CFP> AAR Round-table on Buddhist Philosophy and Philosophy Departments: Training Students, Hiring, Teaching

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Dear Colleagues,
We are looking for people who can jump-start a conversation we would like to organize at the upcoming meeting of the AAR in Boston (November 21–24). We plan for this session to be not like a typical panel at the AAR, but rather a way for people working in philosophy departments, who want to work in philosophy departments, who have had problems working in philosophy departments, to meet and exchange on the topic of what the obstacles and resources are for students and scholars specialized in Buddhist philosophy who would like to get a job in a philosophy department. It is our hope that this round-table could encourage us to think beyond the well-known problem of euro-centrism and the vain hope of waiting for philosophy departments to change, so as to offer constructive and critical perspectives on what Religious Studies programs can do to train students to be candidates fit for philosophy departments. In order to remain focused on a rather narrower topic, we would like for the round-table to focus on the professional aspects of this issue rather than the ideological ones. 
Each participant will open up the discussion with a brief 5-minute proposal regarding ways that programs in Religious Studies can better prepare their students to become competitive candidates for job offers in philosophy departments. Please send us your ideas by proposing two strategies, one short-term and one long-term, to help students prepare for jobs in philosophy departments. We envision the session to move quickly into a broader discussion involving the audience. 
Please send your proposal to Emily McRae ( and/or Pierre-Julien Harter (
Emily and Pierre-Julien
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