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Re: RESOURCE> Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon

Hi Marcus,

Thanks much for this bibliography.

While I'm sure there must be others, one item you might want to add is:

The Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra, translated by The Buddhist Text Translation Society, with commentary by Tripitaka Master Hua. Vol. 1. San Francisco: Sino-American Buddhist Association, 1976; Vol. 2, 1977; Vols. 3-5, 1979; Vols. 6-8, 1980; Vol. 9, 1981; Vol. 10, 1982.

Another is:
The Lotus Sutra and its Opening and Closing Sutras. translated by Minerva T.,Y. Lee. No apparent publisher, 2014.

RESOURCE> Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon

Dear Colleagues,

With the help of many of you the "Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon into Western Languages" has grown to 1105 entries as of today. The bibliography which has been online since 2001 is available here: http://mbingenheimer.net/tools/bibls/transbibl.html

COURSES> Language Intensives in Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Nepalese at CBS in Kathmandu, including new Graduate-Level Advanced Tibetan Reading Seminar

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