad farms of every kind."  

Who was MacDowell?

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Evidently this was George McDowell, who is mentionied:

* as an early winner of the Order of Lenin at https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Орден_Ленина

* on page 167 and 168 of the book by Deborah Kay Ritzgerald, _Every Farm A Factory_ (Yale U.P., 2003).

- Grover Furr