Fazang, Huayan Wujiao zhang (Treatise of the Five Teachings)

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Dear Colleagues: 

We are completing a new translation of Fazang's Huayan Wujiao zhang (Treatise of the Five Teachings), full original title 華嚴一乘教義分齊章. Does anyone know if there are any translations into Western languages other than Thomas Cleary's Entry into the Inconceivable? Thank you for your assistande in advance.

Mark Unno, Monica Mclellan

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Hello Mark:

We're looking forward to seeing this. In regard to your query, Marcus Bingenheimer's bibliography of Taisho translations has this:

translated by: Cook, Francis H
Fa-tsang’s Treatise on the Five Doctrines: An Annotated Translation
University of Wisconsin: unpublished Ph.D.dissertation, 1970.

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Actually, it was Francis Cook's translation I was thinking of. The Cleary translation was not of the "Gokyosho." My error! So, it might have just been the Cook translation.

Dear Mark-

I'm very excited to hear about your work for translating Fazang! Apart from Cook's 1970 dissertation, I believe there are no other English translations of the entire text. I know that Tiwald and Van Norden's -Readings in Later Chinese Philosophy- has a translation of the very last section (by Elstein); and James Ryan's -Chinese Philosophy: A Reader- (self-published in 2017) translated a bit more from the tenth chapter--focusing mainly on Fazang's coins metaphor.

- Nick Jones (Department of Philosophy, University of Alabama in Huntsville)

Dear Nick -
Thanks very much for the details on partial translations and your encouragement. I'm partnering with Monica McLellan, here at the Univ of Oregon, whose specialty is early Chinese poetry but a longtime Buddhist practitioner. It's turned out to be an excellent collaboration, with her doing most of the actual translation, but myself providing the terminological, Buddhalogical, and hybrid Chinese contexts. We will be done soon. Thanks again,
Mark (Dept of Religious Studies, University of Oregon)