Murals by Left artist, Victor Arnautoff, threatened

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Dear colleagues,


Murals created in 1935-1936 by the Left artist Victor Arnautoff are currently the subject of intense discussion and may be destroyed.  You can read about the issue in the San Francisco Chronicleand New York Times:


The school board is likely to act on the matter within the next month.  If you would like to write to the school board about the issue, the address is:

Dr. Vincent Matthews, Superintendent

Members of the Board of Education

San Francisco Unified School District

555 Franklin Street

San Francisco, CA 94102


Mr. Stevon Cook, SFUSD Board President <>, Mr. Mark Sanchez, SFUSD Board Vice President <>, Ms. Alison M. Collins, SFUSD Board Commissioner

<>, Ms. Jenny Lam, SFUSD Board Commissioner <>, Ms. Gabriela López, SFUSD Board Commissioner <>, Mr. Faauuga Moliga, SFUSD Board Commissioner <>, Ms. Rachel Norton, SFUSD Board Commissioner

<>, Esther V. Casco, Executive Assistant to the Board of Education <>, Dr. Vincent Matthews, Superintendent <>


Thank you.


Robert W. Cherny

Professor emeritus of history

San Francisco State University

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Bob: I saw that the SF school board decided to destroy the mural by painting over. Is that right? Any links would be appreciated.
John Haynes