RESOURCE> AAUP Rebukes Colleges for Chinese [Confucius] Institutes

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AAUP (American Association of University Professors) criticizes the
Confucius Institutes project. See below -- not sure if this will mean more real debate, or simply that the could-have-been debate will continue to be buried and silenced in even more money.

--at the AAUP website:

CONFERENCE> Chinese and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

International Research Conference on


June 16th –18th, 2014

at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Organizers: Meir Shahar (Tel Aviv University) & Yael Bentor (The Hebrew University)

Joint Research Conference of the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies & the Israel Science Foundation

NEW BOOK> Reconstructing the Confucian Dao, by Joseph Adler

I just finished reading this and hadn't seen it announced anywhere. Excellent contribution to the field of the history of Chinese thought, in my opinion. Although the main topic is (Neo-)Confucianism, there is a lot  in here on the relationship between Confucianism and Buddhism during the Song:

Reconstructing the Confucian Dao: Zhu Xi's Appropriation of Zhou Dunyi

By Joseph A. Adler

SUNY series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture


Discusses how Zhou Dunyi’s thought became a cornerstone of neo-Confucianism.

ANNOUNCEMENT> Call for Book Proposals in Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism Series

The Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism Series invites inquiries and proposals for publishing monographs and edited volumes in the field of Buddhist Studies. Having published its first title in 1996, the Series has continued to present texts that make significant contributions to the field. The series is diverse in its focus, including historical, philological, cultural, and sociological investigations into the manifold features and expressions of Buddhism worldwide. 

There are several good reasons to consider publishing your research in the Series:

JOURNAL> Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 2014, vol XVII and Supplement (PDF version)

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that PDF files of the following publication are now available on our WEB site.

Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 2014, volume XVII, 530 pages.

Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 2014, volume XVII, Supplement (Kanaganahalli Inscriptions), 150 pages.

[In both of them, the facsimiles are not available due to copyright reasons.]

CONFERENCE> 2nd Asian Philosophy Conference, Andhra University, 12/2014

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce that the Second Asian Philosophy Congress,
organized jointly by the Department of Philosophy, Andhra University
and GITAM Center for Gandhian Studies will be held in Visakhapatnam during 26-28 December 2014. You are cordially invited to participate in the
celebrated event.

For information and registration, see:




Center for Gandhian Studies

GITAM University


LECTURE> "Reconstructing Dignāga's Pramāṇasamuccaya : Chances and Dangers", by Horst Lasic

Date: Friday, June 20, 2014 From 15:00

Place: Waseda University Toyama campus (literary science academy)

         Building 33, 3rd floor, lecture room #1

Presenter: Horst Lasic, PhD. Asian Culture Research Center, Austrian Academy of Science

Title: Reconstructing Dignāga's Pramāṇasamuccaya : Chances and Dangers


Contact: Waseda University Asian philosophy Department TEL 03 (5286) 3701


NEW BOOK> Buddhist Stone Sutras in China. Shandong 1

The Reasearch Unit " Buddhist Stone Inscriptions in China" of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities is pleased to announce the publication of the first volume in the new series:

Buddhist Stone Sutras in China. Series editor Lothar Ledderose.

Shandong 1, Wang Yongbo and Lothar Ledderose, eds. Hardcover, XXVI/508 pages, 219 ill. in color and b/w, 6 maps

It is available for all continents except Asia through Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden:


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