NEW BOOK> Gateways to Tibetan Studies: A Collection of Essays in Honour of David P. Jackson on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to announce the publication of the Festschrift for David P. Jackson on the occasion of his 70th birthday:

Caumanns, Volker, Jörg Heimbel, Kazuo Kano and Alexander Schiller (eds.). 2021. Gateways to Tibetan Studies: A Collection of Essays in Honour of David P. Jackson on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday. 2 vols. Indian and Tibetan Studies 12.1–2. Hamburg: Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, Universität Hamburg. 

The Festschrift is available for pre-order on the website of the printer and distributor, Biblia Impex:

Please find the table of contents below this announcement.

Kind regards,

The Editors


Table of Contents

Volume One


Rang rnam dri lan ma: An Interview with the Honoree, David P. Jackson 

Publications of David P. Jackson 

Orna Almogi: Does a Buddha Possess Gnosis? Three Deliberations in 12th–13th Century Tibet 

Achim Bayer: Roads Taken and Not Taken: The Encounters of Eric Teichman and André Migot with the Scholarly Traditions of Kham 

Volker Caumanns: „Ein Spektakel für jedwedes Auge, Speisen für jedweden Mund“: Die Einsetzung der ’Khon-Adligen bSod-nams dbang-po (1559–1621) und Grags-pa blo-gros (1563–1617) auf dem Großen Dharma-Thron des Klosters Saskya im Jahr 1570 

Karl Debreczeny: Of Bird and Brush: A Preliminary Discussion of a parinirvāṇa Painting in the Distinctive Idiom of the Tenth Karmapa Recently Come to Light 

Siglinde Dietz and Helmut Eimer: Zum Hintergrund der in Zentral- und Ostasien verbreiteten Maudgalyāyana-Legende 

Franz-Karl Ehrhard: In Search of the bKa’ ’gyur lung – The Accounts of the Fifth Dalai Lama and His Teachers 

Karl-Heinz Everding: The 1920 Tibetan New Year’s Festival in Lhasa: Impressions and Observations of Kaḥ thog Si tu Chos kyi rgya mtsho 

Mathias Fermer: Once More on the so-called Old dGa’ ldan Editions of Tsong kha pa’s Works 

Jörg Heimbel: Portraits of the Great Abbots of Ngor: The Memorial or Death Anniversary Thangka (dus thang

Amy Heller: A Page from an Artist’s Sketchbook 

Michael Henss: A Rare Image of the 28th Sakya Throne Holder Ngawang Sonam Wangchuk (1638–1685) 

Pascale Hugon: Mapping Recently Recovered Early Tibetan Epistemological Works 

Harunaga Isaacson: A Critical Edition of Ratnākaraśānti’s Muktāvalī Hevajrapanjikā: Commentary on Hevajratantra I.i.1–12 

Kazuo Kano: A Later Interpolation or a Trace of the Earliest Reading? —Ratnagotravibhāga 5.19 and an “Extra Verse”— 

Matthew T. Kapstein: Portrait of an Unknown Adept: An Inscribed Scroll-painting of Bla ma Rin po che Sangs rgyas grags pa 

Knud Larsen: Surveying Architecture the ‘Danish Way’ with an Example from Tibet 

Volume Two

Robert N. Linrothe: Lineage, Linearity, and the Lama Lhakhang: Jacksonian Methods at Mindroling 

Erberto Lo Bue: Letters from Tibet: My First Fieldwork in Tibet (July–August 1987) 

Christian Luczanits: A Case of Old Menri (sman ris rnying pa) in Mustang? 

Klaus-Dieter Mathes: The Eight Indian Commentaries on the Heart Sūtra’s Famous Formula “Form Is Emptiness; Emptiness Is Form” 

Katsumi Mimaki: A Note on the Stages of the Peking bKa’ ’gyur Edition 

Shunzo Onoda: De’u dmar dge bshes’ Knowledge of Basic Color Materials 

Charles Ramble: The Gelung Molla: A Preliminary Study 

Jim Rheingans: Experience and Instruction: The Songs of the First Karma ’phrin las pa Phyogs las rnam rgyal (1456–1539) 

Ulrike Roesler: Tigers and Leopards for the Monastery: An Inventory of Gifts from sNar thang to Rwa sgreng 

Carola Roloff: “The Biography of Red mda’ ba”: The Life and Spiritual Practice of a Fourteenth Century Buddhist Yogin-Scholar 

Alexander Schiller: Das Studienbuch des 5. Yol mo sPrul sku Karma ’phrin las bdud ’joms als Quelle zum Inhalt und zur Überlieferungsgeschichte der „nördlichen Schätze“ (byang gter

Jan-Ulrich Sobisch: Divination and Buddhism: An Instance of Religious Contact 

Kimiaki Tanaka: The Twelve Great Deeds or mDzad pa bcu gnyis – A Thangka Set in the Tibet House Museum Collection 

Jo sras bKra shis tshe ring: sMan mkhyen bris rgyun sngon rjes kyi bris cha’i skor la sngon ’gro’i rtog dpyod dang bsam ’char zhu khul byas pa 

Michael Vinding and Per K. Sørensen: Miscellanea Himalaica: Thakali rhab, mi dpon bKra shis bzang po and Bam steng Tulku 

Dorji Wangchuk: The Trope of a Lioness’s Milk in Buddhist and Non-Buddhist Literatures 

Kodo Yotsuya: Shākya mchog ldan’s Mahāyāna Tenets System and the Three Wheels of the dharma 

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