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Hi everyone:
(1)  Just wanted to let you know that Internet Archive has now uploaded all of the new files which I sent to them several weeks ago.  My Collection is at:  
If you click on "titles", the Collection subject categories will appear in alpha order and, similarly, clicking on "titles" within each collection also alphabetizes the file titles.  
(2) Internet Archive website has recently undergone a major re-design. In this new version, there may be numerous "download" options which might be confusing.  One option which produces a standard pdf file is "Image Container PDF".
(3)  I have updated and expanded my alpha "Finding Aid" to include more details about the FBI files (and other material) which are now on the Internet Archive website.   The revised 82-page edition is attached.  There are some files shown on my list which are not currently visible on Internet Archive because I just sent them to the Archive this morning.  Those should be uploaded within the next 7-10 days. 
(4)  In addition, for interested researchers, I have added new sections to my Finding Aid to identify...
(a) significant FBI files which the FBI has told me they have transferred to the National Archives or 
(b) files which the FBI has destroyed and
(c) a list of FBI abbreviations, acronyms, terminology, and codes (and their meanings)
(d) a list of commonly used FBI forms
(e) some general tips regarding making FOIA requests
(5)  My FBI files collection is also available online on the Building Democracy website here: 
(6)  Lastly, I anticipate that almost all of my pending FOIA requests at the FBI should be processed within the next 6-12 months.  [My current pending requests are listed on last 4 pages of the Finding Aid.]
I also have requests being processed at NARA, the U.S. Secret Service, and at Library of Congress.  I probably will send another DVD to Internet Archive in summer of 2015 and a final DVD at the end of 2015.
Hope you find this material useful!
Ernie Lazar
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FINDING AID – FBI AND OTHER FILES (Ernie Lazar Collection)

January 2015

[This finding aid also available as a PDF in the Media section of H-HOAC]


This new finding aid is composed of eight sections:


  1. Annotated Alpha List of Subjects
  2. List of FBI Files Transferred to the National Archives
  3. List of FBI Files Which Have Been Destroyed
  4. FBI Abbreviations, Acronyms, Terminology, Codes
  5. FBI Standard Forms
  6. FBI Office Codes and Codes Used For Transmitting Coded Messages To Other Agencies
  7. FOIA Requests – Some Tips
  8. MY PENDING FOIA REQUESTS --- Most should be processed by end of 2015.



ANP = American Nazi Party later known as National Socialist White People’s Party

Cominfil = Communist Infiltration Of

CP or CPUSA = Communist Party aka Communist Party USA

DID = Domestic Intelligence Division of FBI (aka Division 5) previously known as Security Division/National Defense Division

EBF = Enclosure Behind File (usually copies of publications)

HQ =  FBI HQ main file

JBS = John Birch Society

NSRP = National States Rights Party

NYC = FBI New York City field office

WCC = White Citizens Councils aka Citizens Councils Movement (white supremacy organizations)

WFO = FBI Washington field office

SAC =  Special Agent in Charge of FBI field office

xrefs = cross-references (excerpts from various FBI files)

** = Requests with two asterisks reflect files which have produced interim release(s) but are still being processed by FBI


My FOIA requests which have not yet been processed by the FBI or other agencies are listed on last four pages


My FBI file collection was originally mailed in June 2013 to various universities (such as University of California—Berkeley) on a set of four dual-layer DVD’s and also uploaded onto the following websites:


Internet Archive:           https://archive.org/details/lazarfoia?and[]=mediatype%3A%22collection%22  and

Building Democracy:    http://www.buildingdemocracy.us/archive/dox/lazar/index.html


Several hundred additional FBI files as well as other material has been uploaded onto both websites in January 2015.  I anticipate that most of my remaining FOIA requests (shown in Section VIII of this finding aid) should be uploaded by the end of 2015.



501 = Communist Indexes (mostly field office)

502 = Communist Party USA and related subjects

503 = Custodial Detention (aka DETCOM program) and FBI Security Index

504 = Extreme Right Individuals and Organizations (also see code 510)

505 = FBI Administrative Matters / Executive Conference

506 = FBI Employees

507 = FBI Informants

508 = General Subject Matter Files – A thru Z

509 = J. Edgar Hoover’s 1958 book, Masters of Deceit

510 = John Birch Society




NOTE:  Some subjects reflect missing file sections.  The reasons for this are varied.  Sometimes the FBI could not locate one or more missing file sections.  Sometimes, portions of a file were transferred to NARA or destroyed.  Sometimes, the file was so large that acquiring the entire file was cost-prohibitive so I only requested specific years which I thought would produce the most significant documents and summary memos.  And lastly, in some cases, the FBI is still processing my requests.



HQ or field file section numbers


Abernathy, Ralph D.

[Aide to Martin Luther King Jr., Southern Christian Leadership Conference]

HQ 1-5


Alinsky, Saul David [HQ 100-3731; 460pp]

“Alinsky has developed approximately 44 social action organizations in various cities throughout the country and has furnished organizing tools as well as organizers for many communities that have asked for them through his work with the Industrial Areas Foundation…Alinsky had called for the use of such methods as rent strikes, sit-ins, and pickets to gain his objectives and the results obtained have been the subject of considerable controversy. Alinsky has been referred to as a radical but not as a revolutionist. He reportedly has had a long association with communists in attending affairs sponsored by communist front groups in the Chicago area in the 1940′s and early 1950′s. A Chicago Police Department source advised on 1-10-68 that Alinsky has characterized himself as a ‘professional radical’ and has stated: ‘The only way to upset the power structure in the community is to goad them, confuse them, irritate them and most of all, make them live by their own laws; if you make them live by their own laws, you will destroy them.’ He also referred to himself as an ‘agitator who loves to rub raw the sores of discontent’." [HQ 100-3731, #66, 7/26/72, FBI Acting Director to Legat Hong Kong re: Saul D. Alinsky.]

HQ 1-2


Alleged Communists in the State Department

[HQ 121-23278 = 857pp and EBF’s = 1073pp for total of 1930pp]


Senator Joseph McCarthy’s charges made in 1950 about Communists and “security risks” working in the U.S. State Department [Also see file on Samuel Klaus]


EBF 6 is a 314-page FBI document entitled “Loyalty of Government Employees—U.S. State Department”

EBF 7 is a 4 page insert from the Congressional Record which contains references to Samuel Klaus

EBF 13 is a 138-page FBI document entitled “Loyalty of Government Employees—U.S. State Department” which summarizes FBI investigations of 81 persons named by Sen. Joseph McCarthy as “security risks” working in State Department. 

EBF 62 is 38 pages of Executive Session testimony by Sen. Joseph McCarthy (3/21/50)

EBF 97 is  52 pages of testimony by Attorney General J. Howard McGrath and J. Edgar Hoover before Senate Foreign Relations Committee (3/24/50)

EBF 240 is 19 pages of documents including Hoover’s 7/10/50 letter to Sen. McCarthy re: FBI files and background info re: Phillip C. Jessup

EBF 256 is a 111 page memo dated 8/3/46 by State Department employee Samuel Klaus entitled “Survey of Departmental Personnel—Security Investigations” which subsequently became the basis of accusations made by Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

EBF 267 is 397 pages of excerpts from testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Tydings Committee) from March thru June 1950.

**HQ 1-2, 5-8, and EBF’s


FBI is still processing sections 3-4


Allen, Wallace H. [NSRP member suspected of involvement in October 12, 1958 bombing of Atlanta GA Temple aka Hebrew Benevolent Congregation, 1589 Peachtree Road NW, Atlanta.  Also see: George M. Bright and Bombing of Atlanta Temple files.]

HQ 4-10




American Bar Association [HQ 94-1-369; 5639pp]

This file contains considerable information of historical interest and reveals the long-standing symbiotic relationship between ABA officials and senior FBI employees. The ABA rarely proposed or adopted any resolutions at its Conventions concerning law enforcement or internal security matters or about proposed legislation without first obtaining FBI input and approval. 


Many current or former FBI employees were appointed or elected to ABA Committees.  FBI employees often wrote or revised speeches submitted to the FBI by ABA officers.  In addition, many serials in this file contain caustic handwritten observations by J. Edgar Hoover about prominent individuals in the legal profession, about judges in state or federal courts, about state bar associations and about individuals in American government and politics.   The file includes documents pertaining to the ABA’s Special Committee on Communist Activities which was later known as Special Committee To Study Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives.   ABA lawyers often served as FBI confidential sources or informants – such as Morris L. Ernst, General Counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union.

HQ 14-22 and 25-43

(covers period 5/25/50 to 11/19/56 and 7/29/58 to 4/20/66)


American Civil Liberties Union [HQ 61-190, NYC 100-10159, Los Angeles 100-3267]


Note:  The NYC field file on ACLU is now at NARA

HQ 19-25, 28-43,

Los Angeles 4-6, 9-27

NYC 9-10


American Legion Firing Line newsletter [HQ 100-418228; 510pp]

HQ 1-3

Covers period from 04/52 thru 09/67


American Legion National Americanism Commission [HQ 94-1-17998; 4511pp]


HQ 94-1-17998, #1546 is 2/5/62 memo from FBI Assistant Director C.D. DeLoach to Mr. Mohr which observed:


“As you know, we have been very close to the Americanism Commission.  At one time, I served as a Vice Chairman of the Commission and at the present time Special Agent Hanning is the Commander’s Personal Representative to the Commission and sits in on all their deliberations…Through their publication, ‘The Firing Line’, we have been able to get just about anything in it that we wanted when the Bureau has been under attack in the past.  The Commission also has done everything possible to push ‘Masters of Deceit’ as a textbook and many of the members as individuals in their home states have personally seen to it that a copy of this book is in every high school in their respective states.”

HQ 14-35

Covering 9/48 thru 3/95


American National Party [NYC 157-555; 415pp]

[Founded 11/24/61 by former members of American Nazi Party who had policy differences with ANP leader George Lincoln Rockwell.  New York State Chairman was Ralph Grandinetti.  Other officers included Dan Burros, John Patler]

NYC 1-2


American Nationalist newspaper [HQ 105-22921; 546pp]

[Anti-semitic newspaper published by Frank L. Britton of Los Angeles]

HQ 1-5


American Nazi Party [NYC 157-13; 2432pp]

NYC 1-11

Covering 7/59 – 8/63




American Security Council (Chicago) [HQ 100-425828; 1112pp]

[Originally organized as Midwest Research Library.  Original incorporators were Harry A. Jung, Gen. Robert E. Wood, John Trevor, William F. Carroll, and William H. Regnery.


American Legion Firing Line newsletter of 7/61 reported:


“Responding to the need in the business community for reliable and extensive information on Communism and other totalitarian systems, William F. Carroll, a former FBI agent, started a new organization in 1955 called the Midwest Research Library.  The following year its name was changed to American Security Council…. The Council has the largest and most complete private files on Communism in the country at its main office in Chicago, located at 205 W. Monroe Street.  These files, containing the names of over 1,000,000 individuals and organizations, provide information which the FBI cannot supply, since its files are secret.  All Communist Party publications, 1800 daily newspapers, 6,000 weekly newspapers, and 200 magazines are clipped for the files.  ASC also maintains a Washington Bureau, located at 808 17th Street NW under the direction of Lee R. Pennington, a former FBI Inspector and former Director of the National Americanism Commission of the American Legion. The ASC Washington Bureau maintains close liaison with the legislative and executive branches of government, as well as the Armed Forces. During 1960, for example, eight government agencies and two congressional committees regularly obtained information from the Council’s Research and Information Center in Chicago.”

HQ 1-7

Covering 4/57 thru 9/79


Anderson, Paul G. [HQ 105-2363, 862pp]

[Anderson was involved with numerous extreme right organizations and individuals including American Nazi Party, National States Rights Party, and Eustace Mullins, Max Nelsen.]

Chicago 1-4


Anti-Castro Activities [Los Angeles 105-6516]

**Los Angeles 3-4


Aoki, Richard M. [FBI informant who was involved with Black Panthers)



Arab Participation and Influence in the Distribution of Hate Literature in the U.S.

[Los Angeles 105-6400 = 269pp]

[File discusses the activities of anti-semitic extreme right individuals and publications in the U.S. which parroted Arab anti-Jewish propaganda.  Among persons discussed: James H. Madole (National Renaissance Party), Benjamin H. Freedman ( anti-Zionist articles published in Conde McGinley’s Common Sense newspaper), Gerald L.K. Smith (Christian Nationalist Crusade), and Robert H. Williams (Williams Intelligence Report)

Los Angeles-1


Auerbach, Richard Dexter [HQ 67-101010; 352pp]

FBI Agent for 21 years including SAC in Seattle and Chicago.  He retired in August 1961.

HQ 1-2 (352pp)

Over 150 serials in file were destroyed according to FBI.


Banister, Guy aka William Guy Banister

[Former FBI-SAC Chicago, then Assistant Superintendent of New Orleans Police Department until fired in June 1957, whereupon he opened his own private investigation company.  In March 1957, Banister testified before the Joint Legislative Committee on Segregation in Louisiana and he also testified before the Arkansas Special Education Committee on “subversives” in the civil rights movement.]

HQ x-refs

**FBI is still processing his FBI personnel file




Bart, Phil [NYC 229C-10 formerly NYC 100-56579 = 14,946pp]

[CPUSA National Organizational Secretary; Bart’s file contains numerous verbatim reports regarding discussions during closed, secret meetings of the CPUSA National Executive Committee. File also contains considerable data regarding CPUSA operations, CPUSA finances, CPUSA membership stats and organizational setup, plus data regarding internal CPUSA personality disputes and policy disagreements.]


14 FOIA releases from 11/1/12 thru 2/24/14 consisting of:


Sections 1-5 = #40 - #464 (1/9/50 à12/29/51)

Sections 8-12 = #918 - #1450 (1/13/55 à 10/4/55)

Sections 20-33 = #3260 - #4660 (1/14/58 à 5/17/60)

Sections 34-36 = #4661 - #4945 (5/17/60 à 8/2/60)

Sections 37-45 = #4946 - #5720 (9/12/60 à 6/15/61)

Sections 61-63 = #5721 - #5998 (6/15/61 à 9/19/61)

Sections 64-69 = #6000 - #6483 (9/20/51 à 5/11/62)

Sections 70-72 = #6551 - #6666 (6/15/62 à 8/6/62)

NYC 1, 1A, 2-5, 8-12, 20-45, 61-72




Baumgardner, Fred J.

Section Chief, FBI Internal Security Section



Belmont, Alan H.

Assistant Director, FBI Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-8


Benson, Ezra Taft [HQ 77-54679; 111pp]

[Former Secretary of Agriculture in Eisenhower Administration]

HQ 1-2


Bishop, Thomas E.

Assistant Director, FBI Crime Records Division

HQ 1-5


Bland, James F.

Section Chief, FBI Subversive Control Section



Bly, Herman O.

Special Agent, Domestic Intelligence Division



Boardman, Leland V.

Assistant to Director, Investigative and Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-8


Boggs, Thomas Hale

[U.S. Senator, Louisiana]



Bombing of Atlanta GA Temple, October 12, 1958 [Chicago 98-1891; 500pp]

[Also see: Wallace H. Allen and George M. Bright]

Chicago 1-2


Bombings and Attempted BombingsRacial Matters [Chicago 98-1890; 479pp]

Chicago 1-4


Branigan, William A.

Section Chief, FBI Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 3-4


Brasol, Boris [HQ 100-22487; 271pp]

[Brasol collaborated with pro-Nazi White Russians who sought restoration of Czarist regime.  Among his associates were prominent American anti-semites such as Seward Collins, Eugene Sanctuary, Elizabeth Dilling, Carl Mote, and Merwin Hart.  Brasol was responsible for the English language translation of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.]

HQ 1-2


Brennan, Charles D.

Section Chief, FBI Internal Security Section

HQ 1-5


Bright, George M.

[NSRP member who was suspect in October 1958 bombing of Atlanta Temple.]

HQ 1-3


Brooks, Jerry Milton [HQ 9-32739, 57pp; NYC 105-3436, 11pp]

[Intelligence and Security Officer of right-wing paramilitary group, Minutemen, founded and led by Robert B. DePugh.]

HQ-1, NYC-1


Brown, Edmund G. (former California Governor)

HQ 1-2, and AEC application


Brown, Julia Clarice [Cleveland 134-19; 3139pp]

(FBI informant in CPUSA; JBS member)

**Cleveland 1-5, 11-12


[FBI is still processing her HQ file]


Buckley Jr., William Frank [HQ 94-42995 = 102pp; HQ 161-6442 – 273pp]

[Editor, National Review magazine]

HQ 1-2


Bundy, Edgar Charles [Chicago 100-36062 =309pp; HQ 62-104576 = 1676pp and EBF’s = 982pp for a total of 2967pp]

[Also see: Church League of America]

Also see my online report: https://sites.google.com/site/ernie124102/bundy-1

Chicago 1, HQ 1-5 and EBF’s


Callahan, Nicholas P.

Assistant Director, FBI Administrative Division

HQ 1-6


Canwell, Albert Franklyn

[First Chairman of Washington State Un-American Activities Committee]

HQ-1, Seattle 1-2


Capital Citizens Council --Little Rock AR [HQ 105-69492 = 105pp]

[Capital Citizens Council formed in 1956 as affiliate of White America, Inc. CCC had 514 members as of 10/57 and attorney Amis Guthridge was their chief spokesperson.]



Carr Jr., Francis P. [HQ 67-209965; 90pp]

Born in Newport, R.I., in 1917, Carr graduated from Brown University and received a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1942. He then entered the FBI. As head of the New York field office security matters section in the late-1940s, he directed the investigation of prominent leaders of the Communist Party.  Carr resigned from the FBI in 1953 and was appointed Executive Director of the staff of the Senate Permanent Investigations Subcommittee, headed by Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy.


(Note: Most of his file was destroyed by FBI)


Carr, William Guy (author of book Pawns in the Game)

HQ 1-2


Central Alabama Citizens Council aka Montgomery County Citizens Council

[HQ 105-43132; 244pp]

Organized 10/3/55 with Luther Ingalls (former State Legislator) as Temporary Chairman.  They claimed 10,000 members by 2/56.  Primary speakers included Sam Englehardt and Olin H. Horton, C.E. McElvine, J.D. York, Jack Riley, Rev. John Bob Riddle, Luther Ingalls, and Eugene S. Hall.


Sam Englehardt delivered keynote address – during which he praised the work of White Citizens Councils, giving as an example of their success, the efforts of the Dallas County AL chapter which was responsible for “about 16 Negroes [who] were fired from their jobs for adding their names to a petition for integration”.  He described NAACP as “led by Communists who want to mongrelize the white race.” [HQ 105-43132, #11, page 2 = 2/29/56 report by FBI-Mobile AL Special Agent.]



Chambers, Whittaker / Alger Hiss

HQ 1-53 and xrefs


Chavez, Cesar and United Farm Workers  [HQ 100-444762 = 915pp; HQ 161-4719 = 455pp; and misc. other files = 654pp for total of 2024pp]

HQ 1-7


Childs, Jack [NYC 100-134637; 3329pp]   Entire file is 200,000pp

[Jack and Morris Childs were the FBI’s two most important moles inside the CPUSA and they provided detailed confidential information re: CPUSA activities, meetings, membership, dues payments and finances, internal disputes, etc.  In addition, their FBI files reveal hundreds of CPUSA-related file numbers which make them very useful tool for researchers.]

NYC 1, 13-17, 23-29, 51, 55


Childs, Morris – SOLO counterintelligence operation by FBI

HQ 1-7


Childs, Morris [Chicago 134-46; 2202pp]  Entire file is 91,000pp

Chicago 1-5, 20-25


Christian Anti-Communism Crusade

[HQ 94-50868 = 1034pp; Houston, Omaha, San Antonio = 380pp]

Also see:  Fred Schwarz

HQ 2-8, Houston-1, Omaha-1, San Antonio-1


Christian Crusade [HQ 100-424820; 432pp]

(Billy James Hargis, Tulsa OK)

HQ 1-2


Christian Knights of the Invisible Empire [HQ 157-1127; 108pp]



Christian Patriots Crusade [Chicago 105-3802 = 501pp]

(F. Allen Mann—Hinsdale IL)

Chicago 1-3, 1A, 1B




Church League of America [HQ 62-104576 = 1681pp; and EBF’s = 982pp]

(Also see: Edgar C. Bundy—Wheaton IL)

Also see: https://sites.google.com/site/ernie124102/bundy-1

HQ 1-5 and EBF’s


Cinema Educational Guild  [HQ 62-87267; 4997pp; Los Angeles 100-30788; 332pp]

[CEG was founded by Myron C. Fagan of Los Angeles and he was a major distributor of literature regarding alleged “Communist” infiltration of Hollywood.  Also see: Myron C. Fagan]

HQ 1-19; Los Angeles-1


Circuit Riders, Inc. [HQ 62-99405, 302pp]

[Major extreme right organization headed by Myers G. Lowman of Cincinnati OH which published reports about purported “subversive” affiliations of U.S. clergymen.]

HQ 3-4

FBI is still processing main file on Myers G. Lowman


Citizens Councils and States Rights Movement [HQ 105-34237 = 5192pp]


HQ 105-34237- Sub-File # / Field Office / pages /  serials /  dates

02 = Atlanta (84pp) #1-#34  12/13/56 à 11/20/62

03 = Baltimore 100-20067 (127pp), #1- #34, 12/13/56 à 10/3/66

04 = Birmingham 105-364 (84pp), #2 - #26  1/14/57 à 6/11/65

08 = Charlotte 105-221 (175pp); #1 - #48, 12/13/56 à 9/2/66

10 = Cincinnati 157-149 (6pp), #1 - #unrecorded ,  8/25/58 à12/22/65

12 = Dallas 104-484 (93pp), #2 - #38, 1/10/57 à 1/31/66

13 = Denver 157-117 (17pp), #1 - #4, 8/3/65 à 10/4/66

15 = Detroit (45pp) #1-#19  12/13/56 à 12/4/62

19 = Houston 105-205 (60pp), #2 - #25, 2/4/57 à 12/20/57

24 = Knoxville 105-176 (138pp), #1 - #41, 1/9/57 à 1/10/66

25 = Little Rock 105-170 (188pp), #2 - #54,  1/14/57 à 2/10/67

26 = Los Angeles 105-4448 (47pp), #1 - #15, 2/26/58 à 5/12/67

27 = Louisville (117pp) #1-#32  12/13/56 à 12/6/62

28 = Memphis 101-121 (347pp), #1 - #31, 12/13/56 à 12/5/62

29 = Miami 100-13407 (85pp), #1 - #29, 1/14/57 à 12/13/62

32 = New Haven (16pp) #1-#3  11/9/57 à 12/4/62

34 = NYC 105-27837 (31pp),#1 - #8, 10/24/57 à 8/26/65

35 = OKC (36pp) #1-#13  1/14/57 à 12/7/62

41 = Richmond 105-732 (97pp), #1 - #29, 12/13/56 à 12/4/62

42 = St Louis (48pp) #1-#8  12/13/56 à 1/25/66

45 = San Antonio (18pp) #1-#12  12/13/56 à 11/28/62

46 = San Diego (47pp) #1-#11  1/6/58 à 3/24/66

47 = San Francisco (73pp) #1-#5  1/11/57 à 7/14/65

49 = Savannah (163pp), #1 - #35  12/13/56 à 6/17/63

53 = WFO 100-33226 (52pp), #1 - #21  12/13/56 à 7/30/65

54 = Jackson MS (43pp) #1-#13  8/25/64 à 2/28/67

56 = Norfolk (50pp), #1 - #18  12/13/56 à 11/24/64

61 = Mobile 157-409 (61pp), #1-#15, 11/7/63 à 3/13/64

63 = Jacksonville 105-22 (36pp), #1 - #13, 3/12/58 à 12/7/62

64 = Tampa 157-627 (74pp), #1 - #32,  5/30/60 à 6/24/66

66 = Charleston SC (3pp) #1  12/21/65


HQ 1-10 and EBF’s

Covering period from 12/2/54 thru 11/7/67


HQ 105-34237, EBF’s (184pp)

EBF 5 (46pp – includes copy of 11/54 Political Reporter by Harry W. Pyle)


EBF 220 (74pp—includes copy of Pastor Carey Daniel’s 5/23/54 sermon entitled “God The Original Segregationist” which was published in pamphlet form in 1955; also includes copies of “The Citizens Council” newspaper, “The White Sentinel”, and “The Virginian”.


EBF 325 (64pp – includes copies of The Southerner – Ace Carter)



Citizens Councils and States Rights Movement—Birmingham AL



Citizens Councils of Alabama

HQ 1-3


Citizens Councils of America (HQ 105-46604 = 290pp)



Citizens Councils—Atlanta



Citizens Councils—Baltimore



Citizens Councils—Birmingham



Citizens Councils—Charleston



Citizens Councils—Charlotte



Citizens Councils—Cincinnati



Citizens Councils—Dallas



Citizens Councils—Denver



Citizens Councils—Detroit



Citizens Councils—Jackson



Citizens Councils—Jacksonville



Citizens Councils—Knoxville



Citizens Councils—Los Angeles



Citizens Councils—Louisiana/Mississippi

HQ 1-3


Citizens Councils—Louisville



Citizens Councils—Memphis



Citizens Councils—Miami



Citizens Councils—Mobile



Citizens Councils—New Haven



Citizens Councils—New York City



Citizens Councils—Norfolk



Citizens Councils—Oklahoma City



Citizens Councils—Richmond



Citizens Councils—San Antonio



Citizens Councils—Savannah



Citizens Councils—St. Louis



Citizens Councils—Tampa



Citizens Councils—West Alabama



Citizens Councils—WFO



Clegg, Hugh H. [HQ 67-6524; 1953pp]

[From 1932-1954, Clegg was Assistant Director of FBI Division 2, (the Training Inspection Divisions).

HQ 1-5


Cleveland, William V.

#1 Man, FBI Internal Security Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-5


Cochran, Edward Louis aka Louis Cochran

[Cochran was an FBI Special Agent from March 1935 until January 1941.  In 1966, his memoir, “FBI Man: Personal History” was published.]


[According to FBI, most of his personnel file was destroyed.  Only 123 pages were released.]


COINTELPRO—Disruption of White Hate Groups

[FBI HQ file 157-9 = 196pp and sub-files = 1681pp for a total of 2017pp]


[FBI counterintelligence program begun in September 1964 to “expose, disrupt, and otherwise neutralize the activities of the various Klans and hate organizations, their leadership and adherents.”]


The initial 26 hate groups targeted for possible COINTELPRO activities were:

Alabama States Rights Party

American Nazi Party

Association of Arkansas Klans of the Knights of the KKK

Association of Georgia Klans

Association of South Carolina Klans, Knights of the KKK

Christian Knights of the KKK – Hinton WV

Council For Statehood (aka Freemen)

Dixie Klans, Knights of the KKK, Inc.

Fighting American Nationalists

Improved Order of the U.S. Klans, Knights of the KKK

Independent Klavern, Fountain Inn

Independent Klan Unit, St. Augustine FL

Knights of the KKK

Mississippi Knights of the KKK

National Knights of the KKK, Inc.

National Renaissance Party

National States Rights Party

Original Knights of the KKK

Pioneer Club, Orlando FL

United Florida KKK

United Freemen

United Klans of America, Inc., Knights of the KKK

U.S. Klans, Knights of the KKK, Inc.

Viking Youth of America

White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi

White Youth Corps

HQ 1-2 = 196pp

sub 2-5 = 820pp

sub 8-10 = 1001pp


Committee For Public Justice (1971 book, “Investigating the FBI”)

[This file pertains to a scholarly conference in October 1971 which was organized by the Committee in conjunction with Princeton University’s School of Politics.  The purpose of the conference was to identify subjects and make assignments for a forthcoming book which intended to evaluate the operations of the FBI.


Serial #6 of section 1 of this file contains a handwritten comment by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover which characterizes the members of this Committee: “We know it is a stacked group of anti-FBI bigots.”  As a result Hoover told the Committee that he would not send a representative of the FBI to the October conference because he did not want the FBI to be in the position of “a defendant”.


EBF-8 = is 54-page FBI summary about the members of this Committee


EBF-60 = is a 38-page summary of the conference agenda, the papers presented by each panelist, and detailed articles about the conference published in the 11/1/71 issue of the Daily Princetonian.  This EBF also includes a copy of Hoover’s letter rejecting the invitation for an FBI representative to appear at the conference and the reply to Hoover by the conference organizer. EBF-81X = is list of chapter titles in the 1971 book, “Investigating the FBI.”

HQ 1-3, 5; EBF 8, EBF 60, EBF 81


The FBI states that they could not find section 4 of this file.


Committee of One Million Caucasians To March on Congress July 4, 1964

[HQ 157-1586, #26 = 28pp]


Committee created in February 1964 by James R. Venable and Herbert (Wally) Butterworth. Purpose of the march was self-described as “to wrest control of the United States Government from the Communist hands for foreign Asiatic jews and African negroes.”


