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The Suttanipata: An Ancient Collection of the Buddha's Discourses Together with its Commentaries, tr. Bhikkhu Bodhi. [Published under agreement with Wisdom Publications]

ISBN-10 0 86013 516 0
ISBN-13 978 0 86013 516 6

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This volume offers a new translation of the Suttanipata together with its commentarial apparatus. It is an anthology of discourses ascribed to the Buddha, included in the Khuddaka Nikaya, the fifth collection in the Sutta Pitaka of the Pali Canon. Most of the discourses in the Suttanipata are in verse, some in mixed prose and verse. Several occur elsewhere in the Sutta Pitaka, but most are unique to this collection. The commentary, the Paramatthajotika II, already recognizes its composite nature when, in its introductory verses, it says that "it is so designated because it was recited by compiling suitable suttas from here and there."
Exactly when the anthology came into existence is not known, but since, as a collection it has no parallel in the texts surviving from other Early Buddhist schools, it is likely to be unique to the Pali school now known as Theravada.

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