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OBITUARY> John Huntington (April 6, 1937 - November 28, 2021)

Dear colleagues,

I am passing on the sad news that John Huntington, who with his wife Susan, has contributed so much to our understanding and appreciation of Buddhist art, has passed away. He was a frequent contributor to this list, generous with his knowledge.

For those unfamiliar with their archive of Buddhist art, please visit

CFA> NEH Summer Institute for Higher Education Faculty, "Ritual Arts in Hinduism and Buddhism" June 19-July 3, 2022

This two-week Summer Institute will provide an overview of the distinctive rituals and the associated ritual arts of the two major world religions of South and Southeast Asia. To balance the usual college course emphasis on doctrine defining religious traditions, this Institute will focus on the distinctive forms of praxis that express and act upon each faith’s central beliefs.