What became of Tom Johnson?

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From  early 1930 until mid-1931, a man known only as Tom Johnson was the director of the CPUSA's District 17 (the Deep South). Current accounts of his life say that he had a "nervous breakdown" in Birmingham and in the midst of it returned to New York. The story ends there. However, once he was in New York he was elevated to the Org Buro, assigned to teach a course in a Party school, and tasked with fund-raising for the burgeoning "strike" in Harlan and other Kentucy andTennessee counties. In early 1932 he was put in charge of the Party's operation there. He left about six months later, returning to New York, after disbanding the Party's operations in the region. 

I'd like to know what he did next. Did he drop out of the Party or was he reassigned somewhere else and don't know where to look. (I've checked the Comintern records for the CP's operation in California throgh 1935 and come up with nothing.)

Prison records show that Johnson was 26 years old in 1930, but do not provide a birth date. The authorities in Dixie never learned whether 'Tom Johnson' was a Party name, as is likely. He joined the CP in New Jersey in 1926. 

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