Venable (a practicing attorney) was Chairman of the National Knights of the KKK, Inc. and President of the Defensive Legion of Registered Americans, Inc. He was a member of various Klan groups since the 1920’s and he served as Legal Counsel to at least 5 different Klan organizations.


Butterworth was Director of Public Relations of the National Knights of the KKK, Inc. and Secretary of the Defensive Legion of Registered Americans, Inc.  Butterworth was a former radio and TV announcer in Pennsylvania.  He came to Tuscaloosa AL in 10/61 to become Director of Public Relations for United Klans of America, Inc. and then went to Atlanta GA in 2/62 to organize the Defensive Legion of Registered Americans.

HQ-1, serial #26


Communism and Religion (FBI HQ 100-403529 = 2716pp)

[Serial #112 in this file is a 234-page summary memo (March 1960) on all major officials of the National Council of Churches of Christ and it discusses the charges made by the extreme right concerning alleged Communist infiltration of our clergy and religious institutions, plus the purported “subversive” associations of people who worked on the Revised Standard Version of the Bible.  Serial also discusses the 2/60 controversy over an Air Force Manual which reported derogatory information about the NCCC.]

HQ 1-12


Communism on the Map / Operation Abolition -- filmstrips

Seattle 1-2


Communist Index

[Also see: “Security Investigations” file which is the parent file in which the Communist Index, Security Index, Reserve Index, Administrative Index, Rabble Rouser Index, and other FBI indexes appear – along with documentation regarding the DETCOM (Detention of Communists) program.]

HQ 1-5 and xrefs

All field offices


Communist Influence In Racial Matters

[Los Angeles 100-66078 = 2942pp; New York City 100-153735 = 8206pp]

Los Angeles 4-11 = 2942pp

NYC 1-42 = 8206pp


Communist Target Youth (FBI publication)

HQ 1-5


Condon, Joseph F.

[Supervisor, FBI Central Research Section, Domestic Intelligence Division]

HQ 1-3


Congress of Freedom [HQ 105-18057 = 224pp]

[Founded 1954 in Omaha Nebraska by George J. Thomas and Robert LeFevre. Group attracted virtually every major extreme right figure in the U.S.]

HQ 1-2


Constitutional Educational LeagueJoseph P. Kamp [HQ 61-10355 = 1739pp]

HQ 1-6, 19-24 and EBF’s

Covers 6/40 – 10/42 and 6/50 thru 5/69


Contacts Between Representatives of the Soviet Union and Members or Staff Personnel of U.S. Congress (aka SODAC) HQ 105-229897 = 1008pp]

HQ 1-4


Council on Foreign Relations [HQ 62-5256; 222pp]



Covenant, Sword, Arm of the Lord



Cox, Paul L.

Supervisor, FBI Security Index Desk, Domestic Intelligence Division



CPUSA – Domestic Administration Issues



CPUSA – General Activities [NYC 100-4931 later changed to NYC 29B3 = 4011pp]

[This file is exceptionally significant because it includes copies of serials which originated in many other FBI files about the Communist Party and the serials contained in it contain numerous references to all sorts of CPUSA-related FBI files (HQ and field offices). 


This file also contains quarterly summary reports about “Communist Party Activity” which is summarized in the following 19 category sections:  Organization, Membership, Funds, Security Measures, Factionalism, International Relations, Political Activities, Legislative Activities, Domestic Administration Issues, Strategy in Industry, Negro Question, Youth Matters, Women Matters, Farmers Matters, Cultural Activities, National Groups, Pamphlets and Publications, Education, and Attempts of CPUSA To Infiltrate Mass Organizations.]


1958 CPUSA income = $133,832.73 per 4/20/59 quarterly report by SA Joseph V. Waters covering period from 1/1/59 thru 3/31/59 [serial #12292 of section 133, page 1A of serial and page 184 of section]

**NYC-121, 123-136, 267-269


Due to the extraordinary size of this file, I have requested only the following years: 1949-1951 and 1958-1962. 


File sections received thus far cover years 1958-1959 and then July 1962-January 1963.


CPUSA – Members [NYC 100-80638 = 7714pp]

[The FBI compiled quarterly statistical reports on CPUSA membership by state, by Communist Party District, and by FBI field office territory.  This file contains those reports.  Also see my CPUSA webpage for further information:


**NYC 1-6, 16-41


CPUSA – Negro Question

Los Angeles 8-9


CPUSA – Organization

HQ 225, 249


CPUSA – TOPLEV (Top Level Officials)

HQ 67-68, 98, 106




CPUSA and Radicals – Microfilm Collections Indexes

  • Communist Activity in the Entertainment Industry: FBI Surveillance Files On Hollywood 1942-1968 (Microfilm reel index edited by Daniel J. Leab, 1991, 39pp)
  • The CPUSA and Radical Organizations 1963-1960 (Microfilm reel index compiled by Mark Naison and Maurice Isserman, 1990, 42pp)
  • Department of Justice Investigative Files, Part II – Communist Party (Microfilm reel index compiled by Mark Naison and Maurice Isserman, 1989, 96pp)
  • Records of the Subversive Activities Control Board 1950-1972; Part I = CPUSA, Part II = Communist Action and Communist Front Organizations (Microfilm reel index edited by Mark Naison and Maurice Isserman, 1988, 154pp)
  • U.S. Military Intelligence Reports – Surveillance of Radicals in the U.S. 1917-1941 (Microfilm reel index edited by Randolph Boehm, 1984, 68pp)




[Also see: FBI monograph on CPUSA Line which is a 25-section document (2345 pages) covering period from January 1955 thru June 1966)

NYC 2-13


Cushing, Richard (Cardinal, Catholic Church, Boston)

HQ 1-5


Custodial Detention Program aka DETCOM

HQ 1-2, NYC 1-10


Cvetic, Matt (FBI informant inside CPUSA)

HQ 1-7, Los Angeles 1-2, Pittsburgh 1-2, 6-8, WFO-1


Dallas Freedom Forum

[One of a series of “anti-communism schools” organized by Fred Schwarz of Christian Anti-Communism Crusade.  The first Dallas school was held September 20-24, 1960.  Speakers included Fred Schwarz, Fred Schlafly, Herbert A. Philbrick, former FBI Special Agent W. Cleon Skousen, Dr. Robert Morris (former Chief Counsel, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee) and FBI Special Agent Arbor W. Gray.  Major financial contributor to this school was billionaire H.L. Hunt of Dallas TX.]

HQ-1, EBF-17, Dallas-1


Dan Smoot Report [HQ 62-102576 = 1098pp]

 [also see Dan Smoot FBI personnel file]

HQ 1-5


Dean, Harry J.

[HQ 62-109068 = 162pp; Los Angeles 105-12933 = 265pp; CIA 201-767846 = 55pp]


[Harry’s FBI and CIA files were obtained from NARA.  Note: NARA copied serials in reverse order, i.e. oldest serial (#1) appears at end of file and newest serial is at beginning].


For 50 years, Harry Dean has claimed that he was an FBI informant and undercover operative who provided information to the FBI in Chicago (starting in the summer of 1960) and then continuing after he moved to Los Angeles (circa July 1961). 


While living in Chicago, Dean became the Secretary of the Chicago chapter of the Fair Play For Cuba Committee.  He states that when he realized that Communists were in leadership positions of FPCC, he contacted the FBI and they “recruited” him to become an informant for the Bureau.  Dean telephoned the FBI in Chicago on several occasions between August 1960 and June 1961 to volunteer information about FPCC leaders and activities.  However, in June 1961, two FBI Special Agents told him that because of information they had discovered about his background, his assistance was not desired by the Chicago FBI field office.


Then, after Harry moved to Los Angeles, Harry claims he was in contact with Special Agent Wesley Grapp.  Dean claims that he told Grapp in September 1963 about a plot to murder President John F. Kennedy which was planned and executed by John Birch Society members. 


However, FBI files on Dean refer to him as a “mental case” with a “criminal record” who never was an FBI informant or a confidential source nor was he ever asked to represent the FBI in any capacity.  Harry’s CIA file does not corroborate any of Harry’s assertions that he supplied information to the CIA about pro-Castro or anti-Castro individuals or groups.]


FBI-Los Angeles-1



Also see John Rousselot file (HQ 94-54427, serial #30, re: Dean)




Deegan, Joseph G.

Special Agent, FBI Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-4


Del Rosario, Juan A.

[Del Rosario was a Cuban national who lived and worked in the U.S. until 1961.  He was active in the Chicago chapter of the Fair Play For Cuba Committee and he also became Public Relations Secretary for the pro-Castro 26th of July Movement in Chicago until he returned to Cuba.]



DeLoach, Cartha Dekle [HQ 67-338728 = 2077pp]

[Mr. DeLoach was an FBI Assistant Director who headed the Crime Records Division starting in April 1959.  He also was National Commander of the American Legion in the District of Columbia. On 12/31/65, DeLoach was promoted to the position of Assistant to the Director. He supervised the Domestic Intelligence Division, the Special Investigative Division, the General Investigative Division, and the Crime Records Division.  He retired from the FBI in July 1970 and became Vice President of the PepsiCo Company.  He also served as Secretary to the Board of Directors of the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation.]

HQ 1-6


DeMerle, George

[FBI confidential source in NYC area re: extreme right and extreme left groups.]



Democratic Nationalist Party (Also see: Max Nelsen)

Minneapolis 1-2


Dennis, Delmar Dennis (Reverend) [HQ 170-249; Jackson 157-1136]

[Reverend Delmar Dennis was an FBI informant inside the most violent Klan in our nation, the White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi. His testimony helped convict several Klan members for civil rights violations and it also assisted with the prosecution, in a later decade, of Byron de la Beckwith.  Dennis was a John Birch Society member who was a devout segregationist.  After he surfaced as an FBI informant and testified, his wife divorced him, the whites-only church he organized told him to leave, his employer fired him, and he had to leave Mississippi.  He went to work for the Birch Society as a Coordinator in California and as a speaker under the auspices of the JBS National Speakers Bureau.]


Also see: https://sites.google.com/site/ernie124102/dennis

HQ-1, Jackson-1


DePugh, Robert Bolivar (Minutemen; also see MM and Patriotic Party)

HQ 1-2


Dodd, Thomas James (U.S. Senator, Connecticut)

[From September 1933 until August 1934, Dodd was an FBI Special Agent.  He then became a Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney General.  In July 1945, he was the Chief Trial Prosecutor at the UN War Crimes Commission in Nuremberg Germany.  In 1952 he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and from 1959 to 1971 he served as U.S. Senator from Connecticut.  In 1967 he was censured by the U.S. Senate for financial misconduct.]

HQ 1-2 (493pp) covers Dodd’s employment as an FBI Special Agent from 9/33 thru 8/34

HQ 3-4 (457pp) pertains to Dodd’s post-FBI activities

HQ 5-19 (2952pp) pertains to the bribery and conflict of interest investigation on Dodd from 2/66 thru 12/70




Drennan, Stanley L. [HQ 62-108640, 50pp]

Drennan was a JBS and NSRP member who allegedly told Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown in the Spring of 1963 that NSRP members should arrange to murder JFK, his cabinet, and Americans For Democratic Action members. Lt. Col. Brown told Atlanta FBI Agent Charles P. Rose about this conversation circa 12/2/63 when Brown was stationed at Ft. Benning GA.


4/17/63 = Drennan told an FBI informant that there would be a discussion held by JBS members at the Poor Richard’s Book Shop in Hollywood CA (owned and operated by Frank X. Ranuzzi) during which plans would be discussed by JBS members who wanted to murder JFK, RFK and members of Congress including U.S. Senator Jacob Javits. The murders would be accomplished by someone in the military but not a JBS member.  The FBI notified the U.S. Secret Service and their Agent (George Sheaks) was assigned to head the investigation.  The Secret Service investigation concluded that there was no credible evidence to support the informant’s story.]



Ducote, Jerry (JBS member)

HQ-1, Sacramento-1



Duggan, Laurence Hayden [HQ 100-375480 = 83pp; NYC 65-16981 = 233pp]

[Duggan was a U.S. State Department employee recruited by Soviet spy Hede Massing. Duggan is thought to be “Source 19” mentioned in Venona documents.]

HQ-1, NYC-1


Note:  Duggan’s files are heavily redacted but I have appeals pending which may result in more information becoming available in the future.


Edwards, H. Lynn

#1 Man, FBI Crime Records Division

HQ 1-6


Eisenhower, Dwight D. letter to Attorney General Brownell [11/4/53, 3pp]

[President Eisenhower letter to U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell in which Eisenhower characterizes Communists as “such liars and cheats that even when they apparently recant and later testify against someone else for his Communist convictions, any first reaction is to believe that the accused person must be a patriot or he wouldn’t have incurred the enmity of such people.”



Eisenhower, Dwight David [HQ 62-81742 = 716pp]

(U.S. President)

HQ 1-2


Ellerin, Milton (HQ 67-41108)

[Mr. Ellerin entered the FBI as a Messenger on 8/20/34 and subsequently became an FBI Special Agent on 9/8/41. He resigned on 8/2/46.  In 1948 he headed the Trends and Analysis Division of the American Jewish Committee, serving as their Research Director on political extremist organizations.]



Evans, Courtney A.

Assistant Director, FBI Special Investigative Division

HQ 1-4


Evers, Medger (murdered NAACP official)



Ex-Communists As Witnesses [HQ 100-418105 = 1134pp]

[FBI file created after Harvey Matusow recanted his testimony regarding his FBI informant statements.  File discusses FBI informants and confidential sources such as Manning Johnson, Leonard Patterson, Maurice Malkin, among others


EBF 12 = Brief on Ex-Communists As Witnesses (127pp)

EBF 166 = Communist Party Attacks Against Government Witnesses (23pp)

HQ 1-8, and EBF’s




Extremist Speaks, The  [HQ 62-113377 = 227pp]

[FBI newsletter which was intended to present a compilation of "inflammatory, revolutionary, and anti-American statements by leaders of various extremist groups."  


Among the persons and organizations quoted are Nation of Islam, Progressive Labor Party, Huey Newton, Gay Liberation Front, Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver (Black Panther Party), National States Rights Party (Ed Fields), National Socialist White People's Party (William Pierce) and many others.   An Index to one year's issues appears on pages 96-99 of this file.  The distribution list for newsletter included senior officials of the U.S. Government.  A related file is entitled "FBI Summary of Extremist Activities" (HQ 157-19537).]



Fagan, Myron C. (also see: Cinema Educational Guild)

HQ 1-20


Faubus, Orval (Former Governor of Arkansas)

HQ 1-4


FBI Administrative Procedures [HQ 66-2435]

HQ 8-9, 14-17, 34-37, 40-41



FBI Book Reviews [HQ 62-46855 = 3438pp]

[The FBI reviewed hundreds of publications which pertained to the FBI or its responsibilities.  Of particular interest were books critical of the FBI or critical of J. Edgar Hoover along with books on communism, crime, and law enforcement.  FBI reviews usually were written by FBI Supervisors and Section Chiefs and they often provide detailed background information about the book authors as well as listing the FBI HQ main file numbers on persons, organizations or subjects discussed in the review memos – and thus are a very useful resource for researchers.]

HQ 1-17


FBI Confidential Files Room [HQ 66-17404 = 454pp]

[In 1948, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover established a special filing procedure for highly sensitive files which required special handling independent of the FBI’s Central Records System.  By 1961, there were 26 filing cabinets containing “Confidential Files” and it eventually grew to 79 filing cabinets.  Originally intended for espionage-related material but later expanded to include anything considered so ultra-sensitive that only FBI Supervisors had access to the files.]   Also see:  FBI JUNE mail file.



FBI Domestic Intelligence Division Inspection Reports

[When originally released, the FBI redacted statistical information regarding FBI informants inside the Communist Party (and other data). After my appeal, most of the statistical information was released. Copies of those non-redacted pages are copied into the FBI Administrative Matters section.]

HQ-non-redacted pages


FBI Domestic Intelligence Division Inspection Reports [HQ 67-149000-1 (starting with serial #228); 2132pp]

[These annual Inspection Reports contain statistical information regarding such matters as number of FBI informants inside the Communist Party USA; number of double agents operated against Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and Soviet satellite countries in Europe; number of security and racial informants used by FBI; work papers by each Intelligence Division unit concerning their programs and activities and HQ file numbers about those programs.  Most of the aforementioned data has never been publicly available before.]

HQ 1-7


Note:  The FBI says that serials #1 thru #228 from this file were destroyed in April 1973 – which is why section 1 starts with serial #229.


FBI Executive Conference [HQ 66-2554]

HQ 30-37, 46-53, 88-89


FBI Form FD-376 [3pp]

[Form used by FBI to transmit information to the U.S. Secret Service about individuals who might pose a threat to the President.]



FBI General and Special Indexes [144pp]

[This document is a summary prepared by NARA regarding the FBI’s General Index and all of its specialized index systems.  Also discusses the Official and Confidential Files of Hoover and other records-keeping procedures.]



FBI Investigative Division History

HQ 1-8




FBI JUNE mail file [HQ 66-1372 = 175pp]

[In June 1949, FBI Director Hoover initiated a new procedure for information obtained from (1) “highly confidential sources” (such as “technical and microphone surveillances which involved trespass in their installation or maintenance” and break-ins aka “black bag jobs”, or mail opening) and (2) from “sensitive sources” such as “Governors and secretaries to high officials”.  The purpose was “to limit knowledge of and access to such material.”


Field offices were instructed to caption such reports as “JUNE” mail and when received at FBI HQ they were then routed to a Special Files Room where they were kept under lock and key.  Field offices also instituted a comparable JUNE mail procedure.


As of November 1960, the Espionage Section of the Domestic Intelligence Division had 5000 JUNE mail files.


HQ 66-1372 – sub-file 1 = technical surveillance logs

HQ 66-1372 – sub-file 2 = administrative correspondence including justification forms]



FBI Monograph Index 1947-1955



FBI monograph: Analysis of Successful Communist Informant Interviews

[July 1957, 45pp]



FBI monograph: Communism vs. the Jewish People [03/57, 97pp; 57-E-13]



FBI monograph: Communist Front Movement in the United States

[03/55, 96pp]



FBI monograph: CPUSA Line

[25-section document (2345 pages) covering period from January 1955 thru June 1966]

HQ 1-25


FBI monograph: Discipline in the Communist Movement [06/55, 98pp, 55-V-42]

Covers period from 1919-1955



FBI monograph: Material On Communism (64pp)

[Used by FBI for Police School training classes]



FBI monograph: Membership of the Communist Party 1919-1954 (05/55, 49pp)

[Includes statistical summary regarding membership by year.  Highest point was in 1944 when Party had 80,000 members.]



FBI monograph: Purge Victims of CPUSA (73pp) – Contains biographical sketches of 21 prominent ex-Communists including Earl Browder, Bella V. Dodd, Sam Darcy, Max Eastman, Howard Fast, John Gates, Benjamin Gitlow, Barbara Hartle, John Lautner, Jay Lovestone, and Joseph Starobin.



FBI monograph: Reasons Why People Accept and Reject Communist Party (12/51, 309pp)



FBI monograph: Role of the CPUSA in Soviet Intelligence (02/53, 57pp)



FBI monograph: Significant Dates and Events in World Communist Movement

(07/56, 85pp, 56I48)



FBI monograph: Soviet Defectors: A Study of Past Defections From Official Soviet Establishments Outside the USSR (01/55, 75pp, 55A52)



FBI monograph: Soviet and Satellite Defectors (76pp, 08/59)



FBI monograph: Stool Pigeon or Loyal Citizen? (08/52, 32pp, 52N135)



FBI monograph: The Communist Party and the Negro [02/53 = 113pp, 53-B-19]



FBI monograph: The Communist Party and the Negro 1953-1956 [10/56, 65pp, 56-S]



FBI monograph: Who’s Who of National Leaders, Communist Party USA (04/63, 128pp)

[Biographical summaries of CPUSA National Leaders as of April 1963.  Includes: Gus Hall, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Benjamin J. Davis Jr., Robert G. Thompson, Claude M. Lightfoot, Henry Winston, James Edward Jackson Jr., Irving Potash, Philip Bart, and Jacob A. Stachel.]



FBI monograph: American Nazi Party [06/65, 60pp]



FBI monograph: Klan Organizations-Section III, 1958-1964 [12/64, 163pp]



FBI monograph: National States Rights Party (05/70, 69pp)



FBI monograph: State of Domestic White Nationalist Extremist Movement in the United States (12/13/06, 17pp)



FBI monograph: Development of Racial Informants

09/67, 67-E, 75pp


Definition of terms:


Page 9, RACIAL INFORMANT – “Broadly speaking a racial informant is any person whose identity must be protected and who is actively engaged in obtaining and furnishing current information on racial matters exclusively for the FBI.”   Among persons shown as typical racial informants: bartenders in places frequented by members of a target organization, cab drivers, wife or other close relative of man active in hate-type organization.


Page 10, GHETTO INFORMANT: Described as person outside geographical boundaries of the south who has knowledge of racial feelings and unrest in ghetto areas.  “For our purposes here, a ghetto is a Negro or racially mixed area where slum conditions are prevalent.”  Previously known as neighborhood sources but the “principal difference is that ghetto-type informants are given specific assignments to perform such as canvassing their neighborhoods to plumb for racial tensions and to cover imminent racial demonstrations.”


Page 11, PROBATIONARY INFORMANT:  “A probationary informant is an individual who is in the initial stage of development as a racial informant.  This individual will remain in a probationary status until it is deemed certain he is not a ‘plant’ and can be operated without danger of future embarrassment to the Bureau because of his unreliability or instability.”


Page 11, CONFIDENTIAL SOURCE: “A confidential racial source is one, who, on a confidential basis, furnishes racial information available to him through his present position.  He could be a banker, telephone company employee, landlord, police officer who wishes his identity to remain unknown, or an individual who, because of past activities or his unique position in a community, is able to furnish racial information.  Such an individual is not normally directed by the Bureau and makes no concerted effort on behalf of the Bureau on a regular basis, but merely obtains and furnishes information that is readily available to him.”



FBI monograph: FBI In Our Open Society (06/69, 45pp)

(Review Harry and Bonaro Overstreet’s 1969 pro-FBI book)



FBI monograph: Fund For The Republic, Inc. [11/55, 190pp]



FBI monograph: Pretext and Cover Techniques (06/56, 35pp; 56D112)



FBI monograph: Sex Perverts aka Sex Deviates in Government Service



FBI monograph: Smear Campaign (181pp)

[FBI review of 1958 Fred Cook article in The Nation magazine]



FBI monograph: Unusual Investigative Techniques (08/61, 84pp, 61E)



FBI monograph: FBI and Civil Rights (62pp, 09/55)

[Among people and “native fascist groups” discussed are: American Patriots, Inc. (Allen Zoll), KKK, Citizens Protective League (Kurt Mertig), The Columbians (Emory Burke and Homer Loomis), National Blue Star Mothers of America (Catherine Brown and Lillian Parks), and Silver Shirt Legion of America (William D. Pelley)






FBI SAC Letter 68-36 dated 06-21-68

[Discusses revisions to FBI policy/procedures regarding Security Investigations of “subversive individuals”.  Security Index as of 6/68 contained 10,000 names which were subject to “Priority Apprehension Program”. 


Priority I = Hard core national and state basic revolutionary organization leaders and leaders of other groups with a propensity for violence and/or who have received training in sabotage, espionage, and/or guerrilla warfare.

Priority II = Second level leadership of basic revolutionary organizations and other subversive organizations who present a significant threat but are in less influential positions.

Priority III = All other individuals on Security Index.


“Individuals in each Priority will be apprehended only upon the Attorney General’s authorization that their immobilization is in the best interests of the national defense of the United States.”



FBI SAC Letter, series 1947, #44 dated 04-14-47 (8pp)

This April 1947 letter from J. Edgar Hoover to all FBI field offices pertains to “Redirection of Communist Investigations”.  Hoover discusses how investigations and reports should be handled in the future with respect to the CPUSA, Socialist Workers Party, Workers Party, splinter groups, and cases relating to individuals (including key figures and the Security Index).



FBI SAC Letters (292pp)


53-72 = on beginning of Thumbnail Sketch Program

HQ 66-04, #1912, 10/20/53, 38pp


69-50= Characterization of Subversive Orgs (Communist/SWP, Klan and White Hate, Militant Black)

HQ 66-04, #3688, 9/19/69, 102pp


69-55 = Security and Racial Informants

HQ 66-04, #3690, 9/26/69, 10pp


69-63 = Cost Reduction on Security Informant and Racial Informant Programs

HQ 66-04, #3697, 10/22/69, 9pp


70-40 = Racial and Security Informants

HQ 66-04, #3750, 8/4/70, 9pp


70-48 = Informant Coverage in New Left and Black Extremist Orgs

HQ 66-04, #3760, 9/15/70, 16pp


70-62 = Characterizations of Subversive Orgs

HQ 66-04, #3773, 11/3/70, 108pp



FBI Security Index-Cuban [Chicago 105-14410; 27pp]





Chicago 100-21151


Chicago 100-1154


FBI Security Informant Program  [NYC 134-139, 2006pp]

NYC 1-7


FBI Security Informant Program [HQ 66-2542]



FBI Security Informant Program [HQ 66-2542-3]

[Sub-file 3 contains instructions to field offices on how to develop informants and general FBI policies regarding what sort of reports were required along with statistical data regarding number of informants in each field office (Confidential Plant Informants, Confidential National Defense Informants, Confidential General Investigative Informants]

**HQ 1-7


FBI Security Investigations [HQ 100-358086]

This very large file (over 4000 serials) is the main file in which the Communist Index, Security Index, Reserve Index, Administrative Index, Rabble Rouser Index, Agitator Index, and other FBI indexes appear – along with documents on the DETCOM (Detention of Communists) program.

HQ 1-67


Federation For Constitutional Government [Dallas 105-506 = 47pp]

[The FFCG was formed on January 21-22, 1955 in Jackson MS as a confederation of organizations from 11 southern states whose objective was to combat all forms of racial integration.


John U. Barr (New Orleans, LA) was Chairman and Robert B. Patterson (Winona MS) was Vice-Chairman.  The Advisory Committee of the Federation was comprised of some of the most prominent segregationists in the south including Gov. Marvin Griffin and U.S. Senator Herman Talmadge and Attorney General Eugene Cook (GA), U.S. Senator James O. Eastland and Cong. John Bell Williams (MS) and U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond and Cong. L. Mendel Rivers (SC), and Cong. William Tuck (VA), and key figures within the Citizens Councils movement such as William J. Simmons (MS), and Gen. Sumter L. Lowry (FL), and J. Evetts Haley (TX) and Leander H. Perez, William Rainach (LA).]



Fiery Cross, The [HQ 61-10406, 1453pp]

(United Klans of America newspaper edited by Imperial Wizard Robert M. Shelton)

HQ 1-4


Fighting American Nationalists [NYC 157-195, 328pp]

NYC 2-3


Florida Bar Association [HQ 94-1-4838; 279pp]

HQ 1-2


Foreign Policy Association [HQ 61-7802, 2033pp]

This file contains considerable information regarding the controversy over the loyalty of Harry A. Overstreet and his wife which became an issue because of defamatory material about them circulated in a report about the FPA by an Atlanta GA American Legion unit.  EBF #84 is a copy of the Legion’s 140-page report.  FBI Assistant Director Louis Nichols executed an affidavit affirming the patriotism and loyalty of Harry Overstreet and his wife Bonaro.

HQ 1-7, EBF’s


Frankhouser, Roy Everett

Frankhouser was associated with numerous right-wing extremist and hate organizations including American Nazi Party, United Klans of America, and the Minutemen.

HQ 1-4, Philadelphia 1-2, 4-9, 11-18


Freedman, Benjamin Harrison

[HQ 62-102412 = 169pp; NYC 105-13716 = 150pp; NYC 105-23983 = 74pp for a total of 393pp]


[Freedman was a wealthy businessman known for his anti-Zionist views and writings.  He converted from Judaism to Catholicism. Freedman claimed he was once an assistant to Bernard Baruch during Woodrow Wilson’s 1912 Presidential campaign.


Freedman published the Fact For Fact newsletter. The April 1959 issue contained Freedman’s article entitled “Brainwashed USA Christians Duped By Unholiest Hoax In All History” in which Freedman presented his “Khazar Jews” theory, i.e. that present-day Jews are not descendants of Jews in the Bible.  Instead, Freedman claimed that present-day Jews were descendants of Asiatic people who occupied southern Russia during the 7th century who converted to Judaism – i.e. Khazars


In December 1950, Freedman opposed President Truman’s nomination of Anna M. Rosenberg to be Assistant Secretary of Defense.  Freedman prepared and signed two affidavits in which he charged Rosenberg with Communist Party membership.  The affidavits quoted J.B. Matthews (former Chief Investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Activities) as stating that Rosenberg “was the least desirable person in the entire United States” for the Defense Dept. position and, according to Matthews, FBI files contained information to prove it – including substantiation of her ties to Communist organizations.  However, an FBI investigation disproved the allegations against Rosenberg and the FBI identified another individual having the same name as having been a Communist Party member.]  Also see:  Anna M. Rosenberg

HQ-1 (169pp)

NYC 1-2 (224pp)


Freyman, Carl N.

