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Number 42, Octobre 2017

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The Swastika, Stepped Shrine, Priest, Horned Eagle, and Wild Yak Rider — Prominent antecedents of Yungdrung Bon figurative and symbolic traditions in the rock art of Upper Tibet    (3.65 MB, pp. 5-38)
    author: John Bellezza
The Strange Case of the “Buddha from Space”    (670 kb, pp. 39-67)
    author: Isrun Engelhardt
A Re-evaluation of Pelliot tibétain 1257: An Early Tibetan-Chinese Glossary from Dunhuang    (3.1 MB, pp. 68-180)
    author: James B. Apple and Shinobu A. Apple
Is it possible to write a “Tibetan” poem in French? Tentative reflections on Victor Segalen’s Thibet    (333 kb, pp. 181-216)
    author: Bai Yunfei
Studies in Tibetan Indigenous Grammar (4): A Sixteenth-century Survey of Sum rtags and Related Literature (Appendix: Sa skya Paṇḍita's Mkhas pa'i kha rgyan)    (439 kb, pp. 217-245)
    author: Pieter Cornelis Verhagen
Studies in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Hermeneutics (7): Sa skya Paṇḍita's Mkhas 'jug on the Sanskrit-Tibetan Interface: Synthesis, Comparison and Translation    (259 kb, pp. 246-267)
    author: Pieter Cornelis Verhagen
“Dying Mongol and Being Reborn Tibetan”: Otherness and the Integration of Foreigners in the Landscape of Amdo    (445 kb, pp. 268-288)
    author: Valentina Punzi
Compte rendu de : James Duncan Gentry. Power Objects in Tibetan Buddhism: The Life, Writings, and Legacy of Sokdokpa Lodrö Gyeltsen    (130 kb, pp. 289-295)
    author: Lewis Doney

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