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We are pleased to announce that Volume 12, Issue 1 of the Journal of Korean Religions is now available on Project Muse The issue covers a wide-ranging set of topics, including, the “globalization” of the Korean Catholic Church, the thought of Toeong Seongcheol, Neo-Confucian meditation, and Buddhist critiques of Neo-Confucianism in the 17th century.:


An, Choi Hee. 2021. “Gender Politics at Home and Abroad: Protestant Modernity in Colonial-Era Korea by Hyaeweol Choi (Review).” Journal of Korean Religions 12 (1): 129–32.
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Shababo, Guy S. 2021. “Calm Water Is a Mirror: Neo-Confucian Meditation in the Chosŏn Dynasty.” Journal of Korean Religions 12 (1): 73–96.
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