Join the Historians of American Communism

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The Historians of American Communism (HOAC) has competed its reorganization.  We want to welcome back our old members and are delighted to accept new ones.   To join or rejoin HOAC go to our website at fill out the form on the Sign Up page and pay your dues via our paypal account.

Our webpage is the cheapest one we could have undergraduate students create for us so it is a little tricky.

Fill out the required areas of the membership form on the sign up page and click submit.  Your information will be entered on a google document attached to the site.  From your point of view, nothing will seem to happen.  Do not be concerned, it’s just a cheap website.  Once you click submit scroll to the bottom of the sign-up page, there you will find a yellow button that says, BUY NOW!

If the button is not there exit the site, then log back on, go to the sign up page and scroll down.  It will reappear right below the sign up menu.

The button will take you to our paypal account where you can pay your dues with a credit card.   Full-time faculty at universities, colleges and two-year schools pay $75 per year, secondary school teachers, graduate students, independent scholars, business owners or anybody else pays only $50 per year. 

Your membership entitles you to three issues of the journal American Communist History each year and connects you with a vibrant community of scholars and like-minded individuals.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Unfortunately, the options for Membership had none for History Professor Emeriti. $50 would be helpful for us!