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We are happy to announce a major update of the BuddhaNexus database at https://buddhanexus.net/. The Tibetan corpus has been enlarged and contains now the two paracanonical collections of the rNying ma rgyud ’bum (based on the 56-vols. modern edition) and the rNying ma bka’ ma (based on the 133 vols. modern edition). The files do not contain page numbers yet, but we hope to be able to supplement them in the near future.

This update also includes links to BUDA (at BDRC) of the bKa’ ’gyur and bsTan ’gyur texts. Links to the rKTs will be provided soon.

We are currently working on further updates, including enlarging the Sanskrit corpus to include texts from the Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon (DSBC) and other projects, and generating translingual matches.

For questions and/or feedback, please contact us under buddhanexus.info@gmail.com.

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