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The International Journal of Buddhist Thought and Culture is an academic journal that is accredited by Korean Research Foundation. The IJBTC is included in the Thomson Reuters Emerging Sources Citation Index and the Atla Religion Database®.    

The summer issue of the IJBTC (Vol 31, no. 1) is now available in print and online (all downloadable without cost) at


[Special Issue: Buddhism and Life: Dilemma between Ideals and Reality in Buddhist Monastic Law]

On Some Curious Cases Where the Buddha Did Not Make a Rule: Palliative Care, Assisted Suicide, and Abortion in an Indian Buddhist Monastic Law Code

• Shayne CLARKE (McMaster University, Canada)


Silla Monks’ Interpretations of the Precept Against Taking of Life

• LEE Jarang (Dongguk University, Korea)


Practical Knowledge for Monks to Abstain from Killing and Injuring Living Beings in Everyday Life with Reference to the Vinayapiaka and the Samantapāsādikā

• AONO Michihiko (International Institute for Digital Humanities, Japan)


[Research Articles]

Buddhist Kingship and Symbolic Architecture in Silla Korea

• Richard D. McBRIDE II (Brigham Young University, USA)


Tantric Appearances and Non-Tantric Meanings: Four Systems of the “Maṇḍala of Mantra” in Cakrasavara Buddhist Literature

• SUGIKI Tsunehiko (Hiroshima University, Japan)


A Brief Note on Baby Siddhārtha’s First Bath

• Chengzhong PU (University of Hong Kong, HK)


[Book Reviews] 

Unnatural Frenchman: The Politics of Priestly Celibacy and Marriage, 1720-1815, by E. Claire Cage

• KIM Hwansoo (Yale University, USA)


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