FBI-Chicago Special Agent, case agent for Morris Childs (our most important mole inside the CPUSA).

HQ 1-5


Galbadon, Guy Louis aka Gabby Galbadon

[Galbadon was one of the key figures alleged to be involved in an aborted plot by John Birch Society members who planned to murder President JFK in Mexico in 1962.  JBS members, including Galbadon, then allegedly resurrected their plot in the summer of 1963 with support from Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker, John Rousselot, Loran Eugene Hall and others. This story was re-told in an eBook published in October 2013 by Harry J. Dean and Paul Trejo.  Dean claims to have been an FBI informant in Chicago and Los Angeles.  While in Los Angeles, he claims to have reported this “JBS plot” in September 1963 to Wesley Grapp, the Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles FBI office.  However, the FBI denies that Dean was ever an FBI informant or confidential source and there is no record of any Dean reports to the FBI regarding the alleged JBS plot nor is there any record of Dean giving Grapp any information concerning extreme right individuals or organizations.]



Gale, James H.

Assistant Director, FBI Inspection Division and Special Investigation Division

HQ 1-6



Goff, Kenneth aka Oliver Kenneth Goff

[Denver 105-123 =1458pp and HQ 62-80382 = 1200pp]

Goff was President of Soldiers of the Cross (Englewood CO) and he was an assistant to, and often spoke at, Gerald L.K. Smith/Christian Nationalist Crusade events. 

In the May 1950 issue of his magazine, Pilgrim Torch, Goff stated that there were “nearly 500,000 dues-paying Communists in America.”  According to FBI, there were 43,200 CPUSA members in 1950.

Goff is perhaps best known for claiming that fluoridation of public water supplies was a “Communist plot” to make Americans docile and unwilling to resist Communist tyranny.  In 1955 Goff revealed a “secret Soviet textbook” which he said explained how Communists planned to employ “brainwashing techniques” against their enemies. Goff’s 64-page pamphlet was entitled “Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics”.  The FBI office in Denver described Goff as a “borderline psychopathic case”. 

Denver 1-5, HQ 1-4


Goldberg, Arthur J. (former U.S. Supreme Court Justice)

HQ 1-2


Goldmark, Sally (aka Irma Ringe)

Seattle 1-4


Gray, Arbor W.

Section Chief, FBI Research Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-4


Greater Los Angeles Citizens Council [HQ 157-901, 120pp]

Los Angeles-1


Grede, William – personal papers re JBS-related including Charles Koch

[Includes correspondence between JBS National Council member William Grede and Robert D. Love and Charles Koch (Wichita KS) concerning why Love and Koch resigned from the JBS in May 1968 and a subsequent letter from Robert Welch to Charles Koch asking him to accept appointment to the JBS National Council.]

78pp from personal papers


Griffith, Sanford aka Sandy Griffith [HQ 65-23555 = 177pp; NYC 97-1284 = 338pp]

[In the 1920’s, Griffith was a European correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. During World War II, Griffith worked for British Intelligence.  He subsequently operated a Private Investigator agency and he served as Research Director for the Anti-Defamation League.]

HQ-1, NYC-1




Grubbs, Millard Dee [HQ 44-28247, 317pp]

Grubbs was a disbarred Kentucky attorney who founded and led a number of white hate organizations including the National Law Enforcement Commission, Citizens Councils of Kentucky Inc., and Christian Sentinels of Kentucky, Inc.   He also was the Kentucky State Chairman of the National States Rights Party.

HQ 1-3


Gumaer, David Emerson

[HQ 62-113743 = 180pp, Dallas 62-4577 = 78pp; Phoenix 100A-8715 = 286pp]

[Gumaer claimed to be an informant for the Chicago Police Department and the FBI.  He was a John Birch Society member.]

HQ-1, Dallas-1, Phoenix-1


Hall, Gordon D.

Boston 1-2, HQ-1


Hammarskjold, Dag (former UN Secretary General)



Hanning, Donald G.

Special Agent, FBI Crime Records Division (FBI liaison to American Legion)

HQ 3-4


Harold, William Henry [see: Western Minutemen, Seattle 100-39 = 251pp]

[Harold founded Western Minutemen, a rabidly anti-semitic group in Seattle WA]



Hartle, Barbara [HQ 100-107725; 247pp; Seattle 100-3608; 224pp]

“…Barbara Hartle, a self-admitted member and leading official of the CP in Seattle Washington between 1933 and 1954.  On 10/10/53 she was convicted in U.S. District Court, Seattle, on a charge of conspiracy to violate the Smith Act of 1940.  She subsequently caused her appeal of this conviction to be dismissed and served a portion of her sentence in prison.  In 1954 she renounced her CP affiliation and voluntarily furnished information to the FBI.  Between 1954 and 3-19-67 Hartle testified concerning her CP activities as well as the CP activities of numerous individuals and organizations, in various trials, hearings, and before congressional committees.”

HQ-3, 8; Seattle 2, 5


Hartle’s entire FBI file is 7134pp


Hennrich, Carl E.

Supervisor, FBI Espionage Unit, Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-3


Highlander Folk School [HQ 61-7511 = 1229pp]

 [This school was founded by Myles F. Horton and located in Monteagle TN. It was characterized by the extreme right as “a Communist training school”.  The John Birch Society, in particular, plastered the U.S. with postcards and billboards containing a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. attending a 1957 Labor Day weekend event at this school and the JBS asserted that King was associated with “Communists” at this event.


The person who took the photo of King and whose subsequent testimony became the basis for describing HFS as a “Communist training school” was Edwin H. Friend.  Friend was a life-long racist and the official photographer for the United Klans of America chapter in Georgia.  The first publication of his photos and the results of his “undercover investigation” of HFS were published by Friend’s employer, the Georgia Commission on Education. The GCE was a state agency created to maintain segregation in Georgia public schools.

Also see: https://sites/google.com/site/ernie124102/hfs-1 ]

HQ 1-7


Hiss, Alger / Whittaker Chambers

NYC 1-53 and x-refs


Holmes, Lola Belle

[Holmes was an African-American FBI informant inside the CPUSA. She subsequently became a JBS member.]

HQ 1-4


Hood, Richard B.

[FBI SAC, Los Angeles, 1939-1951]

HQ 1-4


Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, Peace (at Stanford University)

[HQ 62-72042, 355pp]

HQ 1-5




Hoover, J. EdgarMasters of Deceit (1958 book)

[This book, in first draft form, was originally entitled “Communism in the United States”. Although published under Hoover’s name as author, the book was actually researched and written by several FBI employees


10/23/57 memo from FBI Assistant Director Louis B. Nichols to FBI Associate Director Clyde Tolson on book entitled “Communism in the United States” which later became Masters of Deceit:

“Fern C. Stukenbroeker assigned to the Crime Records Section has worked exceedingly hard on the book and did most of the first draft in 1954, which I later tried to work into final form and was subsequently worked over by Bill Nichols. Mr. Stukenbroeker did considerable revision work…William C. Sullivan…conducted considerable research which was later used as a basis in the preparation of the book…Supervisor Herman Bly of the Domestic Intelligence Division was of considerable assistance in making suggestions, providing research material and in reading the manuscript.” [HQ 67-38609, #509, 10/23/57 from Leland Boardman personnel file.]

HQ 1-52, NYC 1-2, and EBF’s


Hoover, J. EdgarU.S. News and World Report – 3/51 on CPUSA




House Committee on Un-American Activities [HQ 61-7582 = 7527pp]


File includes the following enclosures behind files (EBF’s).  There are also additional HUAC publications which are incorporated into the file and not separate as EBF’s. For example: serial #3788 is a May 1958 HUAC publication entitled “Organized Communism in the United States” (163pp),  which is a detailed history of the Communist movement in the U.S.


EBF 1657 (79pp) is 1949 HUAC Annual Report

EBF 1690 (248pp) is 3/21/50 Hearings on Subversive Activities Control Act 1950

EBF 1691 (511pp) is April 10-12, 1950 Hearings re Communist Activities in Hawaii

EBF 1711 (60pp) is 10/50 issue of American Legion magazine with article by Eugene Lyons on HUAC

EBF 1712 (174pp) is July 12-15 and August 8, 1950 hearings regarding Communist activities in Cincinnati area

EBF 1737 (98pp) is 12/20-22/1950 Hearings re: Cominfil of UC Berkeley Radiation Lab and Atomic Bomb Project, Vol. 3

EBF 1738 (159pp) is 3/3/51 HUAC “Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications

EBF 1753 (129pp) is 10/1/50 HUAC Report on the Honolulu Record

EBF 3630 (47pp) is 12/16/57 “International Communism: Communist Designs on Indonesia and Pacific Frontier” – testimony of Gen. Charles A. Willoughby

EBF 3641  (108pp) is 10/19/53 Executive Session Testimony of Frances Jacobson, Abraham J. Surovell, Jeanette Kaplan Fino, and Pauline Goldman

EBF 3646 (30pp) is Testimony of David Heilweil and Howard Costigan

EBF 3648 (68pp) is 10/2/57 Testimony of Lyman A. Ripperton and Howard Warren Linnard

EBF 3688 (71pp) is October-November 1957 “Investigation of Soviet Espionage”

EBF 3703 (89pp) is 1957 HUAC Annual Report

EBF 3714 (67pp) is 2/24/58 testimony of FBI informant Carol H. Foster

EBF 3721 (82pp) is 3/21/58 “The Erica Wallach Story”

EBF 3724 (116pp) is 2/28/58 transcript of testimony by Valda Shingler, Leon Drusine, John Gates, and Louis Balamuth

EBF 3730 (198pp) = Communist Infiltration and Activities in Public Housing Authority – New York City Government (2/27/58)

EBF 3752 (57pp) = Investigation of Soviet Espionage – Part 2 (2/25/58)

3760 (135pp) = Investigation of Communist Infiltration and Propaganda Activities in Basic Industry – Gary Indiana Area (2/10-11/58)

EBF 3811 (359pp) = Investigation of Communist Activities in the New England Area – Part 2 (3/19/58)  Note: contains Armando Penha testimony

EBF 3813 (94pp) = Legislative Recommendations by House Committee on Un-American Activities and Subsequent Action Taken By Congress or Executive Agencies (6/58)

EBF 3831 (12pp) = Testimony of Julius Schrieber (5/13/58)

EBF 3833 (30pp) = Executive Session Testimony of Nathaniel Bond (5/5/58)

EBF 3839 (139pp) = Executive Session Testimony of Charles Rindone, James Mackin, John J. Nolan, Mildred Blauvelt, Sonia Osler and Herman J. Smith (5/9/58)

EBF 3841 (82pp) = Communism in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Area (5/23/58)

EBF 3853 (16pp) = Executive Session Testimony of Harvard Hausman (6/23/58)

EBF 3854 (45pp) = Testimony of James D. Proctor, Joseph Papirofsky, Carroll Hollister, William Lazor, will Lee, Irvin Silber and Leo Shulman (6/17/58)

EBF 3856 (22pp) = Executive Session Testimony of Mrs. Olivia Mary DeHavilland Gallante (6/16/58)

EBF 3857 (134pp) = Executive Session Testimony of Guy Endore (6/26/58)

EBF 3858 (42pp) = Executive Session Testimony of Bernard A. Zick Jr., Kate Heck, Dorothy Leavy, Thomas Leavy, and Joseph Alphone (6/26/58)

EBF 3873 (71pp) = Executive Session Testimony of George Bien (7/1/58)

EBF 3939 (19pp) is 08/12/58 Executive Session “Staff Consultation on Espionage Activities”

EBF 4028 (339pp) is 12/58 Supplement to Cumulative Index To Publications of the Committee on Un-American Activities 1955-1956


Section 56, pages 58-60

#1660 = 1949 “Communist Party Membership By States” (54,174)

Section 57, pages 45-94

#1683 = July 12-13, 1950 Cincinnati OH newspaper articles re: testimony of FBI informants Martha and John J. Edminston

Section 59, pages 6-37

#1731 = 1950 HUAC Annual Report


Section 60, pages 2-74

#1733 = November 8, 1949, December 2, 1949, February 27, 1950, March 1, 1950, and June 13, 1950 – Hearings re: Communist Espionage

Section 60, pages 124-126

March 20, 1951, Summary memo re: background of Thomas W. Beale, HUAC GOP Minority Counsel

Section 113, pages 65-126 and 145-160

#3654 = 1957 HUAC Annual Report

Section 114, pages 7-24 and 42-54

#3664 and #3670 = 1957 HUAC Annual Report

Section 115, pages 125-140

#3725 = 3/58 Boston area newspaper articles regarding testimony of FBI informants Armando Penha and Carol Foster

Section 116, pages 2-18

#3727 = 1957 HUAC Annual Report – Section 2 – “Communist Political Subversion”

Section 116, pages 21-25, and 39-44, and 65-95

#3731, #3739, #3741 = 3/58 Boston area newspaper articles re: former FBI informants Armando Penha and Carol Foster

Section 117, pages 3-17

#3743 = Boston newspaper articles re FBI informant Carol Foster

Section 117, pages 46-85

#3750 = January 21, 1958 – Consultation with Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer – “The Communist Program For World Conquest

Section 117, pages 110-142

#3764 = March 13, 1958 – Consultation with Edward Hunter – “Communist Psychological Warfare – Brainwashing

Section 117, pages 152-181

#3769 = May 2, 1958 – “Review of 11/8/57 HUAC pamphlet, “Operation Abolition”

Section 118, pages 51-94

#3783 = March 3-9, 1958 – “Chronicle of Treason” (re: Harry Gold, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Judy Coplon, Louis Wheaton, and Rudolf Abel)

Section 118, pages 102-123

#3788 = April 3, 1958 = Consultation with Milan Jakubec – “Communist Propaganda Activities in Canada”

Section 118, pages 124-287

#3788 = August 19, 1958 “Organized Communism In the United States” (revising original 5/53 edition)

Section 119, page 135

#3801 = May 22, 1958 memo re: “Appendix IX” publication of Dies Committee which “has no official status” [also see serial #1298]

Section 120, pages 11-35

#3820 = June 17, 1958 – Consultation with Maj. General Claire Lee Chennault – “International Communism: Communist Encroachment in the Far East”.

Section 120, pages 38-73

#3821 = April 30, 1958 – Consultation with Dr. David J. Dallin, Dr. Anthony J. Bouscaren, Dr. James D. Atkinson and Mr. Francis J. McNamara – “What Is Behind The Soviet Proposal For A Summit Conference?”

Section 121, pages 7-37

#3864 = July 1958 – “The House Committee on Un-American Activities – What It Is, What It Does


Section 121, pages 61-92

#3879 = June 5, 1968 – Consultation with Dr. Charles Wesley Lowry, “The Ideology of Freedom vs. The Ideology of Communism

Section 121, pages 109-122, and 184-189

#3888 = 7/58 articles in Atlanta GA newspapers re: HUAC hearings in July 1958 discussing Anne and Carl Braden, Don West and Frank Wilkinson)

Section 121, pages 123-183

#3889 = June 11-12, 1958 hearings, “Communist Propaganda—Part 9 – Student Groups, Distributors and Propagandists

Section 122, pages 8-20

#3894 = 7/58 Atlanta newspaper articles re: HUAC hearings – discussing Hunter Pitts O’Dell and Anne and Carl Braden

Section 122, pages 22-41

#3896 = August 5, 1958 “Who Are They? Part 9 – Enver Hoxha (Albania) and Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej (Rumania

Section 122, pages 126-151

#3922 = May 20, 1958 – Consultation with Dr. Robert Straus-Hupe, Mr. Alvin J. Cottrell, Mr. James E. Dougherty – “Communist Strategy of Protracted Conflict”

Section 123, pages 38-197

#3938 = July 29-31, 1958, “Communist Infiltration and Activities in the South”

Section 123, pages 212-345

#3941 = April 1, 1957, May 8, 1958, June 18-19, 1958, “Communism in the New York Area (Entertainment)”

Section 124, pages 100-119

#3959 = 8/8/58, “Consultation with Dr. Gerhart Niemeyer – The Irrationality of Communism”

Section 125, pages 15-169

#3973 = September 3-5, 1958, “Communist Infiltration and Activities in Newark New Jersey”

Section 126, pages 55-73

#3992 = September 15, 1958, “Consultation with Dr. Alex X. Dragnich, “International Communism in Yugoslavia: The Myth of Titoism

Section 127, pages 11-102

#4013 = January 1959, “Patterns of Communist Espionage” [Also see section 128, #4050]

Section 127, pages 239-328

#4046 = 2/16/59, Communist Legal Subversion – The Role of the Communist Lawyer [Also see section 128, serial #4053.]

**HQ 56-61, 112-128 and EBF’s



The HQ file for years 1951-1953 and 1958-1964 is estimated to be 43,250 pages.  The Los Angeles field HUAC file (62-1664) is estimated to be 5371pp for entire file.



Howard, Calvin B.

FBI Supervisor, Communist Front Desk, Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-5


Hunt, H.L. aka Haroldson Lafayette Hunt

[At one time considered the wealthiest person in the United States as result of his ownership of Hunt Oil Company, Dallas TX. He financed several right wing and extreme right organizations and publications including White Party of America, Facts Forum Life Line radio program, Fred Schwarz’s Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, and former FBI Agent Dan Smoot’s activities.  Hunt’s Security Chief was former FBI Special Agent Paul M. Rothermel Jr.]

HQ 1-2


I Was A Communist Spy for FBI (radio program)





John Birch Society [HQ 62-104401]

[The FBI HQ file consists of 60 sections and comprises approximately 12,000 pages.  Sections 1-39 have been processed and the remainder of the HQ file should be processed by the end of 2015.


Serial #8 contains an enclosure from G-2 Army Intelligence which is a copy of the original unpublished 1950’s “private letter’ version of The Politician by JBS founder Robert Welch.  Although described as a letter, it is 287 pages in length.  This version is not available in any U.S. library and it contains Welch’s most caustic comments regarding President Dwight D. Eisenhower in which Welch describes Ike as a Communist traitor.  [The entire manuscript has been scanned and appears below under Welch.]


The Chicago field file on JBS (100-36671) is now at NARA along with almost all other FBI field office files on the JBS. 


Also see: William Grede personal papers pertaining to JBS-related subjects including Charles Koch’s membership in the JBS and resignation in May 1968]


Some brief notes for sections 1 and 2 of HQ main file on JBS:


Section / Serial # / Date      /   Comment


1              5              10/04/58

Serial contains copy of 1958 Scoreboard issue of JBS magazine, American Opinion, which is self-described as being “a tabulation…undertaken to estimate the present degree of Communist influence or control over the economic and political affairs of almost all of the nations of the world.”  The U.S. score in 1958 is 20-40%.  The score increased to 30-50% in 1959.


1              6              01/27/59

SAC Milwaukee memo to FBI HQ summarizes information it received from former FBI Special Agent James R. Shinners concerning a JBS recruitment meeting he attended in Milwaukee on January 16-17, 1959.  This represents the first knowledge which the FBI had regarding the JBS – 6 weeks after the JBS founding meeting in Indianapolis on December 8-9, 1958.  “According to Shinners, the meeting was conducted by Welch in a very secretive manner.  Those in attendance were instructed not to divulge what had transpired to their office personnel or even to their wives at this juncture.”


1              6              01/28/59

FBI HQ to SAC Boston memo instructs Boston “to conduct discreet inquiries to obtain background data concerning Welch…Any information concerning Welch’s activities should be promptly brought to the Bureau’s attention.”


1              7              02/04/59

SAC Boston to FBI HQ attached 12/23/58 letter which FBI received from Army Intelligence in New York City which included excerpts from Robert Welch’s “private letter” entitled The Politician.


1              8              02/11/59

Army Intelligence (G-2) letter from Lt. Col. Ned Glenn to SAC Boston attaches the entire copy of The Politician manuscript along with summary regarding how it came into possession of G-2 from Army Master Specialist Helen G. Morrissey.               


1              8              02/20/59

SAC Boston to FBI HQ provides summary of background information discovered by Boston regarding Robert Welch when it checked Harvard Law School records and biographical sketch in Who’s Who in New England.  Boston enclosed copy of The Politician.




1              9              03/03/59

FBI HQ reply to 02/21/59 inquiry received from Clinton NY resident regarding American Opinion magazine.  The correspondent was concerned about article she read in AO by J.B. Matthews which discussed Fidel Castro because it seemed to contradict other information she had read.  This represents the first public inquiry to FBI re: AO magazine.


1              10            03/06/59

J. Edgar Hoover sends first FBI summary of background information re: Welch and The Politician to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy with a copy to Gordon Gray, Special Assistant to President John F. Kennedy.


1              11            03/06/59

Memo from Internal Security Section Chief Fred Baumgardner to Assistant Director Alan Belmont which summarized information developed by Boston office about Welch and then recommended that “field should be alerted to Welch, his activities, and his program” through a SAC Letter.  SAC Letter 59-13 dated 03/10/59 was sent.


2              16            08/01/59

Walter A. Upson of Haverhill MA sends FBI HQ a letter asking for information about the John Birch Society.  This represents the first public inquiry which mentions the JBS by name.  A notation on the Bureau file copy of their reply states that “Herbert A. Philbrick is currently attempting to secure additional information concerning this organization.”


2              17            08/27/59

SAC Chicago memo to HQ mentions documents and correspondence which Dr. Hedwig S. Kuhn of Hammond, Indiana received from Robert Welch during June and July 1959 and which Kuhn then sent to the FBI.  One letter by Welch to Dr. Kuhn dated 6/29/59 on American Opinion letterhead states that Welch was going to send Dr. Kuhn “an unpublished manuscript of mine which is quite confidential…” referring to The Politician.  In a subsequent 7/16/59 letter from Welch to Kuhn about The Politician. Welch describes it as giving “a better understanding of how serious is the danger we face, and how far advanced the conspiracy threatening us, as we see it.”  Welch then describes the Birch Society as “a movement, started quietly by this writer…last December, for the purpose of building strength and understanding to combat this conspiracy – while avoiding publicity to the fullest extent possible…”    This represents one example of how Welch used The Politician as a recruitment tool for the JBS while simultaneously publicly denying that there was any connection between his “private letter” and the JBS.


Serial #2381 (section 37, pages 131-133) is 11/20/64 letter from Robert Welch to J. Edgar Hoover regarding Hoover statement about Welch during 11/18/64 press conference – and Hoover’s 11/23/65 reply.

Serial #2447 (section 38, page 87) is inquiry from Los Angeles concerning 3/7/65 report by Carl Greenberg of Los Angeles Times [Birch Society Founder Calls King ‘Hypocrite’] which stated that:


“From authoritative sources in Washington, it was learned that no FBI agents are known members of JBS and that, if one did join, it would cost him his job. General FBI policy is to ban association of its employees with any organization that would tend to bring the Bureau into disrepute, and the sources said JBS is considered such a group.”  [LAT, 3/7/65, p. A2, A9]


Hoover’s 3/18/65 reply:

“With respect to the article you mentioned, I can assure you neither I nor any member of my staff has made such a statement concerning FBI Agents joining the John Birch Society.  In view of my long-standing policy of not commenting publicly on the internal operations of this Bureau, I regret I am unable to respond along the lines you have requested.” – and comparable reply on page 104 (serial #2450)



Serial #2464 (section 38, pages 162-164) = 3/18/65 letter to Hoover from U.S. Senator Milton R. Young inquiring about article appearing in 3/16/65 Fargo ND Forum newspaper [“John Birch Coordinator Gives Three Reasons Why He Joined”] which reported that Reed Benson stated about the JBS that:


“…the FBI and CIA have both said that the Society is the only organization that is strictly anti-communist and the enemies its members make are those contrary to Americanism and the friends they make are those who believe in Americanism.”


Hoover’s 3/22/65 reply:

“With respect to your inquiry, neither I nor any member of our staff has made statements in relation to the John Birch Society as indicated in this article.”

**HQ 1-39  = 5347pp

HQ-1A (section 1) = 110pp


Army-1, Navy-1, Legat-Bonn-1


HQ-1A (section 1) = newspaper and magazine articles on JBS in the period from 7/25/60 through 3/29/61.  Subsequent 1A sections are still being processed.


Boston 1-5

Charlotte 1-4

Chicago 1, 3-4


Los Angeles 1-9

New Orleans-1

NYC 1-2


Phoenix 1-2


Salt Lake City-1

San Antonio-1

San Diego 1-2

Seattle 1-3



John Birch Society – Internal Critics Correspondence (108pp)

[Almost from the day the JBS was created there have been major internal disputes and controversies over many different matters.  Numerous very prominent members (including JBS National Council members and JBS Coordinators and JBS chapter and section leaders and major writers for JBS publications) have resigned with bitter criticisms directed at leadership of the JBS. 


This collection of private correspondence includes letters to and from such well known Birchers as Robert Welch, Mrs. Robert Welch (Marian Probert Welch), Gary Allen, Gary North, John Rees, Nord Davis, Dr. Charles Provan, Robert Koenig, Thomas N. Hill, Robert E. Grant – and other individuals.  This material provides valuable insights into the schisms that always seem to develop within highly ideological organizations.]



John Birch Society Report (revised August 2014, 124pp)

[This is my revised Report on the John Birch Society which is based, primarily, upon material in FBI investigative files.   There is also supplementary documentary material in chapters 8 and 9 of my online report (chapter 8 and 9 links may be seen below):




PDF document


Jones, Milton A.

Section Chief, FBI Research Section, Crime Records Division

HQ 1-5


Kamp, Joseph Peter [HQ 61-10355 = 1739pp]


[Until 1937, Kamp was Executive Editor and Publisher of the magazine, The Awakener.  Associated with Kamp were Harold Lord Varney and Lawrence Dennis. He then became Executive Vice-Chairman of the Constitutional Educational League.


Kamp was one of the sponsors of the “Pro-America Mass Meeting” which was addressed by Major John E. Kelley, a key figure within the Christian Front.  Kelley also spoke at meetings of the German-American Bund and Christian Front.  At one time, Kamp distributed the forgery known as Ben Franklin’s “letter” regarding Jews.  He also distributed “Why Are The Jews Persecuted For Their Religion?”  Kamp was also associated with Elizabeth Dilling.]

HQ 1-6, 19-24


Kasper, John aka Frederick John Kasper and Seaboard White Citizens Council

[HQ 62-105095 and HQ 100-423395 – 2611pp]


In August 1956, Kasper was indicted for sedition and inciting a riot because of his anti-integration activities at Clinton TN High School. He also founded the Seaboard White Citizens Council.  In February 1957, he became Executive Secretary of the Tennessee Citizens Councils.  Kasper associated himself with numerous right-wing extremist individuals and organizations during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

HQ 1-17 and EBF’s, Knoxville 1-2, NYC-1




Keay, Victor Pearl [HQ 67-36842 = 1358pp]

[Inspector-in-Charge, FBI Internal Security/Liaison Sections, Domestic Intelligence Division]

HQ 1-4


Kefauver, Estes [HQ 62-77208 = 272pp; HQ 56-2335 = 1194pp]

[U.S. Senator, Tennessee, 1949-1963]


JBS founder Robert Welch told his National Council on January 9, 1960 that Kefauver was an “actual Communist or Communist agent”


FBI Director Hoover to Mrs. Estes Kefauver upon her husband’s death:

“Please accept my deepest sympathy in the passing of your husband.  This is a great shock to me and to his many friends throughout the nation and the world.  While words are most inadequate on such an occasion, I hope you may gain some consolation from knowing that his outstanding contributions to the welfare of his country and his deep concern for his fellow man will long serve as a memorial to him.  His achievements and devotion to duty as a public servant are a special tribute to his statesmanship.  His passing creates a void which our nation can ill afford and is a great loss to all mankind.  If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.  J. Edgar Hoover”  [HQ 62-77208, #108, 8/10/63 Hoover telegram to Mrs. Estes Kefauver, Washington DC]


A notation on Bureau file copy of the telegram text is as follows:

“Senator Kefauver was a very close friend of the Director and the FBI.  He was on the Special Correspondents’ List on a first-name basis.”

HQ 1-6


King Jr., Martin Luther [HQ 62-106670 = 18,492pp]

HQ 2-50 = 8063pp

covers 4/20/62 à 1/14/66

HQ 51-96 = 7046pp

covers 1/10/66 à 12/12/75

HQ 98-106 = 1515pp

covers 12/29/75 à 2/6/76

A1-A11, A13, A15 = 1868pp covers 10/14/58 à 2/1/77


Kirkpatrick, Theodore C. [HQ 67-334296 = 582pp]


[FBI-New York City Special Agent, then Editor of Counterattack: The Newsletter of Facts on Communism published by American Business Consultants, Inc. (ABC) of New York City.


ABC was formed in 1947 by several former Agents of the FBI. This organization established itself as a source of information regarding allegedly subversive organizations and individuals, particularly those suspected of affiliation with the Communist Party.]

