FBI FOIA files: Spock, Bentley, LaPrade

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From Ernie Lazar

For those who may be interested, today I uploaded the files shown below to my Internet Archive webpage:  https://archive.org/details/@ernie1241
If you would like to help My GoFundMe campaign to fund the digitizing project by the Center for Right Wing Studies at University of California-Berkeley to save my paper FBI files and convert them into PDF files so that they can be shared on Internet Archive website, please see:  SAVE FBI RECORDS
UCB discusses my research here (middle of page):  https://crws.berkeley.edu/resources
(1) Pediatrician and political activist, Benjamin M. Spock (507 pages)
(2) FBI informant Elizabeth T. Bentley (2136 pages)
(3) FBI Special Agent J. Wallace LaPrade (292 pages) 
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