Finding Aid for Files of the Communist Party of the USA in the Comintern Archives

The website listed in all catalog entries for the Finding Aid for the microfilm of the Files of the Communist Party of the USA in the Comintern Archives appears to be inoperative. Further, some libraries (such as Princeton) do not have a paper version of the Finding Aid. Does anyone on H-HOAC know where I might find a copy of the Findiing Aid?  (I'm a historian of labor, not communism, so I apologize if the answer to this is already well known.)


Dan Sidorick

Labor Studies, Rutgers University

CPUSA membership

The discussion of CPUSA membership after the Pact reminds me that it would be a nice project for someone to bring together documents or citations to documents that provide reliable numbers of CPUSA membership by year. 

We have all sorts of estimates from the origins of the party to the 60s and 70s, but my impression is that for many years these are just estimates, educated and sometimes no-so-educated guesses based on limited or no ducumentation. 

TOC American Communist History Volume 17, 3-4

Table of Contents
American Communist History
Volume 17, 3-4

Dan Leab—An Appreciation
by James G. Ryan

Reproductive Sovereignty in Soviet and American Socialism during the Great Depression
by Denise Lynn

Charles White: The Art and Politics of Humanism, 1947–195
by John P. Murphy

Sex, Communism and the Spanish Civil War: The Diaries of Stanley Postek
by Vernon L. Pedersen


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