ONLINE LECTURE> "Computing the Dharma: New Tools to Explore Buddhist Sanskrit Literature" with Ligeia Lugli (July 31)

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Dear Colleages,

I'd like to invite you to an online lecture, "Computing the Dharma: New Tools to Explore Buddhist Sanskrit Literature" with Dr. Ligeia Lugli, this Saturday, July 31st, 10-11:30am Los Angeles time. More details and registration link below.

Description: This talk will discuss an exciting new contribution to the fields of Buddhist Studies and Digital Humanities, namely, the Visual Dictionary and Thesaurus of Buddhist Sanskrit, part of the ongoing Buddhist Translation Workbench (BTW) at Mangalam Research Center. Ligeia Lugli, Director of the BTW, will offer a brief history of the project and its vision, highlighting how new digital methods of natural language processing will complement traditional methods of close reading and philology in the study of Sanskrit Buddhist texts. These new digital tools will help identify keywords characteristic of a certain school of Buddhism, detect variation in the distribution of words over time, and pinpoint distinctive word and phrase use patterns – all information that may lead to a better understanding of the texts’ doctrinal affiliations, relative position in the context of Buddhist literature, and perhaps even authorship and dating. While other digital tools focus only on words and not on their meaning, Ligeia and her team are developing methods to study how the meanings of the same words and phrases may change over time and become imbued with new meanings through commentarial explanation and context.

Register here for the talk. This is the second part of a two-part series on studying Sanskrit Buddhist literature. Find a recording of the first talk with Prof. Mattia Salvini, "Sound and Meaning: Chanting in the Study of Buddhist Sanskrit" here. This fall Mangalam Research Center will be offering language courses in Sanskrit and Classical Tibetan designed specifically for students of the Buddha Dharma. Information on scholarships and deadlines will be posted here later this week. Program overviews available here

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Karin Meyers

Academic Director
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