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Call for Contributions to the “Collective Buddhist Studies Manifesto” (CBSM)

Deadline: October 15, 2021.


At the 2021 annual meeting of the AAR, we’ll be holding a “Manifestos for Buddhist Studies” session in which a roster of scholars will envision a future for the field. But a future inclusive of many voices and visions demands contributions from a much broader group of scholars. We seek contributions to the Collective Buddhist Studies Manifesto that focus on any of the following questions.


  • What directions in the field are most exciting to you, and why?
  • How does the status quo in Buddhist studies limit or enable your ability to think critically and creatively about the future?
  • How should we grapple with and begin to move away from the legacies of white supremacy and European universalism in the ways we produce knowledge about Buddhism?
  • How might an altered vision for the future in turn transform our engagement with the past and the present? 
  • What would you like to do in Buddhist Studies that you feel you cannot or should not do now?


Since we hope to engage in collectively imagining alternative futures for the field, we have chosen the genre of the "manifesto" for these contributions, a distinct communication style historically rooted in challenging dominant power hierarchies. We therefore especially aim to amplify the voices of marginalized scholars, contingent faculty, and graduate students. While manifestos seek to challenge and provoke, we ask for constructive rather than destructive contributions.

Format Guidelines:
CBSM submissions may take the form of academic prose, poetry, visual art, images, collages, or video/audio/multimedia formats (including presentations that incorporate conversation, spoken word, movement/dance, and so forth). While we do not want to place limits on creative expression, we also need to keep the material manageable for compilation and presentation, and so ask contributors to follow these length guidelines:

  • Written contributions: up to 300 words
  • Images or art work: one page
  • Video/audio/multimedia: up to two minutes

Contributors may be named or remain anonymous, as they prefer.


How to participate:


Please send contributions to Frances Garrett at The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2021. Questions about the submission process should be directed to Frances.


Presentation and Publication:


The Collective Buddhist Studies Manifesto (CBSM) will be made available at the 2021 AAR session “Manifestos for Buddhist Studies,” and will be published on the Collective Buddhist Studies Manifesto website ( with the support of The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Toronto. (Thanks to Frances Garrett for facilitating the CBSM’s web hosting!) In addition to the collective manifesto, we are exploring venues for the publication of multiple “Buddhist Studies Manifestos” in the form of open access public scholarship. If you would like to hear more about potential publication opportunities, please include a message with your submission indicating your interest. 


The Collective Buddhist Studies Manifestos project was organized by a group of scholars in conjunction with the “Manifestos for Buddhist Studies” round-table to be held at the 2021 AAR. Questions about the project should be directed to Natalie Gummer at



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