RESOURCE> Linkup between Bingenheimer Bibliography of Translations and Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database

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Dear list members,

We just wanted briefly to let you know that we have now linked the following two resources:

“Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon into Western Languages”

(maintained by Marcus Bingenheimer)


Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database

(maintained by Michael Radich)

This means that users of the Bibliography will see, by each text listed, a link that will take them directly to relevant information for the same text in CBC@; and vice versa. For examples, please see: (at the right hand end of the blue title bar for the text) (below the basic text info at the top of the page)

We hope that this improvement will make it more convenient for users to make the most of both resources.

With our best wishes,

Marcus Bingenheimer, Temple

Michael Radich, Heidelberg