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I am pleased to announce the Padamakara Translation Group's translation of Longchenpa's Finding Rest in Illusion (sgyu ma ngal gso), the third and final volume of the Trilogy of Rest (Ngal gso skor gsum). This also includes the autocommentary, The Chariot of Excellent (rDzogs pa chen po sgyu ma ngal gso’i ’grel pa shing rta bzang po ces bya ba)

The translation was done by Helena Blankleder and Wulstan Fletcher of the Padmakara Translation Group and includes their introduction, which provides their characteristic clarity and insight.

This follows last year's release of the first volume, Finding Rest in the Nature of Mind (Sems nyid ngal gso) and the second volume, Finding Rest in Meditation which includes the root text as well as the complete autocommentary, The Chariot of Surpassing Purity (Shing rta rnam par dag pa).  

Finding Rest in Illusion: The Trilogy of Rest, Volume 3
ISBN: 9781611805925

Finding Rest in Meditation: The Trilogy of Rest, Volume 2
ISBN: 9781611805529

Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind: The Trilogy of Rest, Volume 1
ISBN: 9781611805161

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