Lazar FBI collection and Internet Archive webpages

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Hi everyone:
During the past two years, many paper files from my collection of FBI files on the right-wing have been converted into PDF files by the Center For Right Wing Studies (CRWS) at University of California-Berkeley. The Center has now scanned and converted over 40,000 paper pages into PDF files.
After I performed an OCR scan on those files, I uploaded them into one of my Internet Archive webpages (see links below) and in many cases I also wrote historical notes about the subjects discussed in those files. See attached list of all the files which CRWS scanned.
The UC-Berkeley webpage which discusses this project is here:
As of August 2019, more than a million people have accessed my Internet Archive Collection and many historians, political scientists, journalists, researchers, and students have used material in these files in their books, academic journal articles, internet articles and blogs, academic conference papers, Master's Theses, and Doctoral Dissertations.  Links to files in my Collection have also been added to, or used by, many websites including Wikipedia, The Black Vault, Government Attic, National Security Archive, and numerous others.
If you would like to help preserve these paper files so that they can be uploaded into Internet Archive, please see My GoFundMe campaign webpage SAVE FBI RECORDS
UCB discusses my research here (middle of page):
Thanks for all your support!
Ernie Lazar