Lecture and Courses on Buddhism, Animals and Natural World

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Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to share some information on upcoming courses and lectures that might be of interest to you or your students (all pitched at an educated, not necessarily specialist audience). 

The first is a short Zoom course on 'Buddhist Perpectives on Nature'-- offering a broad overview of perspectives on the natural world in Buddhist texts and cultures, and an opportunity to interrogate modern scientific, technological, and property perspectives in this moment of ecological crisis. It starts April 28 (5-6:30pm PST). Info and registration at Mangalam Research Center (https://www.mangalamresearch.org/events/buddhist-perspectives-on-nature/). 

On April 29 (5-6:30pm PST, Zoom), Mangalam Resarch Center will be hosting Geoff Barstow who will be talking about, "Rethining the Human/Animal Divide in Buddhist Ethics and Cosmology. Info and restration here: https://www.mangalamresearch.org/spotlight-lecture-series/  Also check out the next talk (May 13) with Annabella Pitkin on modernity, secularity and yogic power.

Starting May 3 (7-8:30pm EST, Zoom), I will  be offering a eight week course at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies on the "Buddhist Roots of Radical and Eco-Dharma." While recent works on Radical and Ecodharma draw primarily on Mahayana Buddhism as well as modern intellectual and social movments, this course will be looking at arguments for (and against) socially and ecologically engaged Buddhism rooted in early Buddhist teachings and modern engaged Buddhist movments in South and Southeast Asia (primarily, not exclusively Theravada Buddhist movts). Info and registration is here: https://www.buddhistinquiry.org/course/buddhist-roots-of-radical-and-eco-dharma/

Best wishes,


Academic Director, Mangalam Research Center
Berkeley, CA