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Posted on behalf of Sem Vermeersch
Dear list members, 
I'm happy to share with you the contents of the most recent issue of the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies.
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I am particularly happy to add that the first four articles form a theme issue on the topic of "The Materiality of Koryo Buddhism" which I guest-edited. The titles together with titles of the other articles have been pasted below this message.


Seoul Journal of Korean Studies

Volume 33, Number 1, June 2020




Theme Issue: The Materiality of Koryŏ Buddhism

Guest Editor’s Introduction

Sem Vermeersch


An Analysis of Deliberately Deposited Artifacts (T’oejang yumul) Discovered in Unified Silla and Koryŏ-era Temple Sites

Soon Chul Cha and Sun Kim


A Study on Mid-fourteenth-century Seated Gilt-bronze Buddha Statues in North Korean Temples

Sunil Choi


Koryŏ Buddhist Ritual through the Lens of Materiality: With a Special Focus on the Hand-held Censer

Sung-soon Kim


A Reconsideration of Koryŏ Meat-eating Culture

Man-Shik Kong



The Allegory of King Kyŏngmun in the Samguk yusa

Maurizio Riotto


Power and the Compilation of Knowledge: The Compilation of the Nupango during King Jeongjo’s Reign

Ho-hun Jeong


Between Isolation and Reconciliation: The “North Korean Puppet” as a Controversy in South Korean Politics, 1966

Jein Do and Mincheol Park


Beyond the Myth of Idealism: North Korea’s Marxist-Leninist Materialism and its Place in the Global History of the Cold War

Thomas Stock


Weathering the Storm, Toppled by the Storm: North Korea’s Non-transition Compared with the Transitions of Romania and Albania, 1989–1991

Balázs Szalontai



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