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Dear colleagues,

I am starting research for a chapter on Buddhism in China between 1800 and 1864, and am looking for suggestions for sources, especially biographies of Buddhist monastics or laypeople who were active during this period. I'm familiar with Peng Shaosheng 彭紹升 (1740-1796), who was active just prior to this period, and Yang Wenhui 楊文會 (1837-1911), who only started his publishing work after the Taiping War had ended. I've also researched a few monastics who were active in the Jiangnan region during the war and the post-war reconstruction.

Just who was active during the Jiaqing 嘉慶 and Daoguang 道光 eras, however, remains a bit of a historiographical black hole for me. I will search the Dharma Drum person authority database for leads, and will read through local and religious gazetteers that discuss the period as well, but any suggestions on persons, monasteries, publications, etc. that I should look at would be very much welcomed. You can contact me directly at gregory.scott@manchester.ac.uk, or reply to this thread.

Many thanks,

Gregory Scott
University of Manchester