American Communist History

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I have decided to retire and as a result I need to clean out an office of 40 years of accumulated stuff.

I have print copies of American Communist History from June 2002 (1:1) to April 2016 (15:1) and I would hate to see them go into a dumpster. Is there anyone who can make use of them, is there a luibrary or a repository that could give them a new home?

All suggestions welcome.


Tom Grunfeld

I'm sure there are plenty of libraries that don't have runs of the journal, which is cheap for HOAC members but expensive for institutional subscriptions. If you just need to get it out of the way until it is rehomed, I've got room for them. I'm also very much in need of finding a good run of Labor History, let me know if you happen to have issues of that.

If you have pamphlets or other left wing ephemera, there are several left wing bookstores that might make you an offer for the lot. You might also consider going the eBay route — just start things with a nice low price and let the market set the selling price.

Tim Davenport
Early American Marxism website
Corvallis, OR

Hello Tom

I would be happy to accept those copies of American Communist History for the Archives of the Socialist Party USA, of which I am archivist. I will be happy to pay the associated costs of postage. Thanks!

Steve Rossignol

Would you be open to sending them to a private collector?