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Dear H-Buddhism List Members,


As an assistant editor for the Journal of Dharma Studies: Philosophy, Theology, Ethics, and Culture, it is my pleasure to announce the publication of our inaugural issue (Volume 1, Issue 1), which can be found at the following URL: This issue and the following one—Volume 1, Issue 2, Special Edition on “The Ineffable” with Guest Editor Sai Bhatawadekar (University of Hawai’i) forthcoming April, 2019—are available for free, no subscription required.


Journal of Dharma Studies is a peer-reviewed journal published through Springer Publications, under the editorship of Dr. Rita D. Sherma (Graduate Theological Union) and Dr. Purushottama Bilimoria (Graduate Theological Union, University of California, Berkeley, and The University of Melbourne). The mission of the Journal of Dharma Studies is to employ theoretical and empirical methods for understanding and applying the conceptual, textual, and experiential resources the Dharma traditions, i.e., the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions, in order to foster critical-constructive reflections. The journal seeks to cultivate scholarship that simultaneously uncovers the interconnected histories of these traditions and highlights the rich diversity of philosophy and practice found within them. More information on the aims of the journal can be found in the editorial foreword by Dr. Sherma:


Under its former iteration as the International Journal of Dharma Studies, the journal was dedicated to publishing significant research in the field of Buddhist studies. Of particular note, the journal hosted a special issue on Buddhist Women Masters ( guest edited by Dr. Karma Lekshe Tsomo (University of San Diego) and a special issue titled “Experimental Dharmas in Asia and the Diaspora,” ( which included contributions from scholars in the field of Buddhist studies. In its present iteration, the journal seeks to continue publishing rigorous, interdisciplinary scholarship in the that engages Asian, Western, and global expressions of Buddhist thought, ethics, traditions, community, and practice. We invite the list members of H-Buddhism, scholars and students at all stages of graduate education alike, to submit their research for publication in the journal.



Highlights for Buddhist studies in the inaugural edition include:


Imagining Enlightenment: Icons and Ideology in Vajrayāna Buddhist Practice

K.L. Tsomo



The Quantum Leap from Karma to Dharma: Moral Narrative in the Writings of Jon Kabat-Zinn

T. Calobrisi



Women, Marriage, and Merit-Making in Early Buddhism

U. Das



Embryo Experimentation in Buddhist Ethics

P. Mitra



Meditation, Buddhism, and Science by David L. McMahan and Erik Braun

T. Calobrisi




We are currently accepting submissions of original essays and book reviews for the upcoming issue (Volume 1, Issue 3). We welcome submissions of original essays that engage with emerging areas of study such as cultural studies, ethnic studies, and studies of the arts and established disciplines such as religious studies, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology to conduct rigorous, interdisciplinary research on the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions. Topics of interest for the journal include but are not limited contemporary environmental issues such as sustainability and ecological economics, issues at the intersection of philosophy and theology with the practice of medical and biological sciences, cross-cultural dialogues both interfaith and intrafaith in nature, philosophical issues such as the nature of consciousness and aesthetic theory, and political issues such as conflict resolution and conceptions of human rights and equality across cultures.


The deadline for submissions for inaugural edition of the Journal of Dharma Studies is May 15th, 2019. Authors may submit papers through the journal’s editorial manager system ( If you have any questions, please contact the editorial manager, Laura Dunn, at We look forward to receiving your submissions!


Subscriptions to the journal can be purchased here.


Thanks and Regards,


Thomas Calobrisi

Assistant Editor

Journal of Dharma Studies

Doctoral Student

Graduate Theological Union

Buddhist Studies

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