JOURNAL> Spec. Issue “Buddhist Philosophy Worldwide: Perspectives and Programs”

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,


It is my great pleasure to announce publication of the Spring 2019 issue of the American Philosophical Association's Newsletter on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies, which is the first of two guest-edited special issues of the newsletter dedicated to Buddhist philosophy: ‘Buddhist Philosophy Worldwide: Perspectives and Programmes’ (Spring), and ‘Buddhist Philosophy Today: Theories and Forms’ (Fall). The present volume includes what I believe is a hitherto unparalleled collection of texts detailing and appraising the state of the scholarly field of Buddhist philosophy around the world. The table of contents follows, and the issue as a whole can be accessed online at:


All best,


Rafal Stepien

Humboldt Research Fellow

Heidelberg University


“Buddhist Philosophy Worldwide: Perspectives and Programs,” Rafal Stepien

“Buddhist Philosophy in Australian Universities,” John Powers and Leesa S. Davis

“Buddhist Philosophy, and Eastern Philosophy in General, in Israel and Palestine,” Roy Tzohar

“Buddhist Philosophy in the Kathmandu Valley,” Karin Meyers

“Buddhist Philosophy in Poland: Legacy and Propects,” Jakub Zamorski

“Study of Buddhist Philosophy in Sri Lanka,” Asanga Tilakaratne

“Buddhist Philosophy in Two Japanese Cross-Philosophical Approaches,” Shinya Moriyama

“Sanskrit-based Buddhist Philosophy in China Today,” He Huanhuan

“Teaching Buddhism as Philosophy,” Zhihua Yao

“Preserving the Four Noble Truths at the Heart of Buddhist Pedagogy,” Joseph McClellan

“Sailing against the Current: The Buddha, Buddhism, and Methodology,” Hari Shankar Prasad