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The Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford, intends to offer two three-year studentships, covering University tuition and College fees at the Home/EU or Overseas rate, as well as providing a maintenance grant (up to £14,990 in the first year, and increased by inflation for each year thereafter) to doctoral students intending to write a dissertation on a topic falling within the study of the Abrahamic Religions, the study of Buddhism, the study of Hinduism, the study of Islam, the study of Judaism or the study of religions. The successful candidates will be graduate students in the subject group of the Study of Religions in the Faculty of Theology and Religion  (http://www.theology.ox.ac.uk/home) and Lady Margaret Hall (http://www.lmh.ox.ac.uk/) where they will be Scholars of the College with the attendant privileges, including offer of single accommodation in the College’s Graduate Centre for three years (charged at the usual rates).


The Study of Religions subject group covers a wide range of approaches to the Abrahamic religions, Jewish studies, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam (from historical and textual, to philosophical and theological, to sociological and ethnographic). There is also a strong interest in the social scientific study of religion– sociological, anthropological, and psychological – each with an important body of empirical studies and accompanying theories. Teaching in the subject group draws on all these strands and has a strong interest both in the diversity of religious practices worldwide and in the history of their study.  Subject co-ordinator is Professor Anna Sapir Abulafia, Professor of the Study of the Abrahamic Religions, and Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall.


The successful candidates will have an excellent Master’s degree in Theology or in the Study of Religion or other Field which includes studies germane to the advertised studentship, or will have completed all the elements of such a degree by September 2018. They will be expected to have made an application for doctoral study in the Oxford Faculty of Theology and Religion and Lady Margaret Hall by Friday, 19 January 2018 and to have met the usual criteria for acceptance.  


Candidates should list Lady Margaret Hall as their preferred college when applying.


The successful candidates will be eligible for such conference grants as are open to other doctoral students in the Faculty of Theology and Religion.  They will be subject to such procedures for transfer and confirmation of status as are prescribed in the regulations, and the award will be terminated if doctoral status is suspended for any reason.  The award is not renewable after three years of full-time doctoral study.


Applicants for the award should write to graduate.enquiries@theology.ox.ac.uk by Friday, 19 January 2018. They should supply a one-page CV/resumé, including details of their educational experience (including full information about all courses taken at Master’s level and the title of any dissertation or thesis undertaken in that context), and a supporting statement of approximately 500 words describing their intended research project and explaining how their research falls within the area covered by this studentship.  The awarding committee will assess applications also on the basis of the materials submitted for the doctoral application to the Faculty, which need not be submitted twice; candidates should ask their three referees, however, to refer directly to their suitability for this studentship in the references they write in support of the doctoral application.





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