H-Buddhism Review Editors, Areas, and Contacts

Here is the list of current H-Buddhism review editors. Please contact the appropriate editor when soliticing book reviews.

Name                           Review Area                         Email Address
Charles DiSimone       Indian Buddhism                    

Lucia Galli                   Tibetan Buddhism                  lubigalli@gmail.com

Thomas Borchert        Southeast Asian Buddhism    Thomas.Borchert@uvm.edu

Ben Van Overmeire    Western Buddhism                 ben.van.overmeire@dukekunshan.edu.cn

Marta Sanvido            Japanese Buddhism               martasanvido@gmail.com

Jessica Zu                   Chinese Buddhism                pureoneness@gmail.com

Sujung Kim                  Korean Buddhism                  sujungkim@depauw.edu

Charles Muller             Reviews Coordinator             acmuller@l.u-tokyo.ac.jp