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The GW Institute for Korean Studies at the George Washington University is pleased to announce the publication of the Journal of Korean Studies Spring 2021 issue, volume 26, no. 1.

The articles are available online through and Project MUSE, including for individuals not affiliated with a subscribing institution.

The Journal of Korean Studies is dedicated to publishing quality articles in all disciplines on a broad range of topics concerning Korea, both historical and contemporary. JKS encourages transnational and interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship.

JKS welcomes submissions year round for publication in the spring issue. For more information please visit  < and  <

The Journal of Korean Studies, Spring 2021, Volume 26, No. 1


Begging for Rain: Economic and Social Effects of Climate in the Early Koryŏ Period by Howard Kahm and Dennis Lee

Houses of Moral Suasion: Between Rehabilitation and Punishment by Young Sun Park

Two Incarnations, One Person: The Complexity of Kim Iryŏp’s Life by Hwansoo Kim

Truths of Traitors: Colonial Collaboration and Autobiographical Narratives in Postliberation Korea by Ji Young Kim

 “People Like You and Me”: The Korean War, Humanitarian Aid, and Creating Compassion by Paul S. Cha

The Geopolitics of Citizenship: Evidence from North Korean Claims to Membership in the South by Sheena Chestnut Greitens
Book Reviews

Queer Korea edited by Todd A. Henry. Reviewed by So-Rim Lee

The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War: The Untold History by Monica Kim and The Hijacked War: The Story of Chinese POWs in the Korean War by David Cheng Chang. Reviewed by Sandra Park


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