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Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce the publication of vol. 18 of the Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies (2017), whose contents are listed below. At the same time, I would like to invite submissions for vol. 19 of the journal, to be published in 2018. Please submit material (or inquiries) to either of the co-editors, Roger Jackson ( or Lalji Shravak ( Submission guidelines may be found at We ask that submissions be received by 31 December 2017.


With thanks,

Roger Jackson

John W. Nason Professor of Asian Studies and Religion, Emeritus

Carleton College

Northfield, MN, USA


Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies, Vol. 18 (2017)

Editors’ Preface  (i-iv)                                                                                                          

I.  Articles           

1.   James B. Apple, “Atiśa’s Teachings on Mahāmudrā” (1-42)

2.    Giuliano Giustarini, “The Interaction of Morality (sīla) with Cognitive Factors in the Pali Nikāyas” (43-70)

3.     Tomoko Makidono, “Dge rtse Mahāpaṇdita on the Vaibhāṣika School of Indian Buddhism” (71-141)

4.     Jeremy S. Manheim, “Is Consciousness a Person? A Study in the Tarkajvālā” (143-172)

5.     Jeffrey Sundberg, “Appreciation of Relics, Stūpas, and Relic-Stūpas in Eighth Century Esoteric Buddhism: Taishō Tripiṭaka Texts and Archaeological Residues of Guhyā Laṅkā (I)” (173- 340)

II. Book Reviews and Notices

1. Bhikkhu Pasadika: Dieter Schlingloff, Die übermenschlichen Phänomene. Visuelle Meditation und Wundererscheinung in Buddhistischer Literatur und Kunst. Ein religionsgeschichtlicher Versuch (The Superhuman Phenomena. Visual Meditation and Transfiguration (/ Thaumaturgy) in Buddhist Literature and Art. An Essay in Religious History). (341-344)

2. Udita Das: Alice Collett, Lives of Early Buddhist Nuns: Biographies as History (345-355)

III. Obituaries and Remembrances

1.   Michael Hahn, by Bhikkhu Pasadika (357-360)

2.   N.H. Samtani, by Charles Willemen (361-363)

3.   Remembering N.H. Samtani, by Shohei Ichimura (365-373)