Copy of HUAC Hearings on Mundt-Nixon Bill?

Do any HOAC members have a PDF copy to share of "Hearings on Proposed Legislation to Curb or Control the Communist Party of the United States" before the Subcommittee on Legislation of the Committee on Un-American Activities - House of Representatives, Eightieth Congress, Second Session on H.R. 4422 and H.R. 4581? 

These were the hearings on the Mundt-Nixon Bill in February 1948.

Shaffer on Young, 'Union Power: The United Electrical Workers in Erie, Pennsylvania'

James Young. Union Power: The United Electrical Workers in Erie, Pennsylvania. New York: Monthly Review Press, 2017. 248 pp. $24.65 (e-book), ISBN 978-1-58367-619-6; $29.00 (paper), ISBN 978-1-58367-617-2.

Reviewed by Robert Shaffer (Shippensburg University) Published on H-Pennsylvania (June, 2018) Commissioned by Allen J. Dieterich-Ward (Shippensburg University)

Query: Donner, Frank J., ‘Let Him Wear A Wolf’s Head'


Does anyone have a copy (hard copy or electronic) of 

Donner, Frank J., ‘Let Him Wear A Wolf’s Head: What the FBI Did to William Albertson’, Civil Liberties Review 3, no. 1 (1976).

that they could loan me?

Back at my old job I could head for the stacks of the Library of Congress and dig it out.  Here in Santa Fe my options are more limited and thus far I cannot find it available online.  

John Earl Haynes,  contact me at jeh404@gmail.com


CFP: Sites of Contest: Cold War Cultural Diplomacy and the Global South

Culture has served as a “weapon of the struggle” during the Cold War. It played a central role in leftist literary circles, socialist realist poetry and muralism, as well as in the CIA-backed Congress for Cultural Freedom, whose artist groups embraced Abstract Expressionism and modernist poetry.


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