HQ 1-2


Klaus, Samuel  (U.S. State Department official)


[From 1946-1963, Klaus was Special Assistant to Legal Advisor of the U.S. Dept of State and a member of Advisory Committee on Personnel Security


On 8/3/46 Klaus wrote a 106 page memo captioned “Survey of Departmental Personnel Security Investigations” concerning alleged security risks employed by US State Department.  Klaus stated that there were 20 Soviet agents, 13 Communists, about 12 Communist sympathizers, and about 75 “suspects” – all of whom were security risks.


Klaus’ memo became the basis for 1950 charges made by Sen. Joseph McCarthy regarding “Communist” penetration of the U.S. State Department.  Also see:  “Alleged Communists in State Department”]



Koehl, Matthias aka Matt Koehl (American Nazi Party)

Chicago 1-5




Kohlberg, Alfred [HQ 97-2660; 872pp]

[Wealthy importer who had had business interests in China and was considered head of so-called China Lobby (pro-Nationalist). Official of American Jewish League Against Communism, and JBS National Council; Publisher and major financial backer of, Plain Talk magazine.]

**HQ 1-4, HQ 1-A and EBF’s


Korean Air Line Flight 001



Ku Klux Klan [Chicago 105-4632; 79pp]

[This small file contains references to Chicago-area individuals (such as F. Allen Mann, Max Nelsen) associated with racist groups in Chicago area and nationally (including Independent Knights of the KKK, Nationalist Party, and United White Party.]



Ladd, D. Milton

[Assistant Director, FBI Security Division, 1941-1949]

HQ 1-6


Lamphere, Robert J.

[FBI Supervisor, Espionage Squad-New York City field office]

HQ 1-2


Lasky, Victor [HQ 100-370032, 240pp]

HQ-1, HQ-1A


Laughlin, Leo L. [HQ 67-58420 = 1847pp]

[FBI Inspector, Loyalty Unit, Domestic Intelligence Division; SAC WFO and SAC Boston. 29 pages were re-processed and released as result of my appeal of FBI redaction of statistical information appearing in 1955-1961 Inspection Reports of the FBI-Boston and FBI-Washington field offices.]

HQ 1-6 and appeal documents


Lautner, John (member, CPUSA National Review Commission)

HQ-1, NYC 1-2, 8+


League of Women Voters [Los Angeles 62-3568; 376pp]

Los Angeles-1


Lee, Robert E.

[FBI Special Agent, Chief Clerk Office, then FCC Commissioner]

HQ 1-2


LeFevre, Robert T. [Denver 62-1584 = 215pp]

[After running unsuccessfully for Congress in 1950, LeFevre moved to Florida. During the late 1940s and early 1950s he became involved in right-wing anti-union and anti-communist organizations. He was executive director of the Congress of Freedom and the United States Day Committee, which both demanded that the U.S. withdraw from the United Nations. In 1954 he published an article claiming to find socialist and “one-world” propaganda in the Girl Scout Handbook. Later that year he moved to Colorado Springs CO and wrote for the Gazette Telegraph newspaper, eventually becoming its editor.


In Colorado, LeFevre founded the Freedom School, which later moved to California and was renamed Rampart College. His political philosophy moved from traditionally conservative to radical libertarian and beyond that to reject all political action and even the Libertarian Party itself. His Freedom School attracted such figures as Charles Koch, Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, and Rose Wilder Lane.]



Lingo, Albert J. (Alabama State Public Safety Director)





Madole, James Hartung [HQ 105-52256 = 527pp, SFO 105-5045 = 23pp]

[Madole created the first postwar neo-fascist group in the U.S. {National Renaissance Party – formerly known as Animist Party) which attracted support from many major extreme right figures.


In an August 1948 letter to W. Henry McFarland, Madole wrote the following:


“Per the suggestion of Mr. Weiss, Animism will stress the values of nation, race, and culture.  It will be far more fascistic in nature than the present nationalist groups. You undoubtedly know that a great array of Nationalist groups and parties were present in Germany during the Hitler period.  All these failed to achieve the slightest success until a new philosophy re: National Socialism entered the picture.  Appeals to constitutional and monarchist factions were useless; only the extreme radical Nazi group reached the heart of the masses.  This was not done by preaching a republican or constitutional form of government but by a dynamic appeal to the innate lust for power, strength and racial glory inherent in the masses.”


“Only Homer Loomis came close to success in America by appealing to these same instincts whereas Gerald Smith, Winrod, Dilling and others have struggled for years without success, in fact without preventing the victory of the opposite.  America is ripe for any form of fascism but not by any means for any form of fascism but not by any means for a religious revival or return to the Constitution.  That is why big business does not squander money on such groups.”


“Another thing I have learned the hard way, we cannot waste valuable time trying to gain support of the so-called Christian Nationalists who are similar to the right wing German formations of 1919-1933.  They are utterly useless for our purpose and spend their time in futile argument among themselves.]   Also see: National Renaissance Party

HQ 1-3, San Francisco-1


Magnuson, Warren Grant (U.S. Senator, Washington) [HQ 62-60672, 163pp)



Malone, John F.

[FBI Assistant Director, Inspection Division]

HQ 1-10


Marshall, Thurgood (first African American U.S. Supreme Court Justice)

HQ 1-11


McAllister, Andrew Bruce

[McAllister operated several extreme right organizations such as Pro-American Forum, Pro-American Information Bureau and Pro-American Information League.]



McBrearty, Ardie (Aryan Nations)

HQ 1-2


McCarthy, Joseph Raymond (U.S. Senator)

[Also see: Alleged Communists in State Department file]

HQ 1-4


McCarthy, Joseph Raymond (U.S. Senator) re: State Dept employee Edward Posniak

HQ 1-2


McGinley, Conde Joseph

[Christian Educational Assn; Common Sense newspaper, Union NJ]

HQ 20-22, 24-27, Newark 1-4, NYC 1-3


McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

HQ 1-2


McGuire, John J.

[FBI Assistant Director, Records and Communications Division]

HQ 1-4


McLeod, Scott

[FBI Special Agent, then State Dept. Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs]

HQ 1-4


Mertig, Kurt [HQ 65-20553; 608pp]

[Founder/Chairman of pro-Nazi German-American Republican League and Citizens Protective Association---both of which were cited as subversive fascist groups in May 1948 by the Attorney General of U.S.]

HQ 1-3, EBF 133, EBF 135

EBF 133 (37pp) contains a detailed summary of Kurt Mertig associations and a chronology of his activities)


MIBURN (FBI file on 1964 murders of 3 civil rights murders)

HQ 1-9




Miller, Manuel S. [HQ 89-759; 51pp]

[Manuel and his wife Lucille lived in Bethel Vermont and published the Green Mountain Rifleman.  In December 1954, Mrs. Miller was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in the District of Vermont for 18 counts of counseling evasion of the Selective Service Act of 1948.  When the US Marshall was instructed to pick up Mrs. Miller, she and her husband barricaded themselves inside their home and threatened to shoot any law enforcement officer who attempted to take Mrs. Miller into custody.  After tear gas was used, the Millers surrendered.  Manuel was subsequently charged with impeding a federal officer in performance of his duty.  In August 1955, Manuel was sentenced to one year in prison and a $1000 fine.  The Millers became very prominent in right-wing circles for what the right-wing considered defying government tyranny. ]



Note:  NARA has two related files:

Albany 100-13685

HQ 25-382156


Milteer, Joseph Adams [xrefs various files = 145pp]

[Milteer (Quitman GA) was a member of Constitution Party, Congress of Freedom, White Citizens Council, and other racist organizations.  In early November 1963 he had a conversation with Willie A. Somersett during which Milteer predicted the imminent assassination of President Kennedy by someone from a window with a high-powered rifle.]




[Right-wing paramilitary group founded by Robert B. DePugh in 1960. According to FBI informant reports, the MM had only approximately 300-350 actual dues-paying members but DePugh considered anyone who requested MM literature to be a “member”.  About 2500-3000 people were on MM mailing lists.]

Also see Robert P. DePugh]

NYC 1-12


Mohr, John P.

[FBI Assistant Director, Files and Communication Division]

HQ 1-6


Montgomery County Alabama Citizens Council

HQ 1-3



Moore, Donald Edgar [HQ 67-191804 = 1828pp]

[FBI Special Agent; Branch Chief Espionage-Central Research, Internal Security Section.  Moore’s file is particularly valuable because it contains copies of annual Domestic Intelligence Division Inspection Reports which contain statistical information, never previously known, regarding number of FBI informants inside the Communist Party, as well as number of racial informants, security informants, double agents, and other data.]

HQ 1-6


Morrell, Donald Clark [HQ 67-431042 = 855pp]

[FBI Section Chief, Correspondence/Tours Section, Crime Records Division]

HQ 1-3


Mower, Dennis Patrick [HQ 73-17771; 165pp]

[Founder and President of Southern California Freedom Councils; JBS member, Minutemen member.  Associated with Wesley Swift’s Church of Jesus Christ-Christian. Also see: Southern California Freedom Councils]



Mower’s FBI-San Diego file is at NARA [San Diego 100-12461]


Mullins Jr., Eustace Clarence [HQ 105-15727, NYC 100-112532, Richmond 105-186]

[Mullins co-founded, or was involved in, or was acquainted with, virtually every right-wing anti-semitic organization and every major right-wing figure in the U.S. during the 1950’s and 1960’s. 


Mullins acknowledged to H. Keith Thompson that he fabricated hoaxes to cause grief to Jews – including, for example, the Rabbi Rabinovich “speech” hoax.  Parts of Mullins’ writings describing Jews as parasitic organisms appear to be copied from Chapter 11 of Adolf Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf. 


In October 1952, the National Renaissance Party Bulletin published Mullins’ article entitled, “Hitler: An Appreciation.”]


Also see: Realpolitical Institute, National Renaissance Party, Max Nelsen, and Women’s Voice files for numerous references to Mullins. 

HQ 1-4 = 541pp

NYC-1 = 180pp

Richmond-1 = 104pp




National Alliance aka National Youth Alliance [HQ 157-12589, NYC 157-3447]

[Also see William Pierce]

HQ 1-13 = 2139pp

NYC 1-3 = 783pp


National Association For Advancement of White People

[Bryant W. Bowles Jr. of Delaware became leader of NAAWP. Many FBI HQ and field files on NAAWP are now at NARA – including those shown below.]

HQ 105-18867

Baltimore 100-17756

WFO 100-26356

HQ-1, St. Louis-1



National Citizens Protective Association  

[St, Louis 100-18034, HQ 105-24307, Philadelphia 105-1457]

[John W. Hamilton of St. Louis MO was the National Organizer and the Editor of NCPA newsletter entitled “The White Sentinel” and Forest Wolf was National Chairman


In undated letter captioned “Dear Friend”, signed by John Hamilton (editor) and Helen Wolf (Associate Editor), the following comment appears:


“The Anti-Defamation League, Communists and other Marxists, the NAACP, Urban League, Inter-racial outfits and other enemies of the White Race and America have banded together in a vast conspiracy to destroy our heritage.  They are actively working to destroy the White Race by breaking down segregation and racial barriers which helped make America great.  Without segregation America could not have reached the heights it has.  We would long ago have fallen by the way side as has every nation in history that allowed its blood to be mixed with that of the colored races.  The White Sentinel  is the only regularly issued publication in the United States exclusively devoted to the cause of racial purity…An ‘Iron Curtain’ prevents the truth about the growing negro menace from being revealed by the cowardly, corrupt press of the nation.  You can greatly aid the cause of White Supremacy by subscribing to The White Sentinel.”  [St. Louis 105-1334, #1A4, no date but circa 10/55].

HQ-1 = 68pp

Philadelphia-1 = 88pp

St. Louis-1 = 127pp


National Council of Churches of Christ [HQ 100-50869; 6454pp]

[Also see:  Communism and Religion file (FBI HQ 100-403529, 2716pp) ]

HQ 1-30


National Goals, Inc. (John Rees – Newark NJ)

Newark 1-2



National Indignation Convention

[Dallas 105-1264. 178pp; HQ 100-436657, 306pp; San Antonio 105-2465, 6pp]

Organization founded in October 1961 by JBS members including Frank Boaz McGehee of Dallas TX.  NIC pamphlet reported how the Convention came into existence:


“Early in October 1961, Major Harry Knickerbocker of the Texas Air National Guard went to Perrin AFB near Dallas to secure equipment for the Guard.  While on the base, Major Knickerbocker learned that eight Yugoslavian pilots and technicians were being trained in the use of the F-86D all-weather interceptors, and that several of these planes were being sold to Yugoslavia for $10,000 apiece.  Upon his return to Dallas, the Major wrote a letter to Sen. John Tower in which he labelled the policy of training Communists in this country as ‘treasonous’. John Tower released Major Knickerbocker’s letter to the Dallas Morning News.”


“On the morning of October 13, 1961 Frank McGehee, a Dallas businessman and ex-Korean fighter pilot, read Major Knickerbocker’s letter in his newspaper.  Frank McGehee was indignant.  He rented the Dallas Memorial Auditorium to hold a protest meeting…The first night only a comparatively few people attended, but they passed the hat and raised money to rent the hall the following night…From October 13 through October 21, an Indignation Rally was held every night in the auditorium.  Such men as Dan Smoot, Tom Anderson, and Victor J. Fox addressed crowds ranging each night from 2100 to 5000 people.”


“A continuity committee was set up to keep the ball rolling.  They began phoning and writing to patriotic Americans to have them start indignation rallies in their own cities…The ralliers protested aid to Communist countries, and specifically the training of Communist military personnel in this country.” …


“For the next month, the NIC workers in the National HQ worked round the clock notifying patriots in other cities…By November 22, when 135 delegates, representing 42 states converged on Dallas for the second National Indignation Convention, over 100 rallies had been held in the name of NIC in such places as Newport Beach CA, Los Angeles CA, Midland TX, Odessa TX, El Paso TX, OKC OK, Nashville TN, Miami Beach FL, NYC NY, Milwaukee WI, Sidney MT, Chicago IL, and Santa Barbara CA.”


HQ-1, Dallas 1-2, San Antonio-1


National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan [HQ 157-168 = 5992pp]

[Headed by James R. Venable of Georgia.]

HQ 1-32

[file covers period of 12/11/59 thru 10/1/82]



National Renaissance Party aka Animist Party

[HQ 62-83296 = 2623pp; NYC 105-6112 = 4672pp for total of 7295pp]

[Also see: James H. Madole]

NRP was the first post-WWII neo-fascist organization in the U.S. and it attracted support from many prominent extreme right activists in our country. FBI summary memo observed:


“NRP originated in 1948 by James H. Madole as a pro-German, anti-Semitic organization.  Madole claims to have joined together members of the German-American Bund, Citizens Protective League, and Christian Front in NYC and has attempted to organize neo-Nazi groups throughout the U.S.  Party appears to have no officers except Madole who is Party organizer and speaker.  Madole alleged to be directed by Frederick Weiss, Kurt Mertig, George S. Viereck and his mother, Grace Madole.  Members and former members alleged to be pro-German, anti-Semitic radicals who have been prominent in other German organizations in NYC…Aims and objectives of Party, as set out in the National Renaissance Bulletin, official publication of the Party, are to establish a white Christian American and promote the ideas of American first and racial nationalism which entails suppression of Communism and Zionism.” [New York City 105-6112, 8/26/53 report by FBI Special Agent-NYC]


In June 1959, the New York City Police Dept Bureau of Special Services obtained a list of NRP subscribers (S), financial contributors ($C), and members (M).  Subscribers (S) paid $2.  Members (M) paid $1 dues (monthly).


Among the persons listed are those shown below – many of whom were also subsequently involved with organizations such as National States Rights Party and the American Nazi Party and various white supremacist organizations.  [NYC 105-6112, #778; 6/10/59].   


Paul George Anderson (IL) = S, M, $4C

Joseph Beauharnais (IL) = C $1

F. Allen Mann (IL) = S

Max Nelsen (IL) = S

William Wernecke (IL) = S, M, $5C 

Eva Dubbs (OH) = $2C

Peter Xavier (OH) = S, M, $5C

John H. Monk (TX) = S

H.W. Totten (TX) = $26C

Ida Cooper (CA) S, $1C

Ed Fields (KY) = S, $1C

Millard Grubbs (KY) = M

J.W. Mitchell (KY) = S, M, $21C

M.B. Sherrill (FL) = S, M, $4505

Matt Koehl (WI) = S, M, $6C

Herbert R. Birum (NJ) = S, $50C

West Hooker (CT) = $21C

Robert Kuttner (CT) = $1C

Russell Maguire (CT) = S, $21C

Archibald Coody (MS) S, M, $34C

Frederick Polzin (PA) S, M, $20C

Byram Campbell (UT) S, $1C

Willis Carto (CA) S (as E.L. Anderson)

Norris Holt (CA) S, $15C

Hugh G. Grant (GA) S

James Clise (WA) S

Ethel T. Crookes (NY) S, M, $26C

Charles J. Dommer (NY) S, $4C

Ernest Elmhurst (NY) = S, $4C

Conrad Grieb (NY) $16C

Charles Smith (NY) $5C

Fred Weiss (NY) $1000C


HQ 1-1

HQ 5-17 and EBF 96 = 2623pp

NYC 1-25 = 4672pp


HQ-1-1 is a 50 page serial which was referred to another agency


National Rifle Association



National States Rights Party [Chicago 105-4630 = 759pp; NYC 105-28550 = 1486pp]

[Also see: J.B. Stoner, Matt Koehl, Max Nelsen]

Chicago 1-19; NYC 4-11


Nationalist Conservative Party (Chicago IL) [Also see: William B. Wernecke]

Chicago-1, NYC-1


Nationalist Party [NYC 105-10615; 417pp]

[White supremacist organization originally named US Nationalist Party.  Organized 10/54 by Dewest Hooker.]

NYC 1-2


Nease, Gordon A.

FBI Inspector, Training and Inspection Division

HQ 1-4


Nelsen, Max aka Maynard Orlando Nelsen

[Chicago 105-5587 = 956pp; HQ 100-351528 = 269pp for total of 1225pp]

[Also see: Realpolitical Institute; Democratic Nationalist Party and Eustace Mullins.]

Chicago 1-4, HQ 1-2


Nicholson, Donald L.

FBI Special Agent, then Chief of Security, U.S. State Department



Northern Alabama Citizens Council



Office of Naval Intelligence (later known as Naval Investigative Service)

HQ 76-79


Order, The (Robert J. Mathews)



Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan [HQ 173-2015 = 184pp; HQ 105-71801 = 1378pp]

HQ 1-4


Otepka, Otto F. [HQ 65-68266 and HQ 161-6231 = 951pp]

Mr. Otepka was the former Deputy Director of the U.S. State Department Office of Security. He was fired 11/5/63 by then-Secretary of State Dean Rusk.

HQ 1-11




Overstreet, Harry Allen [HQ 100-114575 = 940pp]

[Very useful file for revealing how the FBI sought to use liberal intellectuals to shape public perceptions about the FBI and about the communist movement and other matters. 


The Bureau provided considerable public source material and editorial assistance to Overstreet for several of his books.  FBI Assistant Director Louis B. Nichols defended Overstreet against recurring extreme right accusations about his supposed Communist sympathies.  FBI Chief Inspector (and later Assistant Director) William C. Sullivan helped write Overstreet’s 1958 book, What We Must Know About Communism – which was praised and recommended by J. Edgar Hoover – while the Birch Society described it as “pro-Communist doubletalk”.  Also see: Foreign Policy Association for copy of Louis B. Nichols affidavit attesting to loyalty and patriotism of Overstreet.  My online report re: Overstreet may be seen here:

https://sites.google.com/site/ernie124102/jbs-2 ]


HQ 1-5, HQ-1A


Paramilitary Organizations in California [1965 report, 89pp]

[1965 report by California Attorney General Thomas C. Lynch about right-wing paramilitary groups operating in California.  Discusses American Nazi Party (George Lincoln Rockwell, Ralph P. Forbes), Minutemen (Robert B. DePugh), National States Rights Party (J.B. Stoner, Edward R. Fields, Wesley A. Swift and others), California Rangers (William Potter Gale, Oren Potito, Wesley Swift, Connie Lynch).  Also includes a section re: Black Muslims.



Patriotic Party [HQ 100-449934 = 818pp]

 (also see: Robert B. DePugh)

HQ 1-5


Pegler, Westbrook [HQ 62-96434 = 772pp]

HQ 1-2


Penha, Armando [HQ 100-372696 = 673pp]

(former FBI informant inside CPUSA in Boston area)

HQ 1-5


Pennington, Lee R.

FBI Special Agent, Security Division, and FBI liaison with American Legion

HQ 1-5


Perez Sr., Leander Henry  [excerpts from various HQ files]

[Perez was the former District Attorney of Plaquemines and St. Bernard Parishes in Louisiana.  He was a life-long segregationist who was often a speaker at White Citizens Councils meetings in southern states.  The FBI placed him on their Rabble Rouser Index in 1967.]

HQ-1 = 252pp


Phillips, Howard J.

[For a brief period in the 1970’s, President Nixon appointed Phillips as the Acting Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. Phillips then left government and in 1974 he founded the conservative organization, Conservative Caucus. In 1990 he co-founded the U.S. Taxpayers Party which became the Constitution Party.  He ran for President of the U.S. three times.  The files received from the FBI pertain to his background investigation for the OEO appointment and a separate file pertaining to allegations that Phillips mishandled FBI investigative files pertaining to OEO employees.]

HQ 1-2, WFO-1


Pierce, William Luther [HQ 157-6353 =470pp; WFO 157-2396 = 76pp]


In 1974, Pierce founded National Alliance.  He was formerly associated with National Youth Alliance and the American Nazi Party/NSWPP as Information Officer

(also see: National Alliance)

HQ 1-3, WFO-1




Political Reporter, The [HQ 65-61520 = 285pp]


Memphis newsletter published by Harry William Pyle.  FBI characterization:


“The paper is anti-Semitic, anti-Negro, anti-communist; is opposed to the United Nations, immigration, income tax, and is highly critical of both present and past national administrations.  The paper is favorable to the KKK and similar organizations and Pyle was reportedly a member of the Klan at one time.  Pyle has also been connected with the National Citizens Protective Association, the White Circle League of America, the Pro-Southerners, the Knights of the Kuklos Klan, and the American Majorities Protective League.”

Also see: Pro-Southerners

HQ 1-2


Powers, Francis Gary [HQ 105-87346 = 395pp]

[Powers flew a CIA U-2 spy plane which was shot down 5/1/60 over the Soviet Union in May 1960.  From 1963-1970 he was a Lockheed Corp test pilot.]



An appeal is pending regarding redactions of documents released and also search for other documents in Los Angeles field office.]


Pro-Southerners [HQ 105-28645 = 260pp]

(White supremacist group formed by M.B. Sherrill and Harry W. Pyle)

HQ 1-2


Prussion, Karl Kalman [HQ 61-9152 = 2185pp; SFO 100-6328 =  207pp]

(former FBI informant inside CPUSA in San Francisco Bay Area)

HQ 1-6 and EBF’s, Los Angeles-1, San Diego-1, San Francisco 1-6


Purchia, Nicholas J.

FBI Special Agent, New York City Internal Security Squad

HQ 1-3


Pyne, Joe

(Radio and TV talk radio host in Los Angeles known for his confrontational style)



Randolph, A. Phillip (labor and civil rights leader)

HQ 1-2


Realpolitical Institute [Chicago 105-2437 = 362pp]

(Chicago IL, Max Nelsen and Eustace Mullins)


FBI characterization:


“This organization is anti-Communist, anti-Semitic, and favors the white race. Nelsen has been in contact with Frederick Weiss in the New York area, who has in the past promoted neo-Nazi activities. This organization is primarily a one man organization…Nelsen’s main activity in this organization has been the occasional circularizing of printed mimeographed hate sheets, primarily in the Chicago area.”



Rehnquist, William H. (U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice)

HQ 1-6


Rhee, Syngman (President, South Korea)



Rockwell, George Lincoln [HQ 97-3835 = 402pp; HQ 105-70374 = 90pp]

(see also: American Nazi Party and Fighting American Nationalists and Matt Koehl)

HQ 1-3


Rosen, Alex [HQ 67-27215 = 2380pp]

Assistant Director, FBI Investigations Division

HQ 1-8




Rosenberg, Anna M. (HQ 126-486 and NYC 62-10641)

In December 1950, President Truman nominated Ms. Rosenberg as Assistant Secretary of Defense.  A former Communist Party member (Ralph DeSola) signed an affidavit claiming that he knew Rosenberg when she was a member of the Communist Party’s John Reed Club in New York City.  Right-wing extremists (including Jew-haters like Gerald L.K. Smith, Rev. Wesley Swift and Conde McGinley) mounted a major campaign against Rosenberg’s nomination. 


After exhaustive investigation, the FBI concluded that

“A special inquiry was initiated by the FBI concerning Anna M. Rosenberg in December 1950 after she was named Assistant Secretary of Defense.  This inquiry was based on allegations received by the Senate Armed Services Committee to the effect that Mrs. Rosenberg had been a member of the John Reed Club and the Communist Party in New York City in 1934.  Our investigation disproved the allegations and identified another individual having the same name as having been a member of the above organizations at that time.” [HQ 77-27729, #18, 12/27/63 HQ summary memo on Rosenberg

HQ 1-13, NYC 1-3


Rousselot, John Harbin

(HQ 94-54427 = 91pp; HQ 161-17323 = 57pp; Los Angeles 161-4523 = 25pp)

[Former Congressman from California who became National Public Relations Director for the John Birch Society and then was appointed to position in Reagan White House. HQ-1 file is general file which includes many serials that discuss Rousselot’s connections to the John Birch Society. One serial (#30) discusses how the Bureau should respond to an inquiry from Rousselot about Harry Dean’s accusations that there was a “Birch Society plot” involving Rousselot to murder President John F. Kennedy.  The other files are about the FBI background investigation of Rousselot during 1983 as a consequence of the Reagan White House plan to appoint Rousselot as a White House aide. ]

HQ 1-3, Los Angeles-1, WFO-1


Rudden, Joseph (also see: National Renaissance Party)



Russell, Richard Brevard (U.S. Senator, GA) [HQ 94-4-3724, 152pp]



Rustin, Bayard




San Diego Research Library  [San Francisco 66-3182 file excerpts pertaining to the Library = 66pp]

[Major General Ralph Van Deman was the first Chief of Army Intelligence from 1917-1918.  In 1929 he retired.  Upon his death in 1952, Van Deman’s widow donated a portion of Van Deman’s countersubversive data collection to the U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee and the remainder of his files were given to San Diego Research Library – which was founded in May 1952.  Its President was Maj. George W. Fisher (San Diego) and the Executive VP and Library Director was Colonel Frank G. Forward who previously was Commander of Counterintelligence for the California National Guard Reserve.  In 2/62 Van Deman’s files were confiscated by the State of California on the basis that they were California state property housed at a California State facility.  Maj. Fisher filed a lawsuit to reclaim possession of the files.]


Also see:


San Francisco 1-2


Scatterday, George H.

FBI Special Agent, Los Angeles, then Supervisor, Domestic Intelligence Division in Washington DC

HQ 1-5


Schlafly, Phyllis

[12/5/59 letter by Schlafly to Verne Kaub (American Council of Christian Laymen, Madison WI) in which she acknowledges that she and her husband (Fred) joined the John Birch Society in 1959.  For some reason, Schlafly has always publicly denied that she was ever a JBS member.)



Schmit, Joseph L.

FBI Supervisor, Internal Security Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-5


Schwarz, Frederick Charles [HQ 100-402036 = 706pp]

 (also see: Christian Anti-Communism Crusade)

HQ 1-5


Seaboard White Citizens Council [Boston 105-3287 = 308pp; NYC 105-19792 = 667pp]

[Also known as White Citizens Council of District of Columbia. Organized June 4, 1956 by John Kasper. The President was Floyd H. Fleming who later helped finance the creation of the American Nazi Party.  According to Kasper, the objective of the Seaboard WCC was to prevent integration in Washington DC and also to have the Attorney General add the NAACP to the AG List of Subversive Organizations. Also see: John Kasper]

Boston-1, NYC 1-4


Security Legislation (HQ 66-18949)

[File pertains to proposed Security Legislation at State and Federal levels including proposed legislation from Department of Justice, House Committee on the Judiciary, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee and various state legislatures.]

HQ 8-10, 16-18


Selma Alabama March

HQ 1-3


Shelton, Robert Marvin (Imperial Wizard, United Klans of America)

HQ 3, 6


Sizoo, Joseph A.

FBI Supervisor, Internal Security Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-6


Skousen, Leroy B.

FBI Special Agent, San Diego CA

HQ 1-2


Skousen, Willard C. aka W. Cleon Skousen

FBI Special Agent, Los Angeles field and Supervisor at FBI HQ, WDC

[After retiring from FBI, Skousen falsely claimed to have been an “Administrative Assistant” to J. Edgar Hoover and to have developed expertise about the communist movement while working for the FBI.]

