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- Special Issue: Society, Religions and Buddhism in Early Modern East Asia

Albert WELTER. The “Resurrection” of Yongming Yanshou in Ming Dynasty China: The Yongming Stūpa at Jingci Monastery

SONEHARA Satoshi, UMEDA Chihiro, Christopher MAYO, SERIGUCHI Mayuko and HŌZAWA Naohide. Religious Transformations in Early Modern Japan: Relationships Between the State, Religious Organizations and Communities

KIM Seong Uk. The Intersections Between Buddhism and Folk Religions in the Late Chosŏn: The Case Study of the Kitchen-God Cult

HIKINO Kyōsuke. The Establishment of Commercial Publishing and the Transformation of Buddhism in Early Modern Japan


-Research Article

Wendi L. ADAMEK. Ethical Action through “Ambiguity” in Existentialism and Kanhwa Chan

Gloria I-Ling CHIEN. Building the Sanctity of a Tibetan Buddhist Lojong Master through His Hagiography

Sung-Eun T. KIM. Re-purposing the Portrayal of Eminent Monks in Memorial Steles: Strategies of Identity Legitimation in

17th Century Korean Buddhism

Flavio A. GEISSHUESLER. From Grounded Identity to Receptive Creativity: The Mythical-Historical Formation of the Nyingma School and the Potential of Collective Trauma


-Book Reviews

Mahinda DEEGALLE. Buddhism and Pali, by Richard Gombrich

Henry ZIMMERMANN. Rescued from the Nation: Anagarika Dharmapala and the Buddhist World, by Steven Kemper


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