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Hello, I'm trying to track down a reference that my pandemic era-brain just can't dredge up at the moment. There is a classic text that describes how every bodhisattva follows essentially the same career, in the same order (based on that of Gautama): encountering a buddha, making vows, practicing, being born in the Tusita heaven, being born in India, encountering the four sights, going forth to the wilderness, sitting under the tree on the exact same spot, resisting Mara, achieving buddhahood, etc.  I've checked likely suspect sutras, suttas, and commentaries that are immediately available to me in my home office, and come up empty.  Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Dear Jeff,
The Mahāpadānasutta (Dīgha Nikāya 14) is one of them.

You can also find this in the opening of the Larger Sukhāvatī-vyūha-sūtra as part of the description of the bodhisattvas who come to attend the preaching.
Charles Jones