RESOURCE> ICRC Religion and Humanitarian Principles new website - including Buddhism!

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The ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) has launched the new "ICRC Religion and Humanitarian Principles website":

In times of war and crisis, religious networks play a vital role in carrying out and facilitating humanitarian action. With this in mind, the ICRC collaborates with religious circles around the world to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian action, to explore correspondences between IHL and religious principles, and to learn how religious and philosophical traditions can contribute to regulating and reducing suffering during armed conflict on their own terms.

The "ICRC Religion and Humanitarian Principles website" aims to promote interaction and debate between religious and humanitarian actors, and explore how they can work together to reduce suffering during armed conflict and other complex emergencies. The site already contains over 150 articles, blogs and video posts chronicling ICRC engagement with religious circles over many years, and will be fed continuously with content from new contributors.

The website also features the ongoing collaboration between ICRC and Buddhist circles quite heavily, including recordings of the webinar series "Exploring Convergences Between Buddhism and International Humanitarian Law" and other resources.

The ICRC invites article, blog and video contributions related to the interface between Buddhism, IHL and humanitarian principles; if you have content that you would like to contribute to this new digital platform, or have any other questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email at