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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

with the kind support of Khyentse Foundation, we have decided to have this year's instalment of the Ratnākara Readings online. We will be reading Chapter 5, and possibly also Chapter 6, of Jñānaśrīmitra's Sākārasiddhiśāstra, under the guidance of Prof. Harunaga Isaacson, in the edition prepared by Ven. Hejung Seok.


August 26th and August 27th 2021
And then every Monday and Thursday 

13.45 - 15.15 (Hamburg Time)

18.45 - 20.15 (Bangkok Time)

There will be some flexibility regarding the schedule after the first two sessions. Zoom link, links to relevant materials, as well as updates regarding timings, etc., will be found on the following website:


(Please mute your microphone when you join the readings on Zoom).


Best regards,