Also see: https://sites.google.com/site/ernie124102/skousen

HQ 1-5


Smith, Gerald L.K.  [HQ 62-43818 = 3316pp]

(Founder and leader of Christian Nationalist Crusade)

**HQ 1-18


Smith, Richard W.

Chief, FBI Research Section, Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-3



Smoot, Dan (aka Howard Drummond Smoot) [HQ 67-263689 = 927pp]

FBI Special Agent, Dallas field, then worked for H.L. Hunt and later started his own newsletter, Dan Smoot Report. (Also see Dan Smoot Report).

Also see: https://sites.google.com/site/ernie/124102/smoot

HQ 1-3


Socialist Party (also see: Norman M. Thomas)

NYC 3-4


Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI [HQ 67-29, 3193pp]

HQ 1-12


Sokolsky, George Ephraim [HQ 62-89885 = 815pp]

[Sokolsky was a conservative columnist for the New York Sun, New York Herald Tribune, Washington Times-Herald, and Hearst newspapers His syndicated column “These Days” appeared in more than 300 newspapers. He was a personal friend of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy and Roy Cohn.]

HQ 1-4


Sourwine, Julian Goode

[Chief Counsel, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee]


“J.G. Sourwine, Chief Counsel for the Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee has been known to and cooperative with the Bureau for many years.  He is on the Special Correspondents List.  He was the subject of an extensive Special Inquiry in 1953.  We have received information from many sources that he gambles, drinks, and borrows money from numerous individuals.” [HQ 58-5930, #1; 5/6/65 J. Edgar Hoover to SAC WFO; file is captioned Bribery-Conflict of Interest].  Many serials state that Sourwine was insolvent and FBI Agents who examined his financial records recommended that he pursue bankruptcy but he refused because he did not want to lose his job with Senator Eastland’s Committee.  Eastland stated he would not fire Sourwine.]





Southern California Freedom Councils [HQ 105-139503; 51pp]

[Founded by Dennis Patrick Mower circa 1964.  Mower stated that all SCFC “intelligence information” re: known or suspected CPUSA members was shared with Minutemen and with the John Birch Society.]  Also see: Dennis P. Mower



San Diego 100-13473 is at NARA


Spolansky, Jacob [HQ 67-1989 = 163pp; HQ 100-179502 = 346pp]

[FBI Special Agent, then author of 1951 book, Communist Trail in America.  Serial #26 in section 1 of HQ 67-1989 is a very detailed March 21, 1957 review memo (15 pages) by FBI Chief Inspector William C. Sullivan of Theodore Draper’s 1957 book entitled “The Roots of American Communism”.  A portion of that review discusses Spolansky.]

HQ 1-3


Stanley, Charles Herbert (HQ 67-63719)

FBI Section Chief, Loyalty Section, Security Division

HQ 1-5


Stepankowsky, Vladimir  [HQ 65-58951; 85pp]

[85 pages of serials were processed subsequent to receipt of original main file because these serials were referred by FBI to US Army and to US Immigration and Customs Service for review before release  Serials: #3, 4, 6-8, 11, 23-24, 28, 31-33, 37-39, 49, 51]



Stokes, Carl (Mayor of Detroit)



Stoner, J.B. [Atlanta 44A-6681, 13pp]

[In 1940’s, Stoner organized Christian Anti-Jewish Party which advocated that being a Jew should be a crime punishable by death.  He also re-chartered a dormant Ku Klux Klan chapter in Chattanooga TN.  He became General Chairman of the racist anti-semitic National States Rights Party.]


“Stoner was a prime suspect in the Bureau investigation entitled ‘Bombing of the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation also known as, The Temple, 1589 Peachtree Road NW, Atlanta, Georgia on October 12, 1958, Bombing Matters’ and he is being carried on the list of potential bombing suspects of the Atlanta Office.  His activities have been and are continuing to be followed closely as a matter of intelligence in connection with the investigations concerning the National States Rights Party, the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of which he is the Imperial Wizard.” [5/23/61 memo from G.H. Scatterday to A. Rosen.]



Stormer, John = 1964 book, None Dare Call It Treason [HQ 62-109421 = 1464pp]

HQ 1-6


Stukenbroeker, Fern C.

FBI Special Agent, Domestic Intelligence Division.  He was a researcher/writer for 1958 book, Masters of Deceit, published under J. Edgar Hoover’s name.

HQ 1-6


Subversive, Extremist, and Black Nationalist Organizations – FBI report



Sullivan, William Cornelius [HQ 67E-205182 = 2449pp]

FBI Chief Inspector, then Assistant Director, Domestic Intelligence Division

[Sullivan was a major force within the FBI for refuting accusations made by the extreme right in the U.S. regarding extensive communist infiltration of our society.  As Chief Inspector, Sullivan wrote many of the FBI monographs used internally for training purposes and he frequently gave classified lectures on the communist movement to groups which required security clearances to attend.]

HQ 1-11


Surine, Donald Arthur [HQ 67-129497 = 1001pp]

FBI Special Agent 1941-1950, then aide to Sen. Joseph McCarthy

HQ 1-3


Surreptitious Entries aka Black Bag Jobs [HQ 62-117166, 3468pp]

[Although file is heavily redacted with many deleted pages, it nevertheless has many useful clues to the extent of FBI illegal entries and black bag jobs.]

HQ 1-30




Swift, Wesley Albert (Rev.)

 [San Francisco 105-3033 = 112pp; HQ 100-355454 = 206pp]

[Wesley Swift was a virulent anti-semite and white supremacist who was a close associate of Gerald L.K. Smith. Swift often spoke at Smith’s Christian Nationalist Crusade events. 


Swift created or was active with numerous organizations including Klan groups such as The Great Pyramid Club and Christian Knights of the Invisible Empire.  He functioned as a California Klan organizer during World War II years until 1948 and he was a key figure, along with William Potter Gale, in developing what later came to be known as the Christian Identity movement and helped create the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian. He reportedly was a member of the American Nazi Party.]

San Francisco-1



Swift’s Los Angeles file (100-66838) is at NARA


Tax-Exempt Foundations

[HQ 100-385355 = “Use of Benevolent Trust Funds, Philanthropies, and Eleemosynary Institute To Implement Programs of Subversive Groups”

[The FBI received IRS permission to have FBI Agents review the tax exemption forms (990A) filed by tax-exempt foundations in order to ascertain if any persons with “subversive backgrounds” had received grants or were otherwise involved with each foundation.  This file discusses John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, The Twentieth Century Fund, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, and The Ford Foundation.]

HQ 1-3


Thomas, Norman Matoon (also see: Socialist Party)

HQ 1-2, 14


Thompson Jr., H. Keith [HQ 100-370871, NYC 105-6128, WFO 105-3425]


2/1/57 issue of American Legion Firing Line, pages 10-11 has article captioned “Neo-Fascist Activities” which summarizes data on Thompson:

“In 1952, Thompson registered with the U.S. Department of Justice as a foreign agent for the Sozialistische Reichspartei (Socialist Reich Party), a ‘post-war new-style Nazi organization’ in West Germany, now banned by the German Government. (See Washington Post, 9/22/52, p6)…According to the registration statement, Thompson was listed as publicity agent, public relations counsel, fund raiser, and ‘sole agent and representative’ of the Socialist Reich Party, which formally disbanded on September 12. 1952.  He has claimed that he is working for the release of 1,045 former German military personnel who have been sentenced as war criminals and has made a statement to the effect that if Herman Goering were still alive and in prison, Thompson would also work for his release.  In recent years, he has been listed as a director of the American Committee For the Advancement of Western Culture and a member of the one-man Committee for the Freedom of Major General Remer, a former Hitler supporter. In 1953, Thompson was named as having been affiliated with the National Renaissance Party, a small neo-fascist organization located in New York City.”

HQ 1-3 (357pp)

NYC 1-2 (263pp)

WFO-1 (91pp)


Thompson, Howard O. [FBI informant]

HQ 1-10


Threadgill, Burney

FBI Special Agent, San Francisco; Case agent for FBI informant Richard M. Aoki

HQ 1-2


Thumbnail Sketches of Subversive Organizations [NYC 100-90311 = 1386pp]

[Thumbnail sketches were initiated and authorized by SAC Letter 53-72 (J) dated October 27, 1953 to insure that FBI field offices were using current and uniform characterizations of subversive organizations in FBI memos and reports.  HQ sent annual summaries of those characterizations to field offices if they had field-wide significance.  As of June 1, 1972, 431 thumbnail sketches of organizations were submitted to HQ.  Of that number 74 were considered to be of field-wide interest.]

NYC 9-11


Tracy, Stanley J. [HQ 67-31222 = 1406pp]

FBI Assistant Director, Identification Division

HQ 1-5


Trudeau, Arthur G. [HQ 100-420468 = 301pp; HQ 62-105211 = 59pp]

[Trudeau told FBI about alleged “Fabian socialist conspiracy” within the U.S. government.]

HQ 1-2


Trudeau, Elliott (former Prime Minister of Canada)



Tully, Edwin R.

FBI Special Agent in Charge, Baltimore

HQ 1-5


U.S. State Department Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs [HQ 62-39749]

[The A4 and A5 sections consist of newspaper articles, editorials, and opinion columns regarding Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s 1950 charges about “security risks” working in the State Department.  Note: the articles are copied in reverse date order.]

HQ-35, A4, A5 (269pp)


University of Cincinnati

HQ 1-2


Van Deman, Ralph Henry [HQ 65-1242 = 80pp; HQ 94-37516 = 126pp]

[First Director of Military Intelligence Division of the US Army from May 1917-June 1918 and he often is described as a father of American military intelligence. After Van Deman retired from the US Army (September 1929), he established a private countersubversive data collection on suspected subversives and foreign agents. Upon his death in 1952, a portion of that collection was given to US Senate Internal Security Subcommittee and the remainder was given to three former associates who founded the San Diego Research Library. The Library President was Major George W. Fisher and the Library Director was Col. Frank Forward who was previously Commander of Counterintelligence for the California National Guard Reserve. In February 1962, Van Deman’s files were confiscated by the State of California.  The State claimed that they were State property.  His files consisted of 150,000 index cards, newspaper and periodical clippings along with HUAC reports and other materials. Maj. Fisher filed a lawsuit to reclaim Van Deman’s files.]

Also see:  San Diego Research Library

HQ 1-2





Wackenhut Corporation [HQ 62-107335 = 434pp; Tampa 62-256 = 519pp]

[see also file on George R. Wackenhut]

HQ 1-2 (596pp)

Tampa 1-2 (419pp)


Wackenhut, George Russell [HQ 67-400115 = 324pp]

FBI Special Agent, then CEO of Wackenhut Corporation




Walker, Edwin Anderson

[HQ 116-165494 = 285pp; Los Angeles 62-5164 = 53pp; Philadelphia 157-1549 = 8pp for total of 346pp]

[In September 1957. Walker commanded US Army troops that enforced the U.S. Supreme Court decision (Brown vs Board of Education) which required integration of Central High School in Little Rock AR.  Walker considered that use of troops to be illegal.


In May 1959, Walker joined the John Birch Society. By August 1959 Walker requested acceptance of his resignation from US Army based upon his belief that a “fifth column conspiracy in the United States” made him have no further desire for military service but his request was denied.  Instead, Walker was sent to Augsburg, West Germany, to take command of the 24th Infantry Division but he was subsequently relieved of command pending investigation of charges that he sought to improperly influence the political beliefs of his troops and their dependents in the 1960 Congressional election through use of Birch Society and other biased materials thus violating DOD regulations.


Walker submitted a new resignation request which was accepted effective November 4, 1961.  In September 1962, Walker was arrested for seditious conspiracy as a consequence of his activities on the campus of the University of Mississippi in Oxford MS when the first black student (James H. Meredith) attempted to enroll in the university.  In April 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to kill Walker.  Some right-wing conspiracy theorists claim that Walker was a leader of a group of individuals connected to the John Birch Society who planned and carried out the assassination of President Kennedy.]

HQ 1-2 and HQ “correlation summaries” on Walker.


Los Angeles-1



**Walker’s FBI-Dallas field file (157-218 = 581pp) is at NARA and is currently being processed for me.


Wannall, W. Raymond [HQ 67-95998 = 1263pp]

FBI Supervisor, Espionage Desk, Domestic Intelligence Division

HQ 1-6


Wayne, John



Welch, Robert H.W.  (also see: John Birch Society)



Welch, Robert H.W. – chapter 16 of “The Politician” – entitled “Associates and Appointments”

[This is original “private letter” manuscript version as of June 1958, (printed August 1958) in which Welch described President Eisenhower’s associates and appointments.  Not available in any library.


In several instances, Welch declared that Ike’s appointments as Communists but in the subsequent published versions (1963 and 2002), Welch changed the wording to “Communist sympathizer”.  In the unpublished version, Ike’s brother, Milton, is described as Ike’s “superior and boss within the Communist Party” whereas in the published version, Milton is described as Ike’s “superior and boss within the whole Leftwing Establishment.”]

Original manuscript version sent to FBI by G-2 Army Intelligence in Boston and it is enclosure to serial #8 of FBI HQ main file on the Birch Society i.e. HQ 62-104401, #8, enclosure.


Welch, Robert H.W. – chapter 17 of “The Politician” – entitled “The Word Is Treason”

[This is original “private letter” manuscript version as of June 1958, (printed August 1958) in which Welch described President Eisenhower as a Communist traitor.  Not available in any library.  


Subsequent published versions (1963 and 2002) excised Welch’s most caustic comments about Eisenhower which appear on pages 266-267 on the unpublished 1950’s edition.]

HQ 62-104401, #8, enclosure



Welch, Robert H.W. – The Politician (290pp)


[This is the 1950’s unpublished “private letter” version of Welch’s manuscript about President Eisenhower and his administration.  Welch originally wrote this letter in 1954 and he periodically updated it.  This is the last unpublished edition.  It was revised in June 1958 then reproduced in spiral book form and loaned by Welch to trusted individuals starting in August 1958.  This version is not available in any library.


The subsequent published editions in 1963 and 2002 removed the most libelous comments made by Welch in which he described Eisenhower as a Communist traitor.]



Wernecke, William Bernard [Chicago 65-582 (702pp); HQ 61-8118 (971pp)]

 (also see: Nationalist Conservative Party)

Chicago 1-2 (702pp)

HQ 1-7 (971pp)


West Point Military Academy

HQ 1-2


West, Donald Lee [HQ 100-20396 = 1199pp; Pittsburgh 105-15680 = 1195pp]

[CPUSA member and co-founder, Highlander Folk School]

HQ 1-10 and EBF (1199pp)

Pittsburgh 1-3 (1195pp)


Western Minutemen [Seattle 100-39 = 251pp]

[Anti-semitic organization founded and led by William Henry Harold]



Weyrich, Paul M. / Free Congress Research and Education Foundation

[HQ 94-69979; 49pp]



White Circle League of America  (Joseph Beauharnais – Chicago IL)

Chicago 1-2




White Hate Groups [FBI file 157-9]


[FBI counterintelligence program begun in September 1964 to “expose, disrupt, and otherwise neutralize the activities of the various Klans and hate organizations, their leadership and adherents.”]


The initial 26 hate groups targeted for possible COINTELPRO activities were:


Alabama States Rights Party

American Nazi Party

Association of Arkansas Klans of the Knights of the KKK

Association of Georgia Klans

Association of South Carolina Klans, Knights of the KKK

Christian Knights of the KKK – Hinton WV

Council For Statehood (aka Freemen)

Dixie Klans, Knights of the KKK, Inc.

Fighting American Nationalists

Improved Order of the U.S. Klans, Knights of the KKK

Independent Klavern, Fountain Inn

Independent Klan Unit, St. Augustine FL

Knights of the KKK

Mississippi Knights of the KKK

National Knights of the KKK, Inc.

National Renaissance Party

National States Rights Party

Original Knights of the KKK

Pioneer Club, Orlando FL

United Florida KKK

United Freemen

United Klans of America, Inc., Knights of the KKK

U.S. Klans, Knights of the KKK, Inc.

Viking Youth of America

White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi

White Youth Corps

HQ 1-2, sub 2-5, sub 8-10


Whitehead, Don bookThe FBI Story



Wick, Robert E.

FBI Assistant Director, Crime Records Division

HQ 1-5


Wilkins, Roy (NAACP General Secretary)

HQ 1-11


Winterrowd, Earl H.

FBI Supervisor, Security Division and SAC Pittsburgh

HQ 1-5


Wolfe, Bertram D.

[Founder of Worker’s Party which became CPUSA.  Wolfe was ultimate expelled from CPUSA.]

HQ 1-2 and EBF


Yeagley, J. Walter

FBI Special Agent, then Assistant Attorney General, Internal Security Division of the U.S. Justice Department

HQ 1-2


Zinn, Howard  (Marxist historian)

HQ 1-3









As a tool for researchers, I am summarizing below selected FBI files which I have requested that are now at NARA.  This list is limited to subjects whose file numbers the FBI has identified in letters to me.


[A complete list of my FOIA requests may be seen here:  https://sites.google.com/site/ernie124102/foia ]



(NARA = 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park MD 20740-6001)


NARA currently charges 80 cents per page for reproduction (for both paper documents and files copied onto CD or DVD).


Requests may be submitted to NARA via email to: specialaccess_foia@nara.gov



File Number

All American Conference to Combat Communism

HQ 94-42284

Alleged Klan Participation in Insurrection Plot (Edwin A. Walker)

Dallas 157-425

HQ 157-2138

Alpha 66/Second National Front Of Escambray (anti-Castro)

Los Angeles 105-13351

American Civil Liberties Union

Los Angeles 100-3267

New York City 100-10159

American Independent Party

HQ 157-50-970

American Nationalist (Frank L. Britton)

Los Angeles 100-44603

San Diego 100-9218

American Nazi Party

Chicago 157-3

Dallas 157-50

Richmond 157-93

American Royal Rangers

HQ 157-2905

American Vigilant Intelligence Foundation (Harry A. Jung)

HQ 54-525

American Volunteers Group (Medrick G. Johnson/John Zemanek)

HQ 157-12905

Americans For the Preservation of the White Race

HQ 157-1608

Jackson 157-647

Jackson 157-648

Jackson 157-730

Jackson 157-1328

Jackson 157-9414

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith

Chicago 100-1816

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Dallas 89-43

HQ 62-109060

Los Angeles 89-75

New Orleans 89-69

Association of Arkansas Klans

Little Rock 157-15

Association of Christian Conservatives

HQ 157-1608

HQ 157-1552

Association of Citizens Councils of America

Jackson 157-527

Bales, James D.

HQ 94-48656

Baruch, Bernard M.

HQ 100-74021

HQ 100-7061

HQ 100-61835

NYC 100-47343

NYC 100-31551

Benson, Ezra Taft

HQ 94-38023

Birnie, Helen Wood (CP organizer)

HQ 100-389019

Boggs, Hale (US Congressman)

HQ 94-37804

Bowers, Samuel Holloway (Imperial Wizard, White Knights KKK of MS)

Jackson 157-18

Jackson 157-1654

Brasol, Boris

HQ 61-5160

Brooks, Jerry Milton (Minutemen)

Seattle 100-29077

Butterworth, Herbert Wallace

Atlanta 157-387

HQ 157-287

C.E.D. Associates Inc. (Kenneth J. Duggan)

New York City 100-166689

Center For Constitutional Rights

HQ 100-448821

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade (Fred C. Schwarz)

HQ 94-50868

HQ 157-31983

Christian Educational Association (Conde J. McGinley—NJ)

HQ 105-9621

Christian Nationalist Crusade (Gerald L.K. Smith)

St. Louis 100-6013

Church League of America (Edgar C. Bundy-Wheaton IL)

Chicago 100-15742

Citizens Council of Georgia (Ezra G. “Jack” Johnston)

Atlanta 105-968

Clements, John A. (Hearst newspapers PR Director)

HQ 100-100123

COINTELPRO: White Hate Groups

Atlanta 157-826

Chicago 157-382

HQ 157-9-2 (Atlanta)

Miami 157-1114

Columbians, The (Emory Carney Burke—GA)

HQ 105-9667

Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE)

HQ 100-410898

Committee Of One Million Caucasians to March on Congress

Atlanta 157-664

Atlanta 157-1586

HQ 157-1586

WFO 157-145

Congress of Freedom (Omaha NE)

Omaha 100-7081

Constructive Action, Inc. (Maurice W. Brainard—La Jolla, CA)

Los Angeles 157-1435

Council of Federated Organizations (COFO)

HQ 157-1864

HQ 157-1917

CPUSA—Bridgman Michigan Convention (August 1922)

Detroit 100-23561

CPUSA—Cominfil Mass Organizations

Chicago 100-34438

HQ 100-3-106

CPUSA—Communist Influence Racial Matters

Atlanta 100-6520

Atlanta 100-6670

New Orleans 100-16924

CPUSA—District 8 (Illinois and Indiana)

Chicago 100-125


Chicago 100-18963

HQ 100-3-88


Chicago 100-36660

CPUSA—General Subversive Activities

HQ 100-3

CPUSA—Internal Security

Chicago 100-2398


Chicago 100-18952

HQ 100-3-68

Los Angeles 100-23933


Chicago 100-18953

CPUSA—Political Activities

New York City 100-79717

CPUSA—Prosecution Brief

HQ 100-3-74 (HQ)

HQ 100-3-74-34 (NYC)

NYC 100-81752, Sub S-23


HQ 100-3-82


Los Angeles 157-636

Craig, Calvin Fred (Grand Dragon, UKA, GA)

Atlanta 157-1657

HQ 100-478836

HQ 157-1532

HQ 157-19410

Criley, Florence (Fair Play For Cuba Committee—Chicago)

HQ 100-284892

Criley, Richard L. (Fair Play For Cuba Committee-Chicago)

Chicago 100-18080

Crommelin Jr., John Geraerdt

HQ 100-441764

Cronin, John Francis

HQ 94-35404

De la Beckwith, Byron

Jackson 157-44

Dean, Harry J.

HQ 62-109068

Los Angeles 105-12933

Del Valle, Pedro Augustus

HQ 157-1027

Democratic Nationalist Party (Max Nelsen—Minneapolis MN)

HQ 100-348050

Dennis, Delmar D. (FBI informant inside White Knights KKK—MS)

HQ 44-38039

Denver Citizens Council

Denver 157-117

DePugh, Robert Bolivar (Minutemen)

HQ 100-449975

Kansas City 157-1508

Desegregation of University of Mississippi (1962)

Dallas 157-203

HQ 157-401

Dilling, Elizabeth

Chicago 157-22

Duggan, Kenneth J.

New York City 100-166645

Ex-Communists As Witnesses aka Department Committee on Security Witnesses

Los Angeles 100-53645

New York City 100-26864

Fair Play For Cuba Committee

Chicago 100-37454

Fairfax Citizens Council

HQ 105-44495

FBI Book Reviews

New York City 100-87235

FBI Central Research Desk

HQ 100-352546

FBI Communist Index

Albany 100-17707

Anchorage 100-2048

Atlanta 100-4073

Atlanta 100-4857

Birmingham 100-4528

Buffalo 100-16500

Charlotte 100-5954

Chicago 100-00

Cincinnati 100-11839

Dallas 100-9406

Houston 100-7811

Indianapolis 100-11436

Indianapolis 100-3522

Los Angeles 100-33744

Los Angeles 100-38179

Los Angeles 100-54787

Little Rock 100-3322

Louisville 100-4346

Mobile 100-1470

Minneapolis 100-11657

Norfolk 100-4397

New Haven 100-12720

Newark 100-42321

Newark 100-44000

Oklahoma City 100-6679

Omaha 100-6230

Omaha 100-3121

Omaha 100-4418

Philadelphia 100-49108

Richmond 100-7910

Salt Lake City 100A-9112

San Antonio 100-926

San Diego 100-8028

Seattle 100-23703

WFO 100-19931

WFO 100-21495

WFO 100-19300

FBI Manual of Instructions

No file number

FBI monograph: Background and Development of Chinese Communist Intelligence

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Basic Ideas of Communist Philosophy

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Communism Versus Jewish People

HQ 100-425477

FBI monograph: Communist Party and American Labor

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Communist Party and the Negro (02/53)

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Communist Party and the Negro (10/56)

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Communist Propaganda in the U.S., Parts 1-9 (11/56-1958)

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Communist Strategy and Tactics

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: CPUSA—Funds and Finances 1919-1953 (05/54)

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: CPUSA—The Underground Apparatus 1953-1955 (09/55)

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Klan Organizations, Section III, 1958-1964

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Lenin’s Revolutionary Thoughts, Part I and II

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Minutemen: Extremist Guerilla Warfare Group

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Security Informants, Sections 1-9

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Significant Dates and Events in World Communist Movement

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI monograph: Socialist Workers Party 1955-1965

NARA #NN3-065-09-002

FBI Rabble Rouser Index

HQ 157-7782

Los Angeles 157-1738

FBI Security Index

Chicago 100-22151

Ferris, Schuyler Davenport (American Nazi Party/Minutemen)

Baltimore 157-1698

HQ 157-370

Fields, Edward Reed (National States Rights Party)

Birmingham 157-35

Foreign Policy Association

Atlanta 100-6083

Baltimore 100-12187

Frankhouser Jr., Roy Everett (Minutemen, American Nazi Party)

HQ 100-230161

HQ 100-25208

HQ 100-72924

HQ 157-4292

Free Men Speak, Inc. (Kent and Phoebe Courtney—New Orleans LA)

HQ 105-36811

Friends of Democracy (Leon Birkhead)

Boston 100-1834

Goldmark, Jonathan Edward

HQ 100-386074

Gourfain, Edward (Fair Play For Cuba Committee-Chicago)

HQ 100-363991

Great Books Foundation

HQ 100-354361

Greaves, Elmore D. (White Christian Protective Legal Defense Fund—MS)

HQ 157-3716

Gumaer, David Emerson

Chicago 100-43383

Hall, Loran Eugene

HQ 105-78016

Harnischfeger, Walter

HQ 65-26386

Harnett, Vincent W. (AWARE, Inc./John Henry Faulk)

HYC 100-125801

Hate Organizations

Chicago 157-2

HQ 157-1-9

Philadelphia 157-38

Hayek, Friedrich

HQ 100-341008

Highlander Folk School (Myles Horton, Monteagle TN)

Atlanta 100-5586

Louisville 100-197

NYC 100-9450

Savannah 100-5125

Hoffman, Clare Eugene (U.S. Congressman-MI)

HQ 100-4481

Hoffman, Paul G.

HQ 77-58960

Hoover, J. Edgar – Official and Confidential Files

No file number

House Committee on Un-American Activities

Atlanta 100-5762

Chicago 100-28823

Los Angeles 100-1763

Richmond 100-9655

WFO 100-22169

Human Events (conservative newspaper)

HQ 105-8697

Independent Klan of York PA

Philadelphia 157-5442

Independent Knights of the KKK aka United White Party

Charlotte 105-683

New Haven 100-7386

Indignant White Citizens Council

Dallas 62-3372

Industrial Areas Foundation (Saul Alinsky)

Chicago 100-522

Los Angeles 100-51858

Institute For Biopolitics (Eustace Mullins/Max Nelsen – Chicago)

Chicago 157-34

Investigation of Klan Organizations and Individuals

Jackson 157-4

J.U.R.E. (anti-Castro group)

HQ 105-114543



John Birch Society

Atlanta 100-5857

Baltimore 100-22382

Buffalo 100-17508

Chicago 100-36671

Cincinnati 100-13536

Detroit 100-27934

El Paso 100-5739

Kansas City 100-11488

Minneapolis 100-12314

Newark 100-45872

Oklahoma City 100-6826

Salt Lake City 100-9556

San Francisco 100-47042

Tampa 100-91

Journalists (Molders of Public Opinion)

HQ 100-401767

Klan Infiltration of Law Enforcement

HQ 157-198

Jackson 157-93

Ku Klux Klan

HQ 100-7801

Lawrence, David

HQ 94-4-3169

League of Women Voters

HQ 100-209948

HQ 100-412579

Lehman, Herbert H. (U.S. Senator/Governor New York)

HQ 100-18610

HQ 100-338861

NYC 100-22048

Levinson, Stanley David (CP member; advisor to MLK Jr.)

