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Dear Colleagues,

This past May you might have read a brief notice sent to this group concerning a new, entirely free online guide to scholarly resources on Buddhism. Some of you may also have noticed that this guide has been unavailable for the past couple of months as I launched a major overhaul and expansion. I am happy to inform you that a revised and greatly expanded version of the guide is now available, at the same URL as before:

This second edition of my guide offers a comprehensive view of scholarly resources on Buddhist thought, history, and culture, from the life of the Buddha down to the present day, and across the entire globe. It is designed to support anyone who is interested in reading about or doing research on Buddhism, whether novice or expert, lay or monastic, public or scholarly. In this new edition, alongside numerous other additions and improvements, each book featured on the guide links directly to WorldCat, where users can discover the availability of that resource in libraries near them, no matter where they live or work.

As before, I am offering this guide as a gift of the dharma to you and to the wider world, with no obligation to you or to any of its users, financial or otherwise. Please distribute it freely and as you see fit to anyone for whom it can be of use, whether scholars, students, or members of the public. It rightfully belongs to those who will benefit from it.

Of course, I also gladly welcome your suggestions for books, links, or other resources that can be added to the guide, or any other comments you might have. As a new member of this group, I will be working back through posts from the recent past to ensure that the guide fully reflects the state of contemporary scholarship.

Thank you for your time, your collaboration, and for the great wealth of scholarship in Buddhist studies you have created and which my guide aims to promulgate.


Michael Kicey, PhD
Humanities Liaison Librarian
Classics, Comparative Literature, History, Mathematics, Philosophy
University at Buffalo (SUNY), Buffalo, NY, USA