Buddhist Philosophy Today: Theories and Forms

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,


It is my great pleasure to announce publication of the Fall 2019 issue of the American Philosophical Association's Newsletter on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies, which is the second of two guest-edited special issues of the newsletter dedicated to Buddhist philosophy: ‘Buddhist Philosophy Worldwide: Perspectives and Programmes’ (Spring), and ‘Buddhist Philosophy Today: Theories and Forms’ (Fall). The present volume includes what I believe is a hitherto unparalleled collection of texts evaluating the state of the scholarly field of Buddhist philosophy today (and tomorrow). The table of contents follows, and the issue as a whole can be accessed online at: https://www.apaonline.org/page/asian_newsletter


All best,


Rafal K. Stepien

Assistant Professor in Comparative Religion

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



‘Buddhist Philosophy Today: Theories and Forms’ - Rafal K. Stepien.

‘Philosophy, Quo Vadis? Buddhism and the Academic Study of Philosophy’ - Brook Ziporyn.

‘What/Who Determines the Value of Buddhist Philosophy in Modern Academia?’ - Hans-Rudolf Kantor.

‘Buddhist Philosophy? Arguments From Somewhere’ - Rafal K. Stepien.

‘Doing Buddhist Philosophy’ - C.W. Huntington, Jr.

‘Decolonizing the Buddhist Mind’ - Mattia Salvini.

‘Reflecting on Buddhist Philosophy with Pierre Hadot’ - Matthew T. Kapstein.

‘Some Suggestions for Future Directions of the Study of Buddhist Philosophy’ - Jan Westerhoff.

‘Practicing Buddhist Philosophy as Philosophy’ - Pierre-Julien Harter.

‘Emptiness, Multiverses, and the Conception of a Multi-Entry Philosophy’ - Gereon Kopf.

‘Buddhist Philosophy and the Neuroscientific Study of Meditation – Critical Reflections’ - Birgit Kellner.