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Dear colleagues,

I have been searching for English translations of commentaries to the Abhidhammattha Sangaha, but unfortunately I couldn't find any. I am not sure whether the commentaries have in fact been translated. Could anyone please let me know if any English translations exist and, if so, how to access them. I would be very grateful for any help.

Thank you in advance,

MA student
International Buddhist College

Dear Dear Sameeksha,
please see the book:

RML Gethin, RP Wijeratne (transl.). 2002. "Summary of the Topics of Abhidhamma (Abhidhammatthasangaha) by Anuruddha. Exposition of the Topics of Abhidhamma (Abhidhammatthavibhāvinī) by Sumangala, being a commentary to Anuruddha's 'Summary of the Topics of Abhidhamma'." Pali Text Society; ISBN (Print) 0860134121.


best wishes,
Dan Lusthaus

Dear Sameeksha,
The translation of Abhidhammaṭṭhasaṅgaha by R.P. Wijeratne and Rupert Gethin (Summary of the Topics of Abhidhamma, Pali Text Society 2002) includes a translation of the commentary called Abhidhammaṭṭhavibhāvinī by Sumaṅgala. The translation of Abhidhammaṭṭhasaṅgaha ed. Bhikkhu Bodhi (A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma, BPS 1993) includes explanatory material drawn from the same commentary and also that of Ledi Sayadaw called Paramatthadīpanī-ṭīkā.
Dhivan Jones
University of Chester

Dear Dan Lusthaus and Dhivan Jones,

thank you very much for the information.
Is this (Summary of the Topics of Abhidhamma, Pali Text Society 2002) book available in pdf format on the internet? or could someone please tell me how I can access this book?

Thank you,
with kind regards,
International Buddhist College

Dear Sameeksha,

There may be a bootleg PDF floating around somewhere, but it is not easily available. Better to support the work of scholars and purchase the book.

Pali Text Society books can usually be purchased online directly from the Society.

Go to


and scroll down to:

The Summary of the Topics of Abhidhamma and Exposition of the Topics of Abhidhamma,

tr. R.P. Wijeratne & Rupert Gethin, 2002

ISBN 412 1    £24.00   « Add to Basket »

Translation of Abhidhammatthasaṅgaha and Abhidhammatthavibhāvinīṭīkā, a manual covering the whole field of Abhidhamma in a condensed way, published together with one of the commentaries on it. (10th and 11th century C.E.)

Translation of the Abhidhammatthasaṅgaha and Abhidhammatthavibhāvinīṭīkā.


For more instructions, go to

and on http://www.palitext.com/

click the “Order Info” box and select “how to order.”


good luck,

Dan Lusthaus

Thank you very much!