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Dear Friends, We are grateful to all of the speakers and attendees who have participated in our Rainy Season Research Series that began in July. For those who have missed a talk, videos of past seminars can be seen on our website here. Today, we are happy to announce that the Research Series will continue with 5 more speakers during the final month of vassa.


Transnational Network of Theravada Studies | Shan State Buddhist University | King’s College London 


Rainy Season Research Series **New Talks Added** 


Dates:  Every Friday from 25 Sept through 23 Oct 2020

Time: 14:30-15:30 Sri Lanka = 15:30-16:30 Myanmar = 16:00-17:00 Thailand = 10:00-11:00 UK. For your home city, you may check the time with an online world time converter. 

Online Platform:  Microsoft Teams app or browser via this link

Registration:  Not needed. All welcome!

Schedule:  See below. 


For abstracts, see our website: https://theravadastudies.org/rainy-season-research-series/  


25 Sept


Tilman Frasch

Reader in Asian History, Manchester Metropolitan University

“Pali at Bagan: The lingua franca of the Theravada Buddhist Ecumene”  


2 Oct


Ven. Dr. Devindabhipala

Lecturer in Buddhist Sociology, Shan State Buddhist University

“Individual Enlightenment and Social Responsibility:

Reinterpreting Theravada Holy Monks from a Buddhist Sociological Perspective”


9 Oct


Richard Gombrich

Emeritus Boden Professor of Sanskrit, University of Oxford

“The importance of the so-called 'transfer of merit' for understanding the history of Buddhism”


16 Oct


Chotima Chaturawong

Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University

“Wihan at Wat Traphang Thong Lang, Sukhothai: Cultural Linkages with Sri Lanka and Myanmar”


23 Oct 


Mark Allon

Professor of South Asian Buddhist Studies at the University of Sydney

“Research on the Kuthodaw Pagoda marble-stelae recension of the Pali canon in Mandalay, Myanmar”



Courtesy of the Transnational Network of Theravada Studies (TNTS)

Hosted by Shan State Buddhist University (SSBU) and King’s College London

Website: https://theravadastudies.org/rainy-season-research-series/


Contact: Pyi Phyo Kyaw on ssbu.pyi.p.kyaw@gmail.com

Contact: Kate Crosby on henrietta.crosby@kcl.ac.uk