YouTube Videos About Hiss-Chambers Case

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I have uploaded to YouTube 38 videos about the Hiss-Chambers case, based on my presentations about the case at Smithsonian Associates.   They can be seen by a search request such as "John Berreford Hiss 1" for the first, and so on. The Topics are as follows:

1:  Introduction and Alger Hiss

2:  Whittaker Chambers, Part I

3: Whittaker Chambers, Part II

4:  Communism in the 1930s

5:  The First HUAC Hearings

6:  Hiss’s Denial

7:  Chambers’ Secret Testimony

8:  Nixon Takes the Plunge

9:  Hiss’s Second Testimony

10:  HUAC Reacts

11:  Face to Face!

12:  Setting Up the Public Confrontation

13:  The Public Confrontation

14:  Hiss Makes the Mistake of Oscar Wilde

15:  Cue the Marx Brothers!

16:  The Grand Jury

17:  You Be the Lawyer:  Trial Strategy:  How Strong is Your Case?

18:  The Lawyers, the Judge, and the Jury

19:  The Opening Statements

20:  The Prosecution:  Whittaker and Esther Chambers

21: The Prosecution:  The Documents

22: The Prosecution:  Raymond Feehan

23: The Prosecution:  Henry Julian Wadleigh

24: The Prosecution:  Were the Two Families Friends, and For How Long?

25:  Intermezzo:  The Sleeper Issue of Homosexuality

26:  The Defense:  Alger Hiss

27:  The Defense:  Priscilla Hiss and the Character Witnesses

28:  The Defense:  The Catlett Family

29:  The Summations and the Verdict

30:  The Second Trial

31:  The Second Trial:  Chambers’ Mental Condition

32:  The Second Trial:  The Surprise Witness!!!

33:  The Second Trial:  The Summations and the Verdict

34:  The Impact of the Guilty Verdict on America

35:  Forgery by Typewriter

36:  Hiss and Chambers After the Trials

37:  What Did Not Come Out in Court?

38:  Why Do People Still Care About This Case?

There seems to be a typo in the suggested search request. It should be: "John Berresford Hiss 1" etc., with an S in the surname.


Tim Davenport


Editor's note:  Mr. Davenport is correct, one should search YouTuve with "John Berresford Hiss 1"