Journal of Chinese Religions 49, no. 1 (May 2021) now online

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I am happy to announce that the May 2021 issue of the Journal of Chinese Religions is now online at See the table of contents below.

Best wishes,

Philip Clart

Editor, Journal of Chinese Religions


Journal of Chinese Religions 49, no. 1 (May 2021)




A Little Bird Told Me: The Magical Birds of the Pure Land

Kendall Marchman


Deviant Viewers and Gendered Looks: Erotic Interactions with Images and Visual Culture in Song Popular Religion

Hsiao-wen Cheng


The Precious Scroll of Liu Xiang: Late Ming Roots and Late Qing Proliferation

Katherine Alexander


The Confluence of Karma and Hygiene: Vegetarianism with Renewed Meanings for Modern Chinese Buddhism

Lianghao Lu


Releasing Life or Releasing Death: The Practice of and Discourse on Buddhist Animal Liberation Rituals in Contemporary Xiamen

Avi Darshani





Wen-shing Chou, Mount Wutai: Visions of a Sacred Buddhist Mountain (Natalie Köhle)


Philip Clart, David Ownby & Wang Chien-chuan, eds., Text and Context in the Modern History of Chinese Religions: Redemptive Societies and Their Sacred Texts (Vincent Goossaert)


Erik J. Hammerstrom, The Huayan University Network: The Teaching and Practice of Avataṃsaka Buddhism in Twentieth-Century China (Nicholaos Jones)


Yuhang Li, Becoming Guanyin: Artistic Devotion of Buddhist Women in Late Imperial China (Dorothy C. Wong)


Gregory Adam Scott, Building the Buddhist Revival: Reconstructing Monasteries in Modern China (Michael J. Walsh)


Dominic Steavu, The Writ of the Three Sovereigns: From Local Lore to Institutional Daoism (Anna-Alexandra Fodde-Reguer)


Chün-fang Yü, Chinese Buddhism: A Thematic History (Stuart H. Young)