HQ 100-392452

Lewis Jr., Fulton (conservative journalist)

HQ 94-4-2189

Liberty Lobby (Willis A. Carto)

WFO 157-69

Lima, Mickey (CPUSA—San Francisco)

San Francisco 65-1242

Liuzzo, Viola

HQ 44-2860

Majority Citizens League (KKK front—Columbia SC)

HQ 157-740

March on Washington (August 28, 1963)

HQ 157-257

Martino, John

HQ 64-44828

HQ 105-82555

Matthews, J.B. (Joseph Brown Matthews)

Baltimore 100-7971

HQ 100-5821

HQ 100-259389

HQ 157-96

McAllister, Andrew Bruce

HQ 100-395529

McGinley, Conde Joseph (Christian Educational Association)

Salt Lake City 105-421

WFO 157-1

Mertig, Kurt (Citizens Protective League-NYC)

HQ 100-72924

HQ 105-11214

HQ 105-131119

Miller, Lucille S. (Green Mountain Rifleman)

Albany 100-13685

HQ 25-382156

Milteer, Joseph Adams

HQ 157-1223


Chicago 157-5219

Dallas 105-1280

Dallas 157-1592

Kansas City 157-1508

Miami 105-4921

San Diego 100-12461

Springfield 100-9712

Mississippi Council on Human Relations

Jackson 157-3451

Mower, Dennis Patrick (Minutemen)

HQ 157-8606

San Diego 100-12461

National Association For Advancement of White People

Baltimore 100-17756

HQ 105-18867

Philadelphia 100-40527

WFO 100-26356



National Citizens Protective Association (John W. Hamilton-St. Louis MO)

Boston 100-6619

HQ 100-356570

HQ 105-16510

San Antonio 100-9273

Seattle 100-5123

National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (Frank L. Wilkinson)

HQ 100-433447 (132,000pp)

National Committee to Abolish the House Committee on Un-American Activities

Los Angeles 105-59609

National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Inc.

Atlanta 157-60

Chicago 157-895

National Patrick Henry Organization, Inc.

Atlanta 105-81

Atlanta 105-10101

National Renaissance Party (James H. Madole—NYC)

Baltimore 100-22623

Baltimore 157-2446

National States Rights Party

Cincinnati 105-1139

Nationalist Action League (William H. MacFarland—Philadelphia PA)

HQ 65-55597

Nationalist Party (West Hooker)

HQ 105-33261

New Leader, The (socialist anti-Communist magazine)

NYC 100-4013

New York Herald-Tribune (newspaper)

HQ 94-8-69

Nichols, Louis Burrous (FBI Assistant Director, Crime Records Division)

HQ 67-39021

Norris, Hardgrove S. (FL)

HQ 94-53866

HQ 94-53956

Northeast Philadelphia Anti-Communist Forum

Philadelphia 157-993

O’Dell, Hunter Pitts aka Jack O’Dell

HQ 100-358916

Oswald, Lee Harvey

Dallas 100-10461

HQ 105-82555

Poll, Richard D. (UT)

Salt Lake City 100-9651

Possible Racial Disturbances

Birmingham 157-822

Potito, Oren Fenton

HQ 157-2764

Pound, Ezra Loomis

HQ 100-34099

Pro-American Information Bureau (Andrew B. McAllister)

HQ 157-124

Prussion Karl Kalman (FBI informant)

HQ 100-441657

Pyne, Joe (Los Angeles TV personality)

Los Angeles 100-63398

Racial Riots

Los Angeles 157-1000

Realpolitical Institute (Eustace Mullins/Max Nelsen)

St. Louis 100-14097

Record, Wilson

HQ 94-43612

Rosenberg, Anna Marie (1950 Undersecretary of Defense)

NYC 100-4727

Rousselot, John Harbin (U.S. Congressman—CA)

HQ 94-54427

San Diego Citizens Council

San Diego 157-196

Sheldon, James Humphrey (Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League--NYC)

NYC 100-40617

Shelton, Robert Marvin (United Klans of America Imperial Wizard)

Baltimore 157-1111

HQ 157-552

Simmons, William James (KKK)

HQ 157-718

Sisco, Donald E. (aka Kurt Saxon)

HQ 157-7447

Southern California Freedom Councils (Dennis Patrick Mower)

San Diego 100-13473

Stoner, Jesse Benjamin

Atlanta 100-4802

Atlanta 100-4976

Atlanta 100-5755

Atlanta 105-763

Atlanta 157-5170

HQ 157-1604

Surrey Robert Alan/Walker, Edwin Anderson

HQ 94-56242

Swabeck, Edgar (Socialist Workers Party)

Chicago 100-22764

HQ 100-381850

Los Angeles 100-60840)

Swift, Wesley Albert (rev) (Christian Defense League)

HQ 100-355454

Los Angeles 100-66838

San Francisco 100-50909

Truth About Civil Turmoil (JBS front group)

Chicago 100-42290

United Klans of America

Cincinnati 157-618

Jackson 157-3731

United Klans of America—Realm of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia 157-1646

United White Christians Majority

HQ 157-2136



United World Federalists

Boston 100-16162

Houston 100-5149

HQ 100-343001

San Francisco 100-28341

Vale, Rena Marie

HQ 65-37325

Venable, James R. (National Knights of the KKK—Stone Mountain, GA)

Atlanta 157-370

Walker, Edwin Anderson (Maj. Gen.)

Dallas 157-218

Walsh, Edmund Aloyius

HQ 94-52680

We, The Mothers Mobilize For America, Inc. (Lyrl Clark Van Hyning-Chicago)

HQ 100-94121

West, Mollie (CP member)

Chicago 100-2749

Western American Security Police

HQ 100-56242

White Citizens Council of Arkansas

HQ 100-40673

White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi (Samuel H. Bowers)

HQ 44-1552

HQ 44-32125

HQ 157-1552

Jackson 157-63

White Party of America

HQ 157-1494

World Marxist Review

New York City 100-137025







As a tool for researchers, I am summarizing FBI files which I have requested that the FBI has told me have been destroyed.  This list is limited to destroyed files about which I have specific FBI file numbers.




File Number

Activities of the Fascisti

NYC 61-508

Alinsky, Saul

Chicago 67-8064

NYC 100-160413

Alleged Klan Participation in Insurrection Plot (Edwin A. Walker)

New Orleans 157-3089

Allen, Gary (aka Frederick Garfield Allen)

Los Angeles 157-1000

American Association for the United Nations, Inc.

Los Angeles 100-29792

American Civil Liberties Union

Philadelphia 100-1386

American Committee for the Advancement of Western Culture

(H. Keith Thompson Jr.)

Atlanta 105-195

Chicago 105-1384

Memphis 105-81

Milwaukee 105-346

American Eagle Publishing Company (Dallas)

Dallas 157-342

American Humanist Association

Los Angeles 100-30352

American Jewish Committee

Los Angeles 100-25370

NYC 100-79301

American Nationalist (Frank L. Britton newsletter—Los Angeles)

Baltimore 157-9090

San Francisco 157-141

American Nazi Party

Little Rock 157-32

American Party

Salt Lake City 100-9495

American Patriots Inc. (Allen Alderson Zoll)

Detroit 100-7295

American Royal Rangers

HQ 157-3783

HQ 157-5088

New Orleans 157-3751

American States Rights Association

Birmingham 105-237

American White Nationalist Party

Cincinnati 157-4542

Americans For Democratic Action

Baltimore 100-11928

Animist Party (James H. Madole)

NYC 105-1064

Anti-Castro Activities

Chicago 105-6033

Anti-Communist Activities

Atlanta 100-6161

Los Angeles 100-51197

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith

New Orleans 105-3238

NYC 100-6755

Arab Participation and Influence in Distribution of Hate Literature in the U.S.

Baltimore 105-3238

Arizona Sons of Liberty (Robert J. Mathews)

HQ 157-27903

Association For Freedom of Choice, Inc.

Kansas City 157-409

Association For Protection of American Rights

Los Angeles 157-839

Association For Segregation and States Rights, Inc.

Kansas City 105-476

Association of Citizens Councils of Mississippi

New Orleans 105-492

Asher, Courtland aka Court [publisher, X-Ray, Muncie IN]

WFO 100-4669

Attacks on the FBI

Los Angeles 100-34295

Baruch, Bernard M.

HQ 100-146893

NYC 65-12749

Beale, Morris A.

WFO 62-39

Beauharnais, Joseph (White Circle League of America)

Chicago 100-11506

Chicago 105-7709

Benson, Reed A.

HQ 94-57533

Binegar, Harry M. (National Security League / NSRP)

Cincinnati 105-536

Bradley, Harry Lynde

Milwaukee 65-1023

Milwaukee 100-9388

Britton, Frank Lollar (American Nationalist newspaper)

San Francisco 157-141

Broenstrupp, Howard Victor

Los Angeles 100-16987

Bunche, Ralph J.

WFO 100-432

WFO 101-1384

Bundy, Edgar Charles (Church League of America)

Tampa 100-430

Burke, Emory Carney (The Columbians)

Atlanta 105-955

Byers, Louis Temple

Baltimore 157-4865

Pittsburgh 157-2271

Cain, Mary Dawson (Summit MS Sun newspaper)

HQ 100-67007

Caldwell, Taylor (aka Janet Reback)

Buffalo 62-1305

Capital Citizens Council

Little Rock 105-789

Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights (Richard L. Criley)

Chicago 100-37762

Childs, Morris

Chicago 100-3470

Christian Americans Segregation Association

Baltimore 100-18990

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade (Fred C. Schwarz)

Cleveland 100-25166

Christian Anti-Jewish Party (J.B. Stoner)

Boston 105-931

Chicago 100-26824

Charlotte 105-217

Christian Defense League (Rev. Wesley A. Swift)

Los Angeles 157-801

Christian Educational Association (Conde J. McGinley-Union NJ)

Atlanta 105-904

Chicago 100-35627

Detroit 100-1499

New Haven 100-15

Milwaukee 61-247

NYC 100-22533

WFO 100-8248

Christian Patriots Crusade (Forrest Allen Mann—Hinsdale IL)

Chicago 105-3802

Christian Patriots Defense League

Detroit 100-43096

Citizens Council Movement and States Rights Organizations

Atlanta 105-321

Charlotte 105-331

New Orleans 105-587

Citizens Council of Greenville SC

Charlotte 157-179

Columbia 157-491

Citizens Council of New Orleans

New Orleans 100-15816

Citizens USA

Chicago 100-6985

COINTELPRO: White Hate Groups

Charlotte 157-281

Cincinnati 157-643

Dallas 157-9

Mobile 157-582

New Orleans 157-2836

Tampa 157-1559

Colorado Springs Citizens Council

Denver 157-145

Columbians, The (Emory C. Burke—Atlanta GA)

Philadelphia 105-372

Committee For A Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE)

Chicago 100-34435

Common Sense (newspaper, Conde J. McGinley-Union NJ)

Chicago 105-2503

Los Angeles 100-33694

Communism and Religion

Little Rock 100-34742

Pittsburgh 100-14809

Congress of Conservatives Convention (1965)

Chicago 157-690

Congress on Racial Equality (CORE)

WFO 100-16630

Conservative Society of America (Kent and Phoebe Courtney)

New Orleans  62-2987

Constitution Party

Atlanta 157-33

Chicago 105-2031

Dallas 100-3606

Denver 100-7234

Indianapolis 105-3292

Memphis 105-95

Miami 105-739

Constitutional American Parties of the U.S. (Joseph A. Milteer)

Miami 157-905

Constitutional Americans

Chicago 100-11226

Cook, Fred J.

NYC 44-1190

Cooper, Ida Mae

HQ 100-24522

Council For Statehood (Mary M. Davison-West Palm Beach FL)

Denver 157-21

New Orleans 157-1008



Council of Federated Organizations (COFO)

HQ 157-2053

HQ 157-3121

Courtois, Helen W. (Keep America Committee—Los Angeles CA)

Los Angeles 100-14894

CPUSA—Communist Infiltration of Mass Organizations

Chicago 100-34438

CPUSA—Communist Infiltration of NAACP

Cincinnati 100-8230


Los Angeles 100-24352

CPUSA—Funds and Finances

Los Angeles 100-23488


Los Angeles 100-32439


Chicago 100-18952

CPUSA—Negro Question

Cleveland 100-17261

NYC 100-128815

Davison, Mary P. (Council For Statehood—West Palm Beach FL)

Miami 157-750

Dean, Harry J.

Chicago 100-38257

Deatherage, George Edward

Los Angeles 65-2520

San Francisco 65-2547

Defenders of the American Constitution, Inc. (Pedro A. Del Valle)

NYC 157-1027

Dennis, Delmar Daniel (FBI informant inside White Knights of KKK of MS)

Albuquerque 157-484

HQ 157-3672

Jackson 72-15

New Orleans 42-19205

DePugh, Robert Bolivar (Minutemen)

Kansas City 100-12406

Desegregation of University of Mississippi

Memphis 157-147

Miami 157-700

New Orleans 157-221

Dilling, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

Chicago 100-7444

Chicago 100-11506

Dowdy, John Vernard (U.S. Cong)

HQ 94-50968

WFO 157-3239

Drennan, Stanley L. (Dr.)

Atlanta 157-672

Dubbs Sr.,, Dorsey V (NSRP)

Cincinnati 105-1260

Dubbs, Eva (NSRP)

Cincinnati 105-1253

Ducote, Jerome

Los Angeles 44-2667

Edmiston, Martha Ellen

Cincinnati 66-1487

Edmondson, Robert Edward

Los Angeles 100-5839

Philadelphia 100-6839

Elmore County Citizens Council

Mobile 105-223

FBI Rabble Rouser Index

Chicago 157-2153

FBI Security Index

Chicago 100-1154

Federation For Constitutional Government

Houston 100-9286

Memphis 105-148

New Orleans 105-582

Ferris, Schuyler Davenport

WFO 44-364

WFO 140-16452

WFO 157-26

Fifield Jr., James W. (Rev.)

Los Angeles 100-5686

Fighting American Nationalists

Chicago 157-117

Fleckenstein, Edward A.

HQ 100-41849

HQ 157-136

Fleming, Floyd H. (American Nazi Party)

WFO 62-8024

Flitcraft, Eugene Robert

Chicago 100-14609

Florida Network

Tampa 100-59

Foreign Policy Association

Atlanta 100-6083

HQ 100-94061

Miami 62-4582

Fort Jr., William E.

Los Angeles 100-6267



Frankhouser Jr., Roy Everett (ANP, Minutemen, KKK)

Baltimore 157-69

Baltimore 157-918

Chicago 157-38

HQ 105-6751

HQ 105-63929

Newark 157-121

Newark 157-1881

NYC 157-29

Philadelphia 92-77

Philadelphia 174-1731

WFO 157-286

Freedom Clubs, Inc. (Rev. James W. Fifield Jr.)

Los Angeles 100-5686

Freedom Crusade (Walter J. Huss)

Portland 100-9828

Frontier magazine

Los Angeles 100-47307

Fry, Leslie (Mrs.) aka Pacquita de Shishmareff

NYC 100-28319

Galbadon, Guy Louis

HQ 2-1687

Gale, William Potter (Identity Movement)

Mobile 157-444

Georgia Tribune (E.G. “Jack” Johnston)

Atlanta 100-4084

Goff, Kenneth aka Oliver Kenneth Goff (Englewood CO)

Chicago 100-30534

Denver 105-123

Goldmark, Jonathan Edward

Seattle 100-27804

Gostick, Ron (Canadian League of Rights)

Los Angeles 105-908

Greaves Jr., Elmore Douglas

Jackson 157-2581

Gumaer, David Emerson (John Birch Society)

Baltimore 62-2525

Los Angeles 94-2065

Hall, Gordon D.

Boston 100-31522

Chicago 88-15654

HQ 105-14497

NYC 100-6121

NYC 87-11814

Hall, Loran Eugene

HQ 87-111598

Hammarskjold, Dag (UN General Secretary)

HQ 105-22605

Hargis, Billy James (Rev.)

Minneapolis 62-2777

Harold, William Henry (Walla Walla Statesman)

HQ 100-8524

HQ 94-54290

Hart, Merwin Kimball

Philadelphia 100-5876

WFO 100-12460

Hartle Barbara

Seattle 121-783

Seattle 121-1077

Highlander Folk School (Myles Horton, Monteagle TN)

Memphis 61-34

Louisville 61-42

Savannah 100-596

Savannah 100-5125

House Committee on Un-American Activities

Baltimore 100-17820

Hunter, Edward

HQ 118-1967

Illinois Seditious Activities Investigation Commission

Chicago 100-21298

Independent Knights of the KKK (United White Party)

Charlotte 105-502

John Birch Society (Robert H.W. Welch Jr.)

Albany 62-1465

Birmingham 157-563

Cleveland 100-25282

Dallas 100-10360

Dallas 100-10432

Memphis 100-3727

Miami 100-14613

New Orleans 105-799

Springfield 62-1626

Joint Legislative Committee on Segregation (William R. Rainach, Louisiana)

New Orleans 100-16127

Jung, Harry Augustus (American Vigilant Intelligence Federation)

Chicago 66-1767



Kasper, John

Birmingham 157-13

Louisville 157-10

Memphis 105-275

WFO 62-8028

Kindred, George Lee

Los Angeles 157-8954

Klan and Hate-Type Organizations

NYC 157-1523

Tampa 157-27

Klan Infiltration Into Citizens Councils of Alabama

Birmingham 105-272

Klassen, Ben

Atlanta 100-10142

Knights of the White Camellia (George E. Deatherage)

Pittsburgh 105-2239

Knowles, Beatrice M.

HQ 100-101232

Koch, Gerda (Christian Research, Inc.)

Minneapolis 100-9152

Lehman, Herbert H. (U.S. Senator and Governor of New York)

HQ 65-37385

HQ 100-133740

HQ 105-21085

NYC 65-12003

Let Freedom Ring! (Dr. William C. Douglass—Sarasota FL)

Denver 157-68

Miami 157-1334

Pittsburgh 157-406

Tampa 157-1318

Lewis, Dallas Bedford

Los Angeles 56-95

Los Angeles Committee to Preserve American Freedoms (Frank Wilkinson)

Los Angeles 100-41016)

Madole, James Hartung (National Renaissance Party—NYC)

Chicago 105-3919

Magnuson, Warren Grant (U.S. Senator—WA)

HQ 77-60672

HQ 100-16756

Seattle 100-32067

Manatee County Citizens Council

Tampa 157-621

Marshall, Thurgood

NYC 77-26395

Mathews, Robert Jay (Arizona Sons of Liberty)

Phoenix 157-1401

Matles, James J.

HQ 100-13644

Matthews, J.B. (Joseph Brown Matthews)

HQ 23-4573

HQ 26-310833

McAllister, Andrew Bruce (Pro-American Information Bureau)

Chicago 100-4774

Chicago 105-9975

Chicago 157-27

McGinley Sr., Conde Joseph (Christian Educational Assn – Union NJ)

Chicago 105-2503

Meador Publishing Company

Boston 100-28624

Mertig, Kurt

HQ 105-8809

Milteer, Joseph Adams

Miami 137-363

Miami 157-900

Minutemen (Robert B. DePugh—Norborne MO)

Cincinnati 100-13786

Cleveland 100-25679

Miami 105-4921

Mower, Dennis Patrick

Los Angeles 174-359

Mullins Jr., Eustace Clarence

Chicago 105-1152

National Association For The Advancement of White People

Atlanta 105-169

Cincinnati 105-399

Houston 100-9351

Indianapolis 157-88

Memphis 105-101

Miami 105-526

Mobile 105-45

National Association To Keep and Bear Arms

San Diego 157-4595

National Citizens Protective Association (John W. Hamilton—St. Louis MO)

Atlanta 105-197

Boston 105-1221

Chicago 105-1334

Cincinnati 105-431

Detroit 100-24223

Knoxville 105-89

St. Louis 105-1334

Seattle 105-641

WFO 100-29831



National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (James R. Venable)

Columbia 157-140

Jackson 157-2934

Los Angeles 157-1509

Louisville 157-224

National Patrick Henry Organizations (Jesse Welch Jenkins)

Atlanta 105-81

National Renaissance Party (James H. Madole)

Atlanta 100-5213

Boston 105-1095

Chicago 105-1493

Philadelphia 105-392

National Security League (Harry M. Binegar—Cincinnati OH)

Cincinnati 100-9555

National Society For The Preservation of the White Race

HQ 157-319

National States Rights Party (Edward Reed Fields/J.B. Stoner)

Baltimore 157-4725

Charlotte 157-1620

Memphis 105-320

Richmond 105-271

Tampa 157-45

Nationalist Party

Boston 105-1095

Nazi Activities in the United States

HQ 61-520

NYC 62-5216

Neo-Nazi Movement in the United States

Boston 105-1004

NYC 105-6079

New Christian Crusade Church (James K. Warner—Los Angeles CA)

Los Angeles 157-6864

San Diego 157-4547

New Republic magazine

HQ 94-3-4-690

Nix, Deavours

HQ 157-4416

Oliver, Revilo Pendleton (John Birch Society / National Alliance)

Springfield 62-1596

Springfield 100-10240

Operation America, Inc.

WFO 94-121

Palmer, Casimir

NYC 62-7342

Patriot, The (newsletter)

Boston 105-4044

New Orleans 105-1055

NYC 100-33844

Patriots Leadership Conference

Kansas City 157-3201

Minneapolis 157-4501

Payson, Walter Patrick (Minutemen)

Kansas City 105-2565

Pelley, William Dudley (Silver Shirt Legion of America)

Detroit 61-9

Los Angeles 65-81

Pierce, William Luther

Richmond 157-1673

Political Reporter, The (Harry W. Pyle—Memphis TN)

Memphis 100-3214

Possony, Stephan Thomas (Dr.)

NYC 121-9173

WFO 116-27355

Potito, Oren Fenton (NSRP)

Tampa 157-312

Pro-American Vigilantes (Jeremiah Stokes—Salt Lake City UT)

HQ 100-68762

Pro-Southerners (M.B. Sherrill and Harry W. Pyle)

Atlanta 105-81

Memphis 105-98

Miami 105-677

Savannah 105-153

Problems of Communism (US State Dept magazine)

HQ 100-293636

Prussion, Karl Kalman

Detroit 87-18035

Detroit 100-1828

Pyne, Joe

Los Angeles 94-1443

Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich Hoax

HQ 105-19747

Race Riots

Birmingham 157-804

Racial Situation—Dallas TX

Dallas 157-269

Reardon, Leo Francis

Detroit 73-535

NYC 73-2226

Review of the News, The (JBS weekly newsmagazine)

Boston 100-37816

Right Brigade, The (Allan Dawson)

Chicago 157-360

Cleveland 94-369

Roberts, Archibald E.

Miami 157-1032

Rockwell, George Lincoln (American Nazi Party)

WFO 100-34886

Rosenberg, Anna M.

NYC 100-11716

NYC 100-25723

Rostow, Walt Whitman

NYC 121-16389

San Diego Research Library

San Francisco 66-1005

Santa Ana CA Register (newspaper)

Los Angeles 100-5763

Seaboard White Citizens Council (John Kasper)

WFO 100-33226

Shelton, Robert Marvin (Imperial Wizard, United Klans of America)

Birmingham 105-560

Silver Shirt Legion of America (William Dudley Pelley)

Charlotte 65-17

Philadelphia 65-39

Smith, Gerald L.K.

Detroit 62-1126

WFO 140-8338

Smoot, Dan

Dallas 67-1895

Smythe, Edward James

NYC 65-97

NYC 65-218

Sokolsky, George Ephraim

NYC 66-1328

Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)

Birmingham 157-115

Spiritual Mobilization, Inc.

Los Angeles 62-3205

St. Louis Metro Area Citizens Council

Kansas City 157-521

Statecraft (National Youth Alliance newsletter)

Richmond 157-55

Stephens, Guy C.

Richmond 105-480

Stoner, J.B. (National States Rights Party)

Birmingham 157-42

NYC 157-25

Swift, Wesley Albert (Rev.)

San Diego 14-78

San Diego 105-1945

Tabbutt, Eugene

Baltimore 157-1269

Taft, Dewey McKinley (NSRP)

Tampa 157-27

Thomas, Norman Matoon

NYC 62-1174

Thompson Jr., Harold Keith (aka H. Keith Thompson Jr.)

HQ 116-9443

HQ 116-316760

HQ 87-13556

HQ 87-14339

Touchstone, Ned O’Neal

New Orleans 157-229

True Jr., James B.

NYC 62-5312

Truth About Civil Turmoil (JBS)

Cleveland 100-25282

Truth Seeker, The (Charles L. Smith—NYC)

NYC 157-4

United Nations

NYC 100-64700

U.S. Citizens Committee

HQ 94-550004

Van Deman, Ralph

San Diego 66-881

Van Hyning, Lyrl Clark (We The Mothers Mobilize For America)

Chicago 100-7343

Detroit 100-6096

NYC 100-24408

Venable, James R.

Atlanta 157-730

Volunteers for Alabama and Wallace

Birmingham 157-220

Wackenhut, George Russell

Miami 15-9608

Miami 80-1229

NYC 87-62429

We, The Mothers Mobilize For America (Lyrl Clark Van Hyning-Chicago IL)

Los Angeles 100-14355

Milwaukee 100-4248

NYC 100-4258

NYC 100-10704

We, The People (Harry T. Everingham – Chicago IL)

Chicago 100-10147

West Virginia Anti-Communist League (Forest Sammons)

Pittsburgh 105-121

White Action Movement

NYC 157-7115

White Circle League of America (Joseph Beauharnais-Chicago IL)

Cincinnati 105-347

White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi (Sam Bowers)

HQ 157-2449

HQ 157-3065

HQ 157-3754

New Orleans 157-1962

White Party of America

Chicago 157-309

NYC 157-1144

Wilkins, Roy (NAACP)

Detroit 157-637

Winston, Robert Alexander (aka Col. Victor J. Fox)

Boston 157-4951

HQ 15-5805

HQ 87-63155

HQ 87-95732

Wood, John Stephens (U.S. Congressman-GA)

Atlanta 77-2608

Wright, Loyd

Los Angeles 77-7692

Xavier, Peter L.

Mobile 105-87

NYC 105-2528

Yarmolinsky, Adam

NYC 161-25

Yockey, Francis Parker

Miami 105-1972

Young Americans For Freedom

New Orleans 157-220

NYC 100-144505

Zoll, Allen Alderson (American Patriots, Inc.)

WFO 62-8242





This chart contains some of the more interesting and/or more common terms seen in FBI documents.

NOTE:  This chart is now on a webpage which I will periodically update:






Assistant Attorney General


Administrative Index (began 11/71) as successor to FBI Security Index and Reserve Index.  ADEX was discontinued in January 1976.


Assistant Director in Charge


FBI reports usually contained data which was not to be shared outside the Bureau and that data was placed upon an “Administrative Page” that was detached when reports were sent to other agencies.  Typically, an Administrative Page contained the identity of T-sources and details regarding leads which should be pursued by specific field offices.   In some cases (particularly very lengthy serials), the information which normally appeared on Administrative Pages would, instead, be placed on “Cover Pages” at the beginning of Agent reports.


Atomic Energy Commission


Air Force Base


Armed Forces Security Agency – the predecessor to National Security Agency


Attorney General


Agitator Index (began 8/4/67) as successor to Rabble Rouser Index.



An Airtel was an expedited form of communication between and among FBI offices and it was meant to apply to letters that should be typed and mailed on same day and usually sent by airmail.  Airtels were often classified and/or encrypted messages.  It originally was received as a teletype sent by airmail and, therefore, could be in teletype terminology.


“Reurairtel” was abbreviation for “regarding your airtel” referring to a previous communication sent to some office.




This program was initiated in August 1965 based upon information provided to the FBI by a KGB officer (stationed at the United Nations and serving as a Soviet diplomat) who became an FBI informant.  His FBI code name was “Fedora” and he is widely believed to be Yerbas Lichi aka Victor M. Lesovski or Lessiovski. 


The ALEM program apparently was designed to identify Soviet nationals through research into “INS cards” who “have entered the United States under assumed identities as (1) alien husbands of American wives or (2) male immigrants on first preference petitions due to professional and technical skills.”  According to one 1972 FBI document, about 2250 cases were opened under this program and it was supervised in the Special Case Unit of the Espionage Section by Special Agent G.M. Quinn.  [HQ 65-69532]


American Legion members were used by FBI as sources of information about security-related matters in their local communities.  This program began in November 1940 and ended in August 1954.


Air Mail, Special Delivery


Anti-Riot Law Statutes


U.S. Army Security Agency


Assistant Special Agent in Charge of a Field Office


Assistant Chief of Staff For Intelligence (U.S. Army or U.S. Air Force)


Army Serial Number


FBI employee in Charge of each Division at FBI HQ as well as the New York and Los Angeles field offices


A secret plan which originated in 1948 which provided for the detention of U.S. citizens deemed to be threats to national security in times of national emergency.  The detention program became known as the AG Portfolio and involved suspension of the writ of habeas corpus and use of a Master Search Warrant.  Also see: Security Index Program


Assistant United States Attorney


Black Afro Militant Movement (Alfred Featherstone)


There is a cryptic description of this program in one heavily redacted FBI document.  Apparently, it had something to do with discovering “funding Soviet illegals” through access to bank records. The program was terminated on August 15, 1972. [HQ 65-70741]


FBI case re: 1963 bombing of Birmingham AL church that killed 4 black girls


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms


Business Executives Movement For Vietnam


FBI burglaries used to obtain subscription and membership lists, financial records, correspondence and photographs of documents on targeted individuals and organizations.  Also known as surreptitious entries.  In 1942, a special filing procedure was introduced for information obtained through break-ins.  Field offices requests for permission were captioned “Do Not File” so that such documentary evidence would not be serialized or indexed in the FBI’s Central Records System.  Instead, such files were kept in the office of the Assistant Director having supervisory responsibility and the files were to be destroyed every six months.  [HQ 66-8160]


Memo written by FBI employees but not containing any markings that refer to the FBI as the source.



