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JOURNAL> Journal of Religion in Japan 7.1

Dear Colleagues,

Our apologies for cross-posting.

We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Religion in Japan (JRJ) 7.1 (2018) has been published.

With our best regards,

The Editors

Elisabetta Porcu and James Mark Shields



Journal of Religion in Japan 7.1 (2018)




Heian Jingū: Monument or Shintō Shrine?


Faith, Devotion, and Doctrinal Knowledge: Interpretative Strategies in Shingon Liturgical Exegesis

AAR> Yogācāra Studies at the American Academy of Religion in Denver

Dear Colleagues, 

We write to let you know of the Yogācāra Studies Unit's panels and other events at the upcoming AAR meeting to be held in Denver, CO from November 17-20, 2018. Be sure to read to the bottom to find out about our *first annual* Yogācāra Happy Hour, generously sponsored by the Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages, and our *new* Facebook page.

1) "Exploring Yogācāra in the Laṅkāvatārasūtra", our text panel, will be held Saturday from 3:30-5 in Convention Center-Mile High 1A (Lower Level).