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Dear All


I am writing to announce the publication of the new issue of Buddhist Studies Review, 38.1. This issue has been guest edited by Margo Kitts and Mark Juergensmeyer and is a tribute to Michael Jerryson and his work on Buddhism and violence. Most of you, by now, will have heard the sad news of Michael’s passing earlier this month. As Mark Juergensmeyer notes, in his obituary for Michael, Michael was aware of this guest edited tribute to him, and was able to read and comment on the papers prior to his death.


You can read Mark Juergensmeyer's obituary for Michael Jerryson here


Guest Editors' Introduction


Buddhist Violence and Religious Authority:  A Tribute to the Work of Michael Jerryson

  Margo Kitts and Mark Juergensmeyer 




Buddhist Challenges to the Contemporary Ethical Discourse of Violence versus Nonviolence: Reflection on the Articles

  Stephen Jenkins


Dharma and Its Discontents

  John M. Thompson


Buddhists and International Law

  Ben Schonthal


Exorcising the Body Politic: The Question of Conversion at the Tibet-Mongol Interface

  Matthew King


De-Centering the Normative in the Introduction to Buddhism Class

  Nathan McGovern


But is it Buddhist?

  Blaze Marpet


Humanizing the Rohingya Beyond Victimization

    Grisel d’Elena


Review Essay


An Unfinished Jigsaw: New Scholarship on the Origins of Mahāyāna

     Nic Newton


Book Reviews


Buddhist Literature as Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy as Literature, edited by Rafal K. Stepien. Reviewed by Stephen Walker


Buddhist Path, Buddhist Teachings: Studies in Memory of L.S. Cousins, edited by Naomi Appleton and Peter Harvey. Reviewed by Olivia Porter