Bombing Matter


Black Nationalist Photographic Album.  This album was established in 1968 and contained photos and biographies of prominent black leaders who travelled extensively


Communist Coverage Along Mexican Border (initiated 1948; HQ 100-356015)


Bureau of Special Services – New York Police Department aka Bureau of Special Services and Investigations



Black Panther Party / Black Panther Party—Cleaver Faction


Bribery of Labor Officials – FBI undercover sting operation which began in 1979 and targeted organized crime and corrupt politicians.


FBI HQ main file


A listening device usually referred to as MISUR (microphone surveillance) or ELSUR (electronic surveillance)


Bureau letter


Material obtained during the course of an investigation which is too voluminous to be placed inside main file and, thus, was kept separately in a Bulky Exhibit Room and filed by case number.


Bureau War Plans


There is a cryptic description of this program in one heavily redacted FBI document.  Apparently, it had something to do with “uncovering Soviet illegals”.  [HQ 65-70719]


Congress of African People’s


Chinese Activities Summary [HQ 105-229211]


Primary filing system used by FBI


Copies of memos which are placed into specific pertinent files


Counterintelligence Operations Against Chinese Communist Intelligence Activities in the U.S. (began 5/65 = HQ 105-135614)


Chinese Communists


FBI employee responsible for indexing documents and routing files to appropriate employee(s)


Communist Index – was established in 1948 for individuals who did not meet Security Index requirements but were suspected of being Communist sympathizers.  In 1960 it was changed to Reserve Index.


Criminal Informant or Confidential Informant


Counter-Intelligence Corps of U.S. Army


Current Intelligence Analysis – CINAL information was disseminated to Executive Branch officials


Communist Influence in Racial Matters


Confidential National Defense Informant


Communist Bloc Information Collation System


Conflict of Interest


Counterintelligence Program.   The FBI’s COINTELPRO program was designed to disrupt and neutralize individuals and organizations thought to be a security problem for our country.


Counterintelligence Program: White Hate Groups (began 09/64 as effort to neutralize white extremist organizations, leaders, and their adherents. About 17 FBI field offices were involved. Program was discontinued 4/27/71.)  [HQ 157-9]


Coverage of Known Meet Areas (i.e. Surveillance of Soviet Agents/Sources, HQ 65-73750)


Communist Infiltration Of


Communications Intelligence (NSA reports)


Communist Infiltration of Motion Picture Industry (HQ 100-138754)


Communist Prosecutions (aka Smith Act Trials)


Potential Communist Saboteurs (FBI program used to identify Security Index individuals who were thought to have potential for sabotage because of their training or their connection to key strategic industries and installations.)


Confidential Informant.  The FBI uses various descriptive phrases to describe or evaluate their informants.  Among the most common:

  • Has furnished reliable information in the past
  • Of unknown reliability
  • Of known unreliability
  • Of known reliability
  • Has supplied insufficient information to determine reliability

In addition, a percentage of reliability could be used to describe informant.


Document containing information related to national defense – provided by sources whose identities should not be revealed


Individuals who furnish the FBI information available to them through their employment or their position in the community. The FBI Manual of Instruction, circa 1975 cites as examples of confidential sources "bankers, telephone company employees, and landlords."


A control file is usually created only for the most important FBI cases and it contains instructions sent to field offices along with results of investigations.  Statistical information is often included in a Control File.


Adolph Coors Kidnapping Case [HQ 7-9575]


A correlation summary was usually limited to large case files.  The summary lists all file and serial numbers along with a brief synopsis of their content which contain important information about a particular person.


NATO classification for highly secret documents.  Used over and above “Top Secret”.  HQ 62-9871


Summary memoranda or reports usually begin with page(s) which have administrative data, leads which should be pursued by specified field offices, and perhaps informant evaluations but the cover pages were not sent outside the Bureau.  Usually the cover page(s) were designated with alphabetic letters, “A” “B” etc.


Civil Rights Division – U.S Department of Justice


aka see refs

A cross reference is a mention of a subject in a file on another individual, organization, event, activity, etc.


Criminal Top Echelon Informants


Program which was initiated as result of directive of President Roosevelt in September 1939 to list individuals whom should be considered for apprehension and detention in event of national emergency. It subsequently became known as Security Index.  (HQ 100-358086)


Communist Party USA


Civil Rights


Civil Rights Act of 1964


Confidential Source (usually given a source number)


Double Agent / Potential Double Agent


FBI code name for file pertaining to January 11, 1966 murder of Vernon F. Dahmer Sr. of Forrest County MS by several Klan members. Thirteen men, who were connected with the Ku Klux Klan, were eventually brought to trial in the late 1960s on charges that ranged from conspiracy to intimidate, to arson and murder. At that time, however, only four of the men were convicted and one entered a guilty plea. 

In the late 1990s three men, Samuel H. Bowers Jr., Charles Noble, and Deavours Nix, were arrested again in connection with the Dahmer murder. Sam Bowers, the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, had previously been tried four times for the crimes committed on the Dahmer family, however each trial ended in a mistrial. Although Bowers was not present at the attack on the Dahmer home in 1966, he was accused of having ordered the attack to take place. In August of 1998, Bowers was tried for the fifth time in connection with the Dahmer murder, and this time he was convicted of murder and arson and received a sentence of life in prison.  Charles Noble was tried in connection with the Dahmer murder in 1999, however his trial ended in a mistrial. Deavours Nix died before his trial took place


Director, Central Intelligence Agency


Defense Central Index of Investigations


File created by field office when no immediate investigation is warranted but they anticipate opening case file in the near future


Procedure to remove security classification (confidential, secret, or top secret)  from documents or files


Deception Program For Anti-Missile Defense [HQ 65-66140]


Development of Selected Contacts Against Soviet-Bloc Officials (initiated 12/57, HQ 105-71688). FBI interviewed Americans who returned from Soviet Bloc countries.


Detention of Communists -- Program to detain known or suspected Communist Party members in time of national emergency. [HQ 100-356062]


FBI Domestic Intelligence Division (formerly Security Division)


District Intelligence Office (Office of Naval Intelligence)




FBI Domestic Intelligence Division (formerly Security Division or National Defense Division)


Procedure designed to keep sensitive documents out of the Bureau’s normal Central Records System


00 Files are FBI Control Files – which concern policy and procedure


Date and Place of Birth


East Coast Conspiracy To Save Lives


Enclosure Behind File – i.e. usually copies of publications which, due to space considerations, FBI HQ did not want to incorporate into the main file but would be filed separately “behind” the main file


Emergency Detention Program (also see: DETCOM).  The EDP was based upon Title II of the Internal Security Act of 1950. [HQ 100-398030]


East German Intelligence Service


Electronic Surveillance Index – was a card file of subjects mentioned in electronic surveillances


Extremist Matter


Enclosure – such as a publication which was enclosed with a letter sent to the Bureau.  As a result, the serial number might reflect this:  HQ 100-1234, #8, enclosure – which means that serial #8 has an enclosure.


Presidential Executive Order


Entered on Duty (date)


Extremist Photograph Album




Any source with whom the FBI developed a relationship over time and who was trusted to keep relationship confidential.  Usually a Confidential Source rather than a paid informant.


Extremist / Extremist Confidential Source


Expedite Processing


Activities whose objective is overthrowing, destroying or undermining the U.S. Government by illegal means OR denying Constitutional rights to American citizens.  The FBI used “Extremist” to describe ethnic radicals, members of white hate groups, and black or native American radicals.  The FBI unit which covered these matters was originally called Racial Intelligence Section but changed to Extremist Section in September 1967.


Fraud Against The Government



Usually associated with FBI “rap sheet” which lists arrests made by law enforcement agencies and ultimate disposition of cases.


Fraud By Wire


FBI Code Name for KGB Official Working at United Nations Who Was FBI Informant [HQ 105-104811]


Foreign Counterintelligence


Foreign Government Employee


Federal Grand Jury


Foreign Intelligence Analysis


Physical Surveillance


Foreign Liaison Desk


First Name Unknown


Fingerprint Classification


Foreign Police Cooperation Program


Fugitive / Deserter


Army Intelligence (Office of Assistant Chief of Staff)


Initiated June 1967 to monitor black radicals


General Investigative Division / General Intelligence Division


Soviet Military Intelligence


Program whereby FBI field offices examined mail in certain locations in attempt to locate mail intended for Soviet illegal agents.  [HQ 65-67003]


Kidnapping of Patricia Hearst [HQ 7-15200]


High Level (term usually used in connection with intelligence information such as HILEV items or data received from some source)


House Select Committee on Assassinations [HQ 62-117290]


House Committee on Un-American Activities – succeeded by House Internal Security Committee


On FBI Search Slips – means “identical”, i.e. the file reference is about the person or organization which has been searched.  “NI” meant “not identical”, i.e. reference is to another person of same name.


Intelligence Advisory Committee [HQ 62-90718]


Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security


FBI HQ Division which has control of fingerprints, wanted notices, and missing persons notices


Intelligence Evaluation Committee


Interdepartmental Intelligence Conference


Interagency Intelligence Coordinating Committee


Intelligence Letter through which FBI regularly furnished the President and Attorney General “high level intelligence data in the internal security field…on a continuous basis” starting in November 1969. The type of information provided included status of internal security cases, intelligence trends, foreign intelligence, inside information regarding demonstrations or civil unrest of more than local significance and “items with an unusual twist or concerning prominent personalities which may be of special interest to the President or Attorney General.”


U.S. Army Intelligence Corps


International Operations Branch

ISA 1950

Internal Security Act of 1950






FBI memos often contain abbreviations to indicate the nature of the matter being discussed.  In the examples at left the explanations are as follows:


IS-C = Internal Security-Communist

IS-R = Internal Security--Russian

IS-SWP = Internal Security–Socialist Workers Party

SM-C = Security Matter, Communist

ANP-RM = American Nazi Party--Racial Matter


Internal Security Division, U.S. Department of Justice


Independent Socialist League


Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property


Separate filing method used by FBI starting in June 1949 to keep certain info confidential and not serialized in a Special Files Room – particularly information which the FBI obtained through wiretaps, black bag jobs, or extremely sensitive sources.


Key Black Extremist


Key Figures


Key Facilities List


Soviet Committee For State Security


Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev Visit to U.S. 1960 [HQ 62-104045]


La Cosa Nostra


Legal Attache offices – i.e. FBI offices operating in foreign countries (Beirut, Bern, Bogota, Bonn, Caracas, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, La Paz, London, Madrid, Managua, Manila, Mexico City, Ottawa, Panama, Paris, Rome, Tel Aviv, Tokyo)


Letterhead Memorandum – FBI summary intended for other agencies but which conceals confidential sources.


Every FBI Field office kept lists of people whom were to be contacted on regular schedule for “good will” purposes and to obtain information from them.  Included airlines, banks, defense contractors, hotels, trucking companies, federal agencies, police departments, news media, etc.


Officer or leader of legitimate civil rights organization who provided FBI with advance information concerning activities of his organization (as of March 1970, there were 1975 liaison sources)


Labor-Management Relations Act of 1947


Last Name Unknown


Procedure by which the Post Office recorded names and addresses of sender and recipient of letters







A “main file” usually contains all the memos and investigative reports about people or organizations to which the FBI gives specific sequential serial numbers and they are indexed in the FBI’s General Index aka Central Records System. 


The “sub files” designated “A” or “B” usually contain material which is similar to EBF’s, i.e. copies of publications authored or disseminated by individuals or organizations (such as their newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, etc). plus newspaper/magazine articles about the individual or organization. Most sub-files are designated “1A” and each individual item may be given a number such as “1A-1” then “1A-2” etc.  Some of the largest files also contain sub-B files and those follow the same pattern for each new item added, i.e. 1B-1, 1B-2, etc.


Note #1:  If an FOIA requester wants everything that the FBI has about a particular subject, the request should specify “main files” and “sub-files” OR “main files” and “sub-A” and “sub-B” files.  Often, the FBI will not process sub-files unless specifically asked.


Note #2:  There is another type of “sub-file” such as when, after the FBI HQ created a main file on a particular subject, it then also created additional files on the same subject but broken down into sub-files to capture information provided by specific persons or about specific geographical locations or other categories.  For example, a HQ main file on informants might be designated as HQ 66-45, but reports that came from one specific informant might be placed in 66-45, sub-264.


Another possibility is when files were created on a specific organization or subject (such as the Communist Party or the Citizens Council Movement or United Klans of America or the FBI's COINTELPRO programs) and then sub-files were created for pertinent information about specific cities, counties, states, or neighborhoods.  


For example:  the HQ main file on the Citizens Council movement is HQ 105-34237.  The HQ file on the Citizens Councils in Atlanta was HQ 105-34237-2 and for Knoxville was HQ 105-34237-24.  

The HQ main file on COINTELPRO-White Hate Groups is 157-9 but there are HQ sub-files for specific cities such as:  HQ 157-9-4 (Birmingham AL), and 157-9-9 (Chicago IL).


May Day Collective


Burglary of Media PA FBI office in 1971


Typically, a communication from FBI to other Justice Department officials such as Attorney General or from one FBI employee to another FBI employee


Mississippi Burning – 1964 Murders of Civil Rights Workers (Schwerner, Goodman, Cheney)


Military Intelligence Division


FBI coverage of 1972 Democratic Convention demonstrators (Miami FL)


Military Intelligence Group (US Army)


Miami FL Pornography Case – Undercover operation into porn industry and film piracy


Microphone Surveillance (often from illegal break-in or burglary)


Morros Case or Moscow Case – Soviet espionage network in U.S. during 1940’s involving FBI double agent Boris Morros. [HQ 100-352385]


Murder of Martin Luther King Jr. [HQ 44-38861, Memphis 44-1987, Atlanta 44-2386]


My Letters Dated…


Naturalized Citizen


Requests from other agencies for loyalty information on its current or prospective employees


Naval Air Station [usually a reference to FBI reports sent to local Office of Naval Intelligence]


Native Born


National Crime Information Center


FBI case pertaining to May 1971 murder of two New York City policemen


Not identical


Naval Investigative Service Office (successor to ONI)


No Middle Initial


No Middle Name


Critics of FBI or of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover Whom Were Not To Be Contacted


When the FBI decides to apply a literal interpretation of the subject of an FOIA request, it may not release entire pages or sections of a serial by claiming there is “no segregable material” or information.  For example:  if an FOIA request is made on Joe Smith and the FBI discovers a 50-page serial that includes references to Joe Smith on 11 pages, the FBI can choose to deny the other pages or heavily redact them claiming “no segregable material”.


Nation of Islam


National Peace Action Coalition


Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico


National Security Agency


FBI National Security Division


National Socialist White People’s Party (successor to American Nazi Party)


 “Official and Confidential Files” were highly sensitive files which were kept in the office of FBI Director Hoover and Assistant Director Louis B. Nichols (over 250 folders)

See: http://www.marquette.edu/library/archives/Mss/FBI/FBI-series16.shtml


Office of Assistant Chief of Staff For Intelligence (US Army)


Usually business people or others who could be relied upon to provide information.  Each field office had a contact program whereby they would establish liaison with local groups and enterprises in their community. These were mostly goodwill efforts, but did provide venues for the Bureau to talk about issues that might affect the group or its members, and to solicit their help in the form of confidential sources or panel sources.


Office of Naval Intelligence


Office of Origin – i.e. the FBI office which opened the investigation and is primarily responsible for the case.  For example, New York City is the OO for the Communist Party USA so FBI files reflect “OO:NYC”


Program under which the NSA received copies of most international telegrams leaving the U.S. from RCA, ITT, and Western Union. At one point, it was proposed that the FBI assume responsibility for this program.


Air Force Intelligence (Office of Special Investigations)


Personal and Confidential


Panel sources are defined as individuals who are not involved in an investigated group but who "will attend its public gatherings on behalf of FBI for intelligence purposes or as potential witnesses." Panel sources were first developed to meet the need for witnesses in the course of Smith Act trials of Communist Party members in the 1950s. In those trials, it was necessary to prove simple facts as to the existence of the Communist Party, the dates and places of public meetings held by the Party, and similar matters. To avoid surfacing and exposing regular FBI informants within the Party to establish such facts, panel sources were developed.


Potential Criminal Informant


People’s Coalition For Peace and Justice


Information Written Without Using Code


Created in September 1940 to develop FBI sources of information in defense plants.  By September 1942 there were 23,746 Plant Informants in 3879 plants.  Program ended in March 1969.


Progressive Labor Party


Proletarian Party of America


Preliminary inquiries were conducted by FBI to obtain information about a person or organization by using mostly public sources (such as media coverage, library resources such as Who’s Who directories) along with FBI informants and established sources in order to determine if a formal investigation was warranted because of suspected criminal or subversive activities or any potential violations of federal laws.  A preliminary inquiry often lasted only 1-3 months.


A pretext is an investigative technique used to obtain background and identifying information or photographs of an individual without identifying the FBI as the interested party. An example would be an Agent who makes a phone call to verify someone’s home address, where he/she can be reached, their employment, or their current location etc.  Sometimes calls are made just to record the voice of a suspect or to obtain literature regarding a new organization.  Pretexts can also be used to gain access to a property.  The FBI published a 35-page monograph in May 1956 entitled “Pretexts and Cover Techniques” which was used for Agent training purposes.


Prominent Person


Protection Against Sabotage of Strategic Air Command Bases


FBI field office report which summarizes evidence and availability of witnesses in a case under investigation.


Potential Security Informant / Potential Confidential Informant (persons designated as potential informants were not yet established as reliable information sources and that process might take a year for the FBI to make a conclusion with respect to reliability.)


Registration Act aka Foreign Agents Registration Act  of 1938 (usually pertains to cases of individuals who may not have completed required forms to register with U.S. Justice Dept because of their activities on behalf of a foreign government – such as seeking to influence legislation pending before Congress or providing public relations services for a foreign government.)


Resident Agency (small satellite office of main FBI field office)


Created in August 1967 (abolished April 1971) to identify individuals with propensity for inciting violence (later known as Agitator Index).  It was initially described as an Index designed to capture background information on individuals "who have demonstrated by their actions and speeches that they have a propensity for fomenting racial disorder."  {SAC Letter 67-47).


A subsequent SAC Letter (67-70) stated:


"A rabble rouser is defined as a person who tries to arouse people to violent action by appealing to their emotions, prejudices, etc., a demagogue. You will note that under prior criteria the Rabble Rouser Index served as an index only for individuals of national prominence with particular consideration given to those who travel extensively and was limited to those fomenting racial disorder.  It is the intent of this expanded criteria to have within each division as well as nationwide an index of agitators of all types whose activities have a bearing on the national security.  This would include, for example, black nationalists, white supremacists, Puerto Rican nationalists, anti-Vietnam demonstration leaders, and other extremists."


Racial Conditions


Referring to previous Bureau Letter (with date)


Referring to previous teletype from Bureau (with date)


Referring to My Letter (with date)


Written document prepared by field office containing the results of its investigation.


Referring to Report By


Created in June 1960 and abolished September 1971.  One FBI memo describes Reserve Index as “comprised of individuals with subversive backgrounds not meeting the Security Index criteria but who in a time of national emergency are in a position to influence others against the national interest.  The RI is broken down into two sections, A and B, with A containing the names of those individuals who in time of national emergency are in a position to influence others against the national interest or are likely to furnish material financial aid to subversive elements due to their subversive associates and ideology."


Section A consisted of teachers, journalists, lawyers and other professionals.  Section B contained all other Reserve Index subjects.  Martin Luther King Jr. and Norman Mailer were on Reserve Index.


Referring to Your Airtel


Referring to Your Report


Referring to Your Letter


Referring to Your Teletype or Telegram


Radio Frequency Microphone Telephone Device


Racial Informant


Racial Matter


Republic of New Africa (Milton and Richard Henry)


Referred Upon Completion To Office of Origin – i.e. one field office has completed whatever it was asked to do and it is referring the matter back to the original office for any further action


Revolutionary Youth Movement


FBI Special Agent


FBI Special Agent in Charge of a Field Office


Instructions to FBI field offices from HQ


Subversive Activities Control Board


Satellite Personnel Intelligence Assets


Soviet Bloc Intelligence Services


Students For A Democratic Society


Lists file numbers and serials containing references to subject of search.  Could be limited to only “subversive” or “criminal” or “non-subversive” references.


FBI files are organized into sections which usually contain about 200 pages of documents.


Procedure whereby field office asks HQ Identification Division if fingerprints of a Security Index subject have been received.


List of persons who were subject to apprehension and detention during time of national emergency.  Previously called Custodial Detention List. At highest point, there were 26,000 names on the Security Index.


Refers to index references to a subject which appear in files other than those created on that specific individual or organization.  Also known as xrefs or cross-references.  Typically, the FBI will not process “see refs” or cross-references when FOIA requests are made.  Instead, they only process “main files”.


Specific FBI document within a file.  Usually, serials are in chronological order.  Most serials are assigned specific numbers but there are also “unrecorded serials” which are not assigned a serial number but they usually appear in date sequence within a file.


To assign a specific serial number to a document in a file.


Security of Government Employees


Security Informant


Security Index Program [Began 06/40 as program to develop lists of individuals considered for detention in the event of a threat to the national security.  Individuals were added to SI based upon their membership and activity and/or association with subversive organizations considered dangerous or potentially dangerous to the internal security of the nation.  The Program required collection of sufficient information to justify apprehension and detention to minimize potential for espionage, sabotage, or subversion.  In its later years, the Index was broken down into three Priority groupings in accordance with the relative degree of dangerousness.  Priority I and II consisted of individuals in actual or potential leadership; Priority III was comprised of rank-and-file subjects. ]


Special Investigations Office


Special Intelligence Service (created during World War II for intelligence gathering primarily in Western Hemisphere countries.  Abolished in 1946.)


Security Matter


Student Mobilization Committee To End The War In Vietnam


Soviet Diplomatic Activities [HQ 65-30092]


Seat Of Government aka FBI HQ


Sources of Information


Counterintelligence operation which developed high quality information about CPUSA, the Soviet Union and its satellites, and the world Communist movement largely based upon reports made by two high-level moles inside the CPUSA – Morris and Jack Childs – whose symbol numbers were CG-5184-S* and NY-694-S* respectively.


Source provides raw information on ad hoc basis but had no ongoing relationship with the FBI. Typically, a source could be a landlord or neighbor or employee of financial institution, employers, airline and hotel employees etc who provide information without a subpoena.  Also could be non-human (technical device).


Soviet Messages Furnished To FBI By Bureau Sources [HQ 65-58068]


Special Targets For Informant Development


Persons considered friendly toward Bureau interests who received Bureau publications and expedited replies to their inquiries.  Included politicians, news media employees, prominent business people, retired Special Agents, etc.


FBI HQ unit that processed “name checks” for the White House


Soviet Personnel Intelligence Assets


FBI notice to an agency (such as Police Department or Immigration Service) to alert FBI if they had contact with specified individual.


A sub-section of a main file. 


Submit Letter


Submit Report


Code used to disguise identity of FBI informants who provided “valuable and sensitive information on a regular basis.”  FBI Agents used symbol numbers in their investigative reports and memos without identifying the informant’s name.    Most symbol numbers consisted of three parts:

(1) the 2-or-3 character prefix which identified the FBI field office to which the informant reported such as CG for Chicago or DL for Dallas or TP for Tampa or WFO for Washington field office.

(2) the specific number assigned to an informant and

(3) the suffix which identified the type of informant – such as “C” for criminal and “S” for security and “R” for racial informant.


In addition, an asterisk added to a symbol number indicated that the informant should never be identified and was not available for court testimony.  One of the most important FBI informants was Morris Childs and his symbol number was CG-5824-S* which indicates that he was a Chicago security informant who should never be identified nor testify in court proceedings.


Temporary symbol number assigned to confidential information source mentioned in FBI report – such as T-1 or T-2.  A temporary symbol number applies only to the document in which it appears which means that the same confidential source could be assigned T-1 in one document and then be identified as T-7 in another document.  The specific identity of each T-source usually was provided on an Administrative Page attached to every FBI report.


Note:  A “T-number” can be assigned to a technique such as mail cover, trash cover, wiretap, or physical surveillance or even a burglary.  Illegal techniques were sometimes identified as “anonymous source” and then assigned a T-number.


Message transmitted by machine


Top Echelon Potential Criminal Informant


Technical Surveillance (i.e. telephone wiretaps and microphone surveillance)


Top Functionary


Theft of Government Property


Program initiated on 10/27/53 to insure that FBI field offices used current and uniform characterizations of subversive organizations in their reports.  About 425 organizations were summarized in Thumbnail Sketches.


FBI code name for Lt. Gen. Dmitri Fedorovich Polyakov – a Soviet military intelligence official who was a double agent for the FBI for two decades. [HQ 105-18153]


Top Level Intelligence (referring to key figures in criminal or subversive organizations)


FBI search for information by going through garbage


Travel of the President of the U.S.


FBI-typed copy of incoming handwritten letter


Unless Advised To The Contrary By Bureau


Uniform Crime Reports


Unlawful Flight To Avoid Prosecution


United Klans of America, Inc. (led by Robert M. Shelton)




United Nations Employee


Union Racketeering


A document in FBI file which was not given a serial number


Unknown subject or subjects – i.e. the specific person(s) responsible for some criminal activity are not currently known


Unlawful Possession or Receipt of Firearms


United States Attorney


United States Communication Intelligence Board (pertains to decoding diplomatic intercepts)


United States Evaluation Board


Unable To Locate


Court Ordered Listing Which Itemizes Every Document Withheld From FOIA Requester and Includes Justification For Each Claimed Exemption


Venceremos Brigade


FBI Case Re: Las Vegas Money Skimming


Vietnam Demonstrations


Voting Rights Act of 1965


Vietnam Veterans Against The War


With Aliases – i.e. person is known to use different names


Washington field office of FBI


White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi (Samuel H. Bowers = Imperial Wizard)


War Resisters League


Worker Student Alliance


Youth International Party


Young Socialist Alliance




I don’t think anyone has ever compiled a comprehensive list of all standard forms used by the FBI – but I summarize below some of the ones I have come across:



Subject Matter or Use


Vocation Record [used to identify “specialized Bureau training and experience” including the specific training “schools” which Agents attended and specialized skills they had.]


Director Office Record of Telephone Call or Visitor


FBI Director Office Route Slip


Field Office Internal Route Slip


Serial Chargeout (document removed from one file and placed into another file)


Request for FBI Identification Division to Furnish Criminal Record to Field Office


Transmittal Instructions From Field Office [Instructions For Communications by Teletype or Airtel] in Plain Text or Code


Fugitive Information


Complaint Form (Public Contacts With FBI Field Offices – by phone, mail, or in-person)


Report Form (For Field Office Report to HQ on Individual or Organization)


Automobile Record Form


Request to Post Office to Commence Mail Cover


Field Office Recommendation For New Security Index or Reserve Index Card And Changes To Existing Cards

[SI Card identified person’s name, race, sex, date and place of birth, their residence and business addresses, whether native-born, naturalized, or alien and if they worked at a “Key Facility” that location was entered.  The security categories were: Communist, Socialist Workers Party, Independent Socialist League or Other (to be specified).  A “Tab For Detcom” option was included for apprehension and detention in time of national emergency.]


Field Office Correction to Security Index Card


Recommendation For Installation of Technical or Microphone Surveillance


Justification For Continuation of Technical or Microphone Surveillance


Interview Log


Verification of Information on Security Index Card


Record of Information Furnished Other Agencies


Indices Search Slip – This form was sent to the Chief Clerk to request search of FBI indexes for criminal and/or subversive references on individuals or organizations or publications. A requester could ask to see a list of “all references” in FBI files or the search parameters could be limited to only “subversive references” or “criminal references” or specific case files (criminal or subversive).  The requester could also limit the search to specific years.


Request That Security Flash Be Placed in Files Of Identification Division


FBI File Information Furnished Orally to Another Agency


Special Agent Personal Observation of Security Index Subject


Inventory of Property Acquired As Evidence


Cover Sheet to LHM [Usually contains “Synopsis” of information in the memo along with distribution of copies to other agencies (such as to Army Intelligence (G-2 or INTC=U.S. Army Intelligence Corps), Naval Intelligence (ONI, NISO, or NCIS), Air Force Intelligence (OSI),  U.S. Secret Service, INS, BATF, or other agencies.  The cover sheet normally reflects both the HQ and field office file numbers and name of Agent who prepared the report and the type of case being discussed.]


Field Office Status Report [Form used by field office to tell HQ that deadline for submitting a report or for completing a case cannot be met and why.]


