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Dear all,

I have noticed that there are 12 commentaries extant in Chinese on the Nyāyapraveśa 《因明入正理論》.  I have found English translations of three Ming dynasty commentaries. However, regarding rest of the commentaries, especially the one composed by the disciple of Xuanzang, Kuiji, I couldn't gather any information. How many of them have been translated into English? I would appreciate if someone could offer some insight on this topic. Thank you in advance.

Bibek Prasad Sharma
Mahidol University

But--I see that I'm off the point of your query in reference to Kuiji--sorry.



Dear Mr. Sharma,

The work to which Prof. Muller refers is an edition of Jain commentaries on the Nyāyapraveśa in Sanskrit, and is a reprint of the original 1930 edition from the Gaekwad's Oriental Series.

The Chinese commentaries have not been well studied in Western-language works. Kuiji's commentary, though not translated, is studied in R.S.Y. Chi's book Buddhist Formal Logic (Royal Asiatic Society 1969, later reprinted by Motilal Banarsidass). The remaining Chinese commentaries, to the best of my knowledge, have not so far been touched, except in Chinese scholarship (and possibly Korean or Japanese, but I leave that to others).

good luck,
Matthew Kapstein
EPHE, Paris

Dear Professor Sharma,

one recent partial translation is contained in a dissertation by CHEN Shuai, "Rethinking Indian Buddhist Logic in Tang China: An Analysis and Translation of the Sādhana Section of Kuiji’s Commentary on the Nyāyapraveśa". It can be downloaded here: http://archiv.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/volltextserver/24097/

The volume "Articulating Indic Ideas in Sixth and Seventh Century Chinese Buddhism" edited by LIN Chen-Kuo and Michael Radich also contains pertinent contributions, and can be downloaded here: https://blogs.sub.uni-hamburg.de/hup/products-page/publikationen/125/.

There is a very active research community on East Asian adaptations of Dignāga and the Nyāyapraveśa, involving MORO Shigeki, MORIYAMA Shinya, ONO Motoi, MUROYA Yasutaka, and any of these colleagues would be able to direct you to further information.

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Birgit Kellner


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Dear prof. Charles Muller, prof. Matthew Kapstein, prof. Birgit Kellner,

Thank you very much for the replies. These were all valuable information. Have a nice day,

Mahidol, Thailand