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I am happy to announce the latest addition and a new set of resources to Jamgön Kongtrul’s Treasury of Precious Instructions (gdams ngag rin po che’i mdzod).  


This new set of resources includes information about all the existing translations and upcoming volumes, a short history of the collection, a translation of the catalog (dkar chag), a series of talks in both video and audio format by some of the translators, Matthew Kapstein’s paper on gdams ngag that appears in book volume Tibetan Literature (, and a link to all the resources in Tibetan from the Tsadra Foundation who make the translation and publication of this whole series possible. 


You can start here:


The latest volume–which is available this Tuesday–is Jonang: The One Hundred and Eight Instruction Manuals.


This volume–which somewhat confusingly is not about the Jonang tradition–is in a sense the most essential volume of the entire Treasury.    Kongtrul included it but its author is the 16th century adept Jetsun Kunga Drolchok.  Kongtrul  describes the teachings and transmissions in this volume as “supports for all the foregoing teachings”.  In other words this is the wellspring of the content in the previous volumes.  It was the inspiration for Jamgön Kongtrül and the essential basis for all the other teachings.


The manuals are in fact mostly Kagyu, Sakya, and Kadam, with a few from the Nyingma tradition as well.  It ranges from foundational Buddhist teachings (e.g. Parting from the Four Attachments, lojong, etc.) to the tantric practices from across all the eight “chariots” or traditions that came from India.


So why is the title of this volume called Jonang?  Because that’s where Kunga Drolchok wrote them.  While he held the monastic seat of Jonang monastery, as these guidebooks make obvious he was a true proto-Rimé figure, studying and deeply practicing without sectarian filters.


This was the penultimate translation of Gyurme Dorje, one of the great translators of Tibetan into English.  His introduction to this work will be of interest to all scholars of Tibetan Buddhism.  Read more about Gyurme here:


This joins the previous volumes on Zhije (vol 13) and Chöd (vol 14).  Volume 16 on Mahsiddha teachings will be out later this year, and the first volumes on the Shangpa and Marpa Kagyu will be out in 2022, with plenty more on the way. We hope this academic libraries consider building their collection of this work.


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