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CONFERENCE> "Seeking a Future for East Asia's Past: Sinographic Studies" at Boston University, April 27

Seeking a Future for East Asia’s Past: A Workshop on Sinographic Sphere Studies

Boston University, April 27 2018


In the early twentieth century East Asia’s traditional Sinographic Sphere broke apart.

What is the future of its legacy in the early twenty-first century?

A day of visionary brainstorming with students and scholars articulating the future of their mission to recapture the region’s shared past in a divisive present

ANNOUNCEMENT> Mangalam Research Center launches Mangalam Press

Mangalam Research Center is pleased to announce the formation of its own publishing company, Mangalam Press. The new company will publish works of academic interest; other works relating to Buddhism are published by our sister company, Dharma Publishing. An excellent group of scholars has agreed to serve on the Editorial Board:

José Cabezón
David Fiordalis
Natalie Gummer
Jan Nattier
Alex von Rospatt
William Waldron