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Dear colleagues,


Shameless self-promotion: A book that might be of interest for comparativists amongst you. Apologies for cross-posting.




Oliver Freiberger

Considering Comparison: A Method for Religious Studies

New York: Oxford University Press, 2019

Revisiting critical debates and examining reflections in other disciplines, this book proposes a model of comparison for the study of religion that is based on a thorough epistemological analysis and that takes both the scholar's situatedness and agency seriously. Examining numerous examples of comparative studies, Considering Comparison develops a methodological framework for conducting and evaluating such studies. Freiberger suggests a comparative approach - which he calls discourse comparison - that confronts the omnipresent risks of decontextualization, essentialization, and universalization.


Dr. Oliver Freiberger

Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Religious Studies

The University of Texas at Austin

Department of Asian Studies

120 Inner Campus Dr Stop G9300
Austin, Texas 78712-1251

New book: Considering Comparison: A Method for Religious Studies


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