Contacts With Security, Criminal, Racial Informants [Used to record contacts with informants and identify applicable file numbers and title/subject of file which information provided refers to]


Suggested Bureau Indexing


Summary of Information Received From Source


Receipt for Money Received By Special Agent from SAC to Pay Source or Informant


Field Office SAC Request for Authorization To Pay Expenses Related To Informant


Receipt For Monies Paid For Services


Field Office Request o HQ for Authorization of Mail Cover


Certificate [Affirms individual not member of or affiliated with or associated with any organization on Attorney General’s List of Subversive Organizations]


Security Informant Review Sheet [Checklist of items to be discussed with informant including background information required such as credit history, local criminal record, selective service status, armed services record, reliability, reputation. Informant also to be advised that he/she was not Bureau employee and their activities were voluntary, and informant should not retain copies of notes or reports and any payments made must be reported to IRS.]


FBI File Cover Form [Form attached to front of each file section which lists the file number, the section number, and the serial numbers contained in that section.  Sometimes, it also lists other files which are pertinent to the case such as related files on individuals or the equivalent HQ file numbers.]


FBI File Cover Form For “Field Office Informant and Asset Files”


Arrest Fingerprint Card


Number 3 Card [Apparently intended for Agent use to list their anticipated activities for each day.]


Applicant Fingerprint Card


Cover Page of FBI Report [Usually contains “Synopsis” of information in the report along with distribution of copies (such as to other FBI offices, and/or to Army Intelligence (G-2 or INTC=U.S. Army Intelligence Corps), Naval Intelligence (ONI or NCIS), Air Force Intelligence (OSI),  U.S. Secret Service, INS, BATF, or other agencies.]


Field Office Request for Information on Person From Another Field Office


Cover Page for Report Being Sent Outside FBI [Form shows title of case, character of case, Agent who wrote the report, the investigative time period, the office of origin, and distribution of report and the identity of informants used for information contained in the report.  This cover page would be attached to FD-204 and probably was detached before mailing.]


Interview Report in Security Type Investigations (Reports by Special Agents)


Summary of Background Information and Subversive Activity on Person


Cover Sheet For Informant Report or Material


FBI Request to Immigration and Naturalization Service


Authorization For Destruction of Individual Serials


Envelope [Envelope placed in front or back of files for storing evidence that may be needed in court proceedings such as photographs, surveillance logs, signed statements, etc.]


Radio Equipment Maintenance Log


Source Information Card


Form for Mounting Newspaper Clippings


Fingerprint Card


Transmittal Form From SAC of Field Office to HQ


Change of Address on Subject of Investigation





Information Sent to Secret Service {Can be on potentially dangerous person “because of background, emotional instability, or activity in groups engaged in activities inimical to U.S.” or because of “threats or actions against persons protected by Secret Service” or person who made “threatening or abusive statement about U.S. or foreign official” or person who has participated “in civil disturbances, anti U.S. demonstrations or hostile incidents against foreign diplomatic establishments” or person who has “expressed strong anti-U.S. sentiments“ or “antipathy toward good order and government” or person engaged in “illegal bombing, bomb-making, or other terrorist activity”]


Adding/Removing Subject to Rabble Rouser or Agitator Index


Informant Progress/Justification Letter


Status Report, Racial Informants, Extremist Groups (White-Black)—Racial Matters


Selective Service – Case Closed Form


Inventory Worksheet – For Court Ordered List of Documents


US Army to FBI re: AWOL’s


Route Slip From SAC of Field Office to Civil Rights Unit of Criminal Investigative Division


National Defense Division Route Slip (1940)


Security Division Route Slip (1942)

10 or 64

U.S. Government Memo


HQ Request That Field Office Submit Report or Explain Why Not Submitted; Status Report


Routing Slip To Field or Legat Offices


HQ Criticism of Field Office Handling of Case


HQ To Field Office re: Communication Containing an Error


Route Slip


Message Relay Form from Director to SAC’s and to Outside Agencies


In-Service Course [Form used to specify what type of courses an Agent was scheduled to attend – such as Security, Criminal or General]


Administrative Division Route Slip – Personnel Section


Administrative Division Route Slip -- Internal


Records and Communication Division Route Slip



FBI Records Section – Search Form [Identifies files/serials identified as potentially responsive to search instructions and the type of search requested -- such as “all references” or just “subversive” or “criminal” or “non-subversive” or “main file” references.  Search instructions can be restricted to specific locality or to an exact name – or instructions can be more expansive such as requesting search for all name variations.]


Crime Records Section Route Slip


Authorization For Sending File to “Special Files Room” aka JUNE Mail


Incoming JUNE Mail and Date When Sent to Special Files Room in Records Branch


Serial Chargeout


Serial “Changed To”  form – for serial moved to another file


FOIPA Deleted Page Information Sheet


Central Research Section – Subscription Status [Used to communicate with field office regarding what publications and/or subscriptions HQ wanted field offices to obtain.  HQ memos usually were captioned “Publications—Handling of By Research-Satellite Section
 (or Central Research Section) and data was provided re: routing and distribution.


Domestic Intelligence Division – Internal Security Section – Route Slip


Domestic Intelligence Division Route Slip = Internal


Domestic Intelligence Division Route Slip – External


Domestic Intelligence Division - Research—Satellite Section - Route Slip


Domestic Intelligence Division – Subversive Control Section – Route Slip (later known as Extremist Intelligence Section)


Central Research Section Book Review Request Form


Domestic Intelligence Division – “Informative Note”


Fraud, Selective Service and Civil Section Route Slip


Report of FBI Laboratory


Crime Records Division Route Slip


Correspondence and Tours Section Route Slip


FOIPA Form – Prior To National Security Classification Review






Most FBI field offices were identified by their two-character abbreviations. [One exception is Washington field which was WFO.] A complete list appears here:



Foreign offices (Legal Attaches) were identified by three-character abbreviations – such as MEX for Mexico City, Mexico or OTT for Ottawa, Canada.





Agency / Recipient















































Every year, I receive many emails from individuals whom have questions about how to obtain documents or files through FOIA requests or questions regarding information appearing in specific documents they have received.


On several occasions, I have been asked to write an article to share what I have learned from my decades of experience making FOIA requests.  What follows is intended to answer some of the more common inquiries I have received.


About 80% of the FOIA requests I have submitted during the past 34 years have been sent to the FBI so this essay will primarily relate to my experiences with that agency.




One might assume that FBI field offices send all of their information to FBI HQ so there is no reason to request field office files.  However, that would be mistaken for several reasons. 


It is true that there often is considerable duplication of documents appearing in HQ and field office files but many field office files contain documents which are NOT sent to HQ – including copies of public source material (such as newspaper articles, press releases, newsletters, incoming and outgoing correspondence, etc.)  Sometimes, the field office copy of a serial is much clearer to read that the same serial in a HQ file because it is not a carbon copy. Consequently, it is always a good idea to request pertinent field office files.


In addition, it is not uncommon for a HQ file to be destroyed or sent to the National Archives whereas the field office file may still be available from the FBI.  The reverse is also possible, i.e. the HQ file still exists at the FBI but the relevant field office file(s) have been destroyed or transferred to NARA.


If you are not sure which FBI field office covers a particular city, county, or state, see:




At present, the FBI charges 10 cents per page for paper photocopies (and the first 100 pages are free).  By contrast, NARA currently charges 80 cents per page for paper copies.  The FBI offers the option of copying documents/files onto a CD for $15 per CD.   Currently, the FBI copies about 500 pages onto one CD although when they are feeling generous they may send requesters many more pages or even entire files containing 1000+ pages – at no charge or, alternatively, they may charge $15 or $20.   By contrast, NARA charges 80 cents for every page copied onto a CD or DVD with no free pages.


Consequently, it is usually much less expensive to obtain documents/files from the FBI and that is your best option whenever possible.  In addition, the FBI’s processing times are usually faster than NARA.  Currently, NARA estimates that a large file (1000 pages or more) may take 2-3 years to be processed. 


According to the FBI, their current processing times for new FOIA requests (after being assigned to an analyst) are as follows:


SMALL TRACK (up to 500 pages) = 5 months

MEDIUM TRACK (501-2500 pages) = 9 months

LARGE TRACK (over 2500 pages) = 18-24 months


A request usually takes several months before it is assigned to an analyst so that time delay must be added to the time shown above. 


However, if a subject has been previously processed for another requester, it is possible that the times shown above will be dramatically reduced.  One word of caution: the documents you receive will be processed based upon whatever information was originally supplied to the FBI by the other requester.  That means (for example) that if the other requester did not provide death records on key individuals mentioned in responsive documents, the “pre-processed” material you are sent could have substantial redactions of personal names. In addition, the previous requester may have instructed the FBI to eliminate certain types of documents (such as incoming correspondence and Bureau replies or copies of publications) which means the material you receive could be missing a lot of pages.


For further details regarding FBI processing times, see the annual FOIA report prepared by the Department of Justice here:  http://www.justice.gov/oip/department-justice-annual-foia-report-fy14


By contrast, NARA states that requests for 500 or less pages currently take about a year to be processed but anything larger may take as long as three years – especially if a “complex” request.



Whenever you make a request to the FBI, you should always provide birth/death dates for anybody whom you think might be mentioned in responsive documents.  If the birthdate of the deceased person is less than 100 years ago, you also should provide proof-of-death such as a link to (or copy of) a newspaper obituary article, or a copy of a biographical dictionary article, OR, some sort of online reference to that person’s death (such as their Social Security Death Index record which appears on a genealogy website such as ancestry.com).


The FBI has created a list called the “RIDS Dead List” – which is an extensive list (over 1000 pages) of deceased persons who have been the subject of FOIA requests and the requester(s) have provided their death records.  FOIA requests were submitted in 2009 and 2011 for the RIDS Dead List and those lists appear online on the Government Attic website here:


2009 List:  http://www.governmentattic.org/2docs/FBI_RIDS_DeadList_2009.pdf


2011 Update:  http://www.governmentattic.org/5docs/FBI-DeadList-Update_2011.pdf


I have an FOIA request pending for a new updated copy of the RIDS Dead List – and it will be posted online when I receive it. 


If someone deceased is connected to a subject of your FOIA request and their name appears on the RIDS Dead List – you can reference that fact in your request so that you do not have to provide a separate obituary or other proof-of-death.  When a person’s birthdate is 100 or more years ago, the FBI does not require proof-of-death because it is assumed.





For those who are interested, I can send you a 144-page document which describes in detail the FBI’s indexing system.  Contact me at:  ernie1241@aol.com



The FBI’s filing system is based upon “file classification codes” which is a numerical code prefix which identifies the type of subject matter being discussed in a file.  A list of the current numerical codes may be found here:  http://www.fbi.gov/foia/privacy-act/file-classifications  


The subject descriptions of many of these classifications have changed since they first were created.  For example, the 100-prefix file used to designate “Domestic Security” files but currently that file classification code is described as “Terrorism Enterprise Investigations”.


For a detailed historical overview of every type of FBI file, see the 1993 book by Gerald K. Haines and David A. Langbart entitled:  “Unlocking the Files of the FBI: A Guide to Its Records and Classification System.”  http://www.amazon.com/Unlocking-Files-FBI-Records-Classification/dp/0842023380


Another detailed study of FBI records and its filing system was conducted pursuant to a court order by the Archivist of the United States and may been seen here (583pp):




It is very important to understand the distinction between a “main file” created by the FBI versus “cross-references”


A “main file” was created when the FBI decided that the subject matter was likely to result in significant or ongoing attention by the Bureau even if the subject was never officially investigated by the FBI. 


This often happened when the Bureau received frequent public inquiries or complaints about some person, organization, publication, event, or controversy.  In many cases, the Bureau conducted a “preliminary inquiry” about some subject to determine if there might be any basis for an official investigation.  For example, the John Birch Society was never investigated by the FBI but the FBI-HQ main file on the JBS consists of 60 sections and approximately 12,000 pages and every FBI field office opened a main file on the JBS – because the FBI received so many inquiries and complaints about the JBS and about the assertions it made through its publications and speakers.


When FOIA requests are made to the FBI, their employees normally search only for “main files” in their indexing systems.  A “main file” can be very small (i.e. 50 or less pages) or very large (many are more than 100,000 pages). 


Many FBI main files (both HQ and field office) contain copies of “Search Slips”.  Whenever an FBI employee at HQ or in a field office wanted to know what information existed in FBI files about some subject, they would submit a search request and the searchers would then record on “Search Slip” forms whatever files and serial numbers contained references to that subject matter.  Search slips are thus very important documents for researchers because they reflect all references in FBI filing systems.  However a word of caution:  the person conducting the search is simply listing references shown in FBI records and there could be listings for files/serials that are not identical to the subject matter being requested – particularly when there are common names involved.  Sometimes, the FBI employee who submits a search request does not have enough specific identifying information for the searcher to be certain which file references are identical – but they do list everything.  And in many instances you will notice “NI” on a search slip to reflect that a particular listing was determined to be “not identical”.


A “cross-reference” or “see ref” mentions a subject in some FBI mail file which is not specifically on the subject of interest.  So, for example, Joe Smith might be mentioned in 30 different main files, but none of those files are exclusively about Joe Smith himself.  It is possible for there to be literally hundreds of “cross-references” on a particular subject (such as on a person or organization) without there being any specific “main file” created on that person or organization or other subject. 


Lastly, it is important to remember that while there may not be a “main file” about the subject matter that interests you, nevertheless there can easily be many documents that contain very detailed cross-references about the person or other subject that you seek information about.  Consequently, if you receive an FBI file that contains “search slips”, you might want to carefully review those search slips to see the files and serials listed and then submit a new FOIA request to request the cross-references that you think may contain pertinent information.



In order to illustrate how FBI files are created, we will use Joe Smith as an example. 


Joe lived in Memphis TN.  In 1954, Joe was involved in anti-integration activities organized by his local chapter of the White Citizens Council. 


In 1956, Joe participated in a violent demonstration directed against black children who were integrating his local high school and in 1958 Joe was suspected of involvement in a bank robbery. 


In 1958, Joe was approached by the FBI and he was asked to supply information concerning his associates who were suspects in a number of crimes.


Given Joe’s history, it is entirely possible that the following hypothetical files were created regarding Joe Smith and/or about the organizations he was a member of:


1954 = Racial Violence or Discrimination (file classification 44)

HQ 44-183 and Memphis 44-86 = created in 1954 to capture info regarding the White Citizen’s Council’s anti-integration activities in the Memphis area


Thus:  a file created to capture information about “Racial Violence or Discrimination, Religious Violence or Discrimination” would begin with the numerical designation of “44”.   Then, each individual new file created in that classification would be assigned the next sequential number – such as 44-01, or 44-02, or 44-183, etc. 


The field office file number normally is different from the HQ file number dealing with the same subject and it would reflect how many other files in that classification code have been opened prior to the newest file.  In our hypothetical 1954 example, FBI HQ had opened 182 files in the “44” classification code prior to opening the new file (#183) on the Memphis chapter of the White Citizens Council and Memphis field had opened 85 files in the “44” classification code prior to its new file (#86).




1956 = Civil Unrest (file classification 157)

HQ 157-1441 and Memphis 157-214 = created in 1956 when Joe participated in a violent demonstration

1958 = Bank Robbery (file classification 91)

HQ 91-1141 and Memphis 91-151 = created in 1958 when Joe was suspected of involvement in a bank robbery

1958 = Informant (file classification 137)

HQ 137-415 and Memphis 137-201 = created in 1958 when Joe agreed to provide information to the FBI about individuals suspected of involvement in criminal activities.


NOTE:  As you review every file which contains references to Joe Smith, you may discover other file numbers that are relevant – such as additional field office or HQ main files which mention Joe or which discuss the organizations or people he associated with. 




In my experience, FOIA employees at every agency vary greatly in terms of their willingness to be helpful.  Unfortunately, many times you will discover they are hostile toward the spirit and purpose underlying FOIA legislation.  Instead of genuinely wanting to be helpful such as by answering rudimentary questions concerning how a request has been processed, some FOIA employees actively seek to thwart FOIA requests and reduce their workload by making it as difficult and time-consuming as possible to obtain whatever is requested. 


For example, it is not uncommon when a requester inquires about some discrepancy or problem in released documents, FOIA employees will curtly instruct the requester to submit an appeal – because they know that the appeal process usually takes many months before a decision is announced. A successful appeal will “remand” the request back to the original agency for further processing. This often delays subsequent processing of an FOIA request for more than a year --- which may even mean that (by that time) the desired documents or files have been destroyed or transferred to the National Archives.   So be persistent if you really want the files or documents you have requested.


In addition, it is self-evident that FOIA analysts are not trained in a uniform manner.  Many analysts will redact personal names which appear in documents that are quoting public source material (such as newspaper articles, press releases, or names of corporate officers which appear in their incorporation documents).  Oddly, however, the same analyst does not redact the identity of the source which their FBI document is quoting (such as newspaper name, article title and date, author of article, page number) --- so the “privacy” exemptions cited for these sorts of redactions are meaningless since anybody could research the identity of the redacted name(s).


FOIA EXEMPTIONS – See:  http://vault.fbi.gov/explanation-of-exemptions


There are many useful online resources concerning how to make FOIA requests.  Some which you may find helpful are:
















With respect to the FBI, you might also want to review some of the FOIA lawsuits which explain FBI filing systems and FOIA processing guidelines and procedures:










I hope this brief introduction has been helpful.






Donald T. Appell (Special Agent, then HUAC Chief Investigator)

William Guy Banister, Special Agent in Charge, Chicago 1954

Wesley G. Grapp, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Los Angeles field office, 1964-1972

James N. Juliana, Special Agent NYC and then Investigator for Joseph McCarthy’s Subcommittee on Investigations

John R. Norpel Jr., Special Agent, and then Research Director, U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee

Arthur L. Murtagh, Special Agent, Atlanta field office

Paul M. Rothermel Jr., Special Agent and then Security Chief, Hunt Oil Company (Dallas TX)

Lish Whitson, Section Chief, Espionage Section



FBI processing on most of these should be completed by end of 2015:

  • Alleged Communists in State Department (Sen. Joseph McCarthy accusations; HQ 121-23278, sections 3-4)
  • ALEM Program (HQ 65-69532)
  • American Committee To Free Cuba, Inc. (Los Angeles 105-13666 and 105-12185)
  • American Legion Contact Program (HQ 66-9330, 19,850pp)
  • American Nationalist (Frank L. Britton)
  • Alpha 66 (anti-Castro paramilitary group; Los Angeles 105-13351)
  • American Civil Liberties Union (HQ 61-190, years 1950-1952, 1956-1957)
  • Anti-Castro Activities (Los Angeles 105-6516, years 1964-1965)
  • Anti-Communist Activities (HQ 62-106364)
  • Association of Arkansas Klans
  • Atlanta Temple Bombing (October 1958; HQ 62-105023)
  • Aware, Inc. (Vincent W. Hartnett – New York City)
  • BANPOP Program (HQ 65-70741)
  • Abner Winston Berry
  • Samuel Holloway Bowers Jr. (Imperial Wizard, White Knights of KKK of MS)
  • Bryant William Bowles Jr. (National Association For Advancement of White People) Baltimore, Chicago, HQ, NYC, St. Louis, WFO)
  • Anne M. and Carl J. Braden (Atlanta, Birmingham, HQ, Louisville, Richmond, and New Orleans)
  • Julia C. Brown (FBI informant, HQ file 100-382107)
  • Herbert Brownell Jr. ( former US Attorney General; HQ 62-98585)
  • Louis Francis Budenz (former CPUSA member; then FBI informant)
  • Herbert Wallace Butterworth aka Wally Butterworth (Defensive Legion of Registered Americans)
  • CANIL Program (HQ 65-70719)
  • Francis P. Carr (Executive Director, U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (of Committee on Government Operations – Sen. Joseph McCarthy)
  • Church Committee on Intelligence Gathering Activities (HQ 62-116395)
  • Citizens Councils of Louisiana (HQ 105-44536)
  • COINTEPLRO-White Hate Groups (Atlanta 157-826, Baltimore 157-865, Chicago 157-382, Jacksonville 157-863, HQ 157-9-2 (Atlanta)
  • Committee of One Million Caucasians To March on Washington in 1964 (HQ, Atlanta, Los Angeles; James R. Venable and Herbert Butterworth, and George Clinton Wheat)
  • Communist Influence in Racial Matters (New Orleans 100-16924)
  • Constitution Party (HQ and 6 field offices)
  • Constitutional American Parties of the U.S. (Joseph A. Milteer)
  • Council For Statehood (Mary M. Davison; Atlanta, HQ, Jacksonville, Memphis, Miami, Mobile, New Orleans and Tampa)
  • CPUSA – General Activities (NYC 100-4931; 1949-1951, 1958-1962)
  • CPUSA – Members (NYC 100-80638;  1947-1949, 1952-1956)
  • Mary M. Davison (Council for Statehood – West Palm Beach FL)
  • Byron De La Beckwith (HQ, Jackson)
  • Dr. Stanley L. Drennan (JBS and National States Rights Party member – Atlanta, Los Angeles)
  • Hilaire du Berrier (HQ 61-10904 and Los Angeles 105-474)
  • Medford Bryan Evans (JBS and Citizens Councils of America; HQ 62-105223 and 8 field offices)
  • Fair Play For Cuba Committee—(John Rossen, Angus Sumner, Harry J Dean) and Los Angeles 105-8734; HQ 97-4196 and 97-4196-9 (Chicago); NYC 97-1792)
  • FBI Current Intelligence Analysis (FBI publication, 1966, 1968, 1972)
  • FBI Domestic Intelligence Division main file (HQ 67-149000; years 1950-1975).  This is separate file from sub-file 67-149000-1 which contained Inspection Reports of the DID.
  • FBI list of files transferred to NARA in following classification numbers: 62, 94, 100, 105, 134, 157, 170
  • FBI HQ file 66-18975 (on journalists)
  • FBI “The Investigator” magazine (years 1950, 1957, 1963-1965, 1972)
  • FBI Monographs:

Bibliography of Central Research Section Monographs (58-N-2)

Communication Methods of the CPUSA (11/9/54, 64pp)

Communism in the Western Hemisphere, Parts I, II, III (56-V-10, 57-G-11, 60-B-15)

Communist Infiltration American Merchant Marine (7/21/55, 98pp)

Communist Party – The Internal Danger to All Free Nations (59-F-15)

Communist Party and Social Reform (6/11/57)

Communist Party Press in the U.S. (7/8/55, 95pp)

CPUSA School System (5/5/55, 11pp)

CPUSA vs Earl Russell Browder (3/13/53, 233pp)

Educational Program of the CPUSA (Parts I (5/26/54, 61pp) and II (3/14/55, 58pp)

False Documents Used By Soviet Bloc Agents to Enter the United States (59-G-15)

FBI Liaison Activities (1/26/53, 20pp)

FBI Research and Writing (60-H-17)

Israeli Intelligence Service in the United States (61-B-16)

Politics of Street Revolutionists

Sabotage Plans and Potential of the CPUSA (10/15/52, 61pp)

Security Informant Development (59-O-14)

Soviet Intelligence Targets Regarding the U.S. From 1954 to April 1959 (59-J-15)

Summary Brief: Donald Stuart Maclean, Guy Francis DeMoncy Burgess, Harold Adrian Russell [Kim] Philby (11/8/55, 41pp)


  • FBI Responsibilities Program (HQ 62-93875, 9883pp)
  • FBI SAC Letters, HQ file 66-04, for years 1950-1951, 1961 – estimated to be 10,444pp)
  • FBI Security Informant Program (HQ 66-2542 and HQ 66-2542-3)
  • FEDORA – FBI informant Victor M. Lessiovski
  • Schuyler Davenport Ferris (American Nazi Party, Minutemen, UKA)
  • Edward Albert Fleckenstein
  • Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge (HQ 62-90412)
  • Friends of Democratic Cuba
  • Guy Louis Galbadon (Drive Against Communism; JBS member allegedly involved in assassination plot against JFK along with Maj. General Edwin A. Walker) HQ and field office files
  • William Potter Gale (Committee of the States; Ministry of Christ Church, California Rangers, Church of Jesus Christ Christian – HQ, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco)
  • Barry M. Goldwater (HQ, Phoenix, San Francisco, WFO)
  • Ruth Lois Gordienko (FBI informant; JBS member)
  • Guy Banister and Associates, Inc. (private detective agency; HQ, New Orleans)
  • Kilsoo Kenneth Haan (HQ, Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington field)
  • John W.  Hamilton (St. Louis 100-12430) – National Citizens Protective Association)
  • Gerald Patrick Hemming Jr. (anti-Castro activist who founded International Penetration Forces aka Interpen)
  • J. Edgar Hoover 8/1/67 testimony before National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders aka Kerner Commission
  • House Committee on Un-American Activities (HQ 1962-1966; Atlanta 100-5762, Chicago 100-28823)
  • Nelson Bunker Hunt [JBS National Council]
  • Independent Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (Atlanta, Charlotte)
  • J. Edgar Hoover Library
  • John Birch Society [HQ 62-104401, FBI HQ main file, sections 37-60 and sub-A file]
  • James Robertson Jones (Grand Dragon, Ku Klux Klan, North Carolina)
  • KGB [HQ 61-3499 on Soviet Secret Police, 21,850pp for year 1956 thru end of file]
  • Fred C. Koch (HQ 97-3584) = JBS National Council member
  • Alfred Kohlberg (HQ 97-2660, NYC, WFO – including American China Policy Association, HQ 62-86137)
  • William M. Kunstler (Marxist lawyer, co-founder Center For Constitutional Rights)
  • Myers G. Lowman (Circuit Riders, Inc. – Cincinnati OH) – HQ and 11 field offices)
  • Charles Conley Lynch aka Connie Lynch (HQ, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa)
  • Mike Mansfield (U.S. Senator, Montana; Senate Majority Leader 1961-1977)
  • McCarran Committee aka Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (HQ 62-88217)
  • George S. McGovern (U.S. Senator)
  • Military Cold War Education and Speech Review Policies (HQ 62-92942)
  • Minutemen = 1960’s right-wing paramilitary group founded by Robert B. DePugh (HQ 62-107261, Chicago 105-11643, Dallas 105-1280, Kansas City 62-7797, Los Angeles 62-5101, New York 62-12699)
  • National Association For The Advancement of White People (Bryant W. Bowles Jr.); 9 field offices
  • National Knights of the KKK, Inc. (James R. Venable; 9 field offices)
  • Nationalist Party (Chicago 105-2437; HQ 105-33261)
  • Deavours Nix (Director, Klan Bureau of Investigation)
  • Fulton Oursler (Editor, Reader’s Digest magazine and friend of J. Edgar Hoover)
  • Herbert A. Philbrick (FBI informant; I Led Three Lives – Boston, HQ, New York City, WFO)
  • Politician, The (1950’s manuscript by Robert Welch; HQ and field offices)
  • Oren Fenton Potito (U.S. Rangers, Christian Youth Corps)
  • Project Alert School of Anti-Communism (Los Angeles 62-5148)
  • Radio Free Cuba
  • Ramparts magazine (HQ, San Francisco)
  • Archibald E. Roberts (Miami 157-1032)
  • Herbert Romerstein (former researcher/investigator for House Committee on Un-American Activities)
  • Anna M. Rosenberg (Ralph De Sola accusations re: her CP membership - New York City 62-10641)
  • Richard B. Russell (1933-1971 U.S. Senator, GA; Chairman Armed Services Committee)
  • Gerald L.K. Smith (Christian Nationalist Crusade;  HQ 62-43818; 1949-1980)
  • Julien Goode Sourwine aka J.G. Sourwine (Chief Counsel, US Senate Internal Security Subcommittee)
  • Soviet Bloc Espionage and Counterintelligence Matters (HQ 65-63478; 12,750pp)
  • William Scott Stephenson (President, Virginia League, Inc. and Editor, The Virginian) = HQ, Norfolk, Richmond
  • Rev. Wesley Albert Swift (Christian Defense League; Christian Knights of the Invisible Empire; HQ and field office files)
  • Burgess Doyle Trent (United Klans of America, Minutemen – Baltimore MD)
  • United White Party (Charlotte 105-683)
  • U.S. State Department Bureau of Consular and Security Affairs, HQ 62-39749, years 1950-1954)
  • Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker (Dallas 157-218, 581pp)
  • Robert C. Weaver (first Secretary, Department of Health, Education Welfare)
  • Western American Security Police
  • Nathaniel Weyl (conservative author, 1961 book, Red Star Over Cuba; estimated 1201pp)
  • George Clinton Wheat (Committee of One Million Caucasians To March on Washington in 1964)
  • Peter L. Xavier (St. Louis 105-283)
  • Milton R. Young (U.S. Senator, North Dakota 1945-1980)


U.S. Secret Service requests on David E. Gumaer, Stanley L. Drennan, and John Birch Society

Herbert Philbrick Papers (at Library of Congress) which includes folders pertaining to Robert Welch, John Birch Society, J. Edgar Hoover and FBI (